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"Hawks" Marine Intruder, Nam Phong 1972 FINISHED


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i have to investigate the position of the seats some more. like this the ejetion seat wouldnt have a rail and firing mechanism. i first thought the pilots seat will have to be moved forward, but thats not the case as far as i can tell. any thoughts?

the good thing is i can still take it apart for painting. 



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thanx for the link to the pics Tom, i had most of them, but some are new to me.

kagemusha - thanx for the link too, but this is  without tax and shipping, so i´m still looking at more than 40€, a bit steep


work has been crazy, so i didnt have a lot of time, but i redid the pedal assembly and sloped the part where the steering column sits (sorry for the bad pic):



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the center console inclines to the ip, so it is cut out to be moved up:







skinned with very thin sheet to extend the sides down and change shape for the center panel:




Oh boy! that hurts!!!


awesome job mate!





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glad you like it

as for the cockpit . it at least is now structurally closer than before. i´m not a good painter though, so.. its kinda ok since my eyesight isnt what it was.

i´m glad more decals will be availible, but i try to do the decals myself to have an exclusive model.

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