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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Thanks to all of you guys for the nice comments ;)



I do have a plan indeed... :evil_laugh:

I intend to copy the latest technology for injection kits with a main profil beam and slide the wings on top of it...

Let's hope it will work properly !




guys, being re-reading my own comment before posting, I realised this is how all vac builds are done in fact...

This may not be such a high tech approch I am planning to use after all... :hmmm:

It even might be the injection kit manufacturers that have copied the vac kit builders :mental:

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Hi there,


I tryed my nasty plan on the wing installement and here is the result so far...


The main beam fitted to the internal structure from the top first:




and from the bottom:




The beam is a basic "U" shape reinforced with internal ribbing. It is both stiff and twistable enough to slightly tweak the wing alignement.

This last pic also show how the all thing is integrated to the mains structure between the front wheel well and the bomb bay.


Some level of test fitting (quite a lot of indeed) was required before I was able to glue the beam to the structure.



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and now with the wings on (they slide on the beam):




This one from the front, the lence distortion does not quite show the nice alignement and subtle diedra but I am rather happy with the results.




The wings are taped and the roots are straight "from the cut", not even sanded or anything else... I have seen some injection kit with worst fit I think ;)


Thanks for passing by guys!

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Thanks a lot guys,



it did work rather OK indeed.

Even if not perfect, I am quite happy with the results ;)



your just too good to me mate :closedeyes:



you see it precise and all but it is only cause you see it from 12000km away dude :D

Seen from here, it is not that wonderfull I have to say but still, I was expecting worst so that's cool anyway.


If you guys look at the front view, you will see there seams to be an alignement issue. I am not able to see it on the real thing so I am trying to figure if it is a lence distortion issue or if there really is an offset somewhere... I will keep you updated if necessary.



I have a day off tomorrow :speak_cool: so I should be able to find a couple of hours to model I guess.

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Hi Loic,

The wing span constructions look very neat and solid.

Like the use of those little triangles for reinforcement.

Nice alignment of the wings to the fuselage.

This must have taken you hours to do? All that measuring and test fitting! Got to love vac kits!

Great work, keep it up,


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Hi everybody,


many thanks for the kind words, it is much appreciated.



Yes Christian,


building vacs and/or scratch building does require lots of test fitting as you know my friend ;)

But this is where I find all the fun :mental:



Anyway, here is an update from yesterday's work on main wheel wells.


First of all, I have drawn the wheels on the bottom part of the wing. For this, the reference to kit comparison being rather favorable, I have decided to try something new to me... I have used paper tape straight on the AB drawing. Then, I used transparancy of the paper tape to copy the outlines and taped the copy on the kit.


I used the beam assembly and some cleverly choosen structure lines to get the alignement correct... and voilà !






It did work very well in my opinion and I am rather happy with the results. You may see the tape is still on the wells.

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You may have notice that I have boxed the wheel wells.


The rear part is in fact flush to the edge of the well. The front part is boxed by the front beam.


That is one strange combinasion indeed.


You may notice as well on the second pic that in the rear area, where the rounded wall and the straight wall meets, there is a part of the structure that shows under the wing panel. That is someting that is visible on the rear thing (at least on the pics I found on the www).


Here is a couple of shots of the boxing:




Closer (and much better) look...




Hope you still like it guys.

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