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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Hi guys,


thanks a lot for the kind words.

Yes, I know about that kit box but from what I understand, this is a B6.

This was the production intend but it did never see mass production so this is a "what if" .

I love the paint scheme but I really think I will go for the V10 camo (unless I change my mind again by the time I start painting...)

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here is the camo I was talking about:




It is a green/green splinter camo base with dark green mottling.

It makes it rather different from the much more usual Brown/green splinter seen on most Do 335.

It is not as sexy as the typical night fighter camo but I must confess I kind of like it.

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... 'The Master' :D ...




now, that's funny :D Thanks but I am just one humble padawan here .



I am glad you like it ;)




I have been working on the wings today.

I basicly cut those in halves to work this double diedra thing out.

Now, I am building the internal structure. It is one rather long job as it is all try & error process but it should work in the end.


I will post pics in the next few days, as soon as it worth a shot but I am off to bed now :rolleyes:


Thanks for passing by !

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Thanks Derek for the kind words.


Here are 2 pics of what I have done this weekend.


This one is the cut out of the wings. I noticed that they have slightly different span/length and are slightly too long.


This in fact is good news, it will allow me to have a clean cut at the wing root. Without this extra few mm, it would have been a difficult job to have a neat joint between wing and fuse.


The only "down side" is that it forces you to work "the other way around", starting from the wing tip and measuring back to the root :mental: The cut in the middle of the wing is not mendatory for all vac build, it is just here cause this A/C has a double diedra wing.




Then, I started to add the internal structure of the wings. The Do 335 had a main central piece and the rest was build around.

This is depicted by the middle channel you may see here. Behind is the main gear wheel well case.




Possibly not the most spectacular update here but I think it is worth to explain what I do.

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Thanks guys for the kind words ;)


Jerry, I do know about your detail set but I am a very bad customer for aftermarket manufacturers...

As far as I can recall, I have buy only one AMS in my life (an engine for an armor kit).

Most of my pleasure is in the scratch building indeed B)

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