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"Hawks" Marine Intruder, Nam Phong 1972 FINISHED


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My next project ist the new Trumpy intruder.

i chose a sheme from the Osprey book, only i will do 155679, because it has the early non camuflaged radome.

Loadout will be 6 CBUs on the centerline (i got Harolds and they are beautiful), two gasbags and six Zuni pods on two TERs.

i have a set of fisher zuni pods and am looking for another two pairs (at 20$ plus shipping a pair i couldnt get me to order them directly - anyone got some hes not going to use?). i will use CAM TERs, they look pretty nice (and i have them)

i have done the graphics for the decals allready, the white hawk is cut from solid whilte film, the rest is laserprinted black on clear. the rudder will be painted.

i want to do the rest OOB.

watch this space




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Guest Peterpools

Can't wait to follow along on the Intruder build. I have mine in a priority location in the stash but am waiting for the Avionix cockpit upgrade, Harold's wheels and tires and some decals for us mere mortals without the skills to work wonders on the computer for graphics.

Looking forward to the start of your build - let 'em roll


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small start, i experimented with closing the holes in the speedbrake, later intruders had these deleted. the brake itself was bolted shut and the actator arms faired over. thankfully the kit has you open the actuator slots for an early A, so it simply a matter of not opening the cutouts in the fuselage. i skinned the brake with some white foil to close the holes.



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like with the crusader i tend to prime all parts that will be white (like the underside of the intruder) with tamiya white primer before assembly, this time i can just not get the paint to cling to the parts correctly. i washed all the parts in dishwashing liquid and even scrubbed them with a soft brush, but no go

i am a little reluctant to try something hotter in the fear of damaging the superb detail. 


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these white parts were even primed gray with the automotive primer i use all the time before tamiya white

the cockpit is also primed with it, it just doesnt spread evenly



i think some tests on unused parts with alcohol or turpentine is in order

any other guesses?

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