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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Loic, this build is super cool! It's so cool to see what you're doing with this bare vac kit. Wish I had your kinds of skills for these kinds of kits, wish I did so I could do some of these awesome subjects. Come on Dragon.... Release this kit!



Keep up the awesome work!



Matt :party0023:

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Nothin like spending another mans money!! :lol:



That is so true :D

By the way, these will be my first ever LSP aftermarket goodies as I usualy build my own...

Let's hope for the best.



Jack, Richard and Matt²

thanks for passing by an dfor the kind words guys.

I like unusual projects and I am glad you like this one too.


I have completed the rework on the flaps and ailerons.

I will try to post some pics sometime tomorrow.

See you guys!

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I took a few minits tonight and shot some "in action" pics so you can see what it is like now.

Both flaps will be deplayed into down position by about 20° .

Right aileron is about 1.5mm up and left one is about 2mm down.

Due to different alignments and light contrast, they all seam to be more angled on the pics than on the real thing I think but you get the idea.










Once again, there are no details yet, just the main structure.

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Hi guys,


first of all, thanks for the kind words ;)


The early week was rather busy at work as I had lots of things to do to make sure we would be able to shut the factory off for Christmas vacations as in the automotive industry, there is no way you close your workshop if you have not manufactured all you had to manufacture... Anyway, that went rather OK in the end so I now am on vacations since wednesday :speak_cool: or so to speek cause I am alone with my 2 little girls and they are no angels :doh:



Now, I must admit I have been a weak modeller lately :deadhorse: ...



I kind of thing it is better to complete 100% of the structural work before starting to detail the models but yesterday, I start looking at the tail feathers and man, that certainly is one weak point of the kit, they are not quite accurate in shape, size and details... I will have to SB them completely <_< This is when I found I was not in the moud for that work. I am a bit fed up with the wing and structure work: lots of cut/sand/cut/sand/cut/sand... so I turned my attention to something else !



I went back to the fuselage and start to work on the 2 pits :rolleyes: I am not talking about detailling here yet but just completing the main blocs and structures.... well, that is structural work too but in a different way I guess... anyway, that's what I have done and it was so nice that I did not stop to shot pics during the job. Every small bit you had, you think it is not worth a shot and the keep adding on until you have something which is rather elaborate and you regret you did not stop earlier... Too late... but I will try to explain what I have done.



Front office first:


I started by the side walls on each side on the ejection seat and progressed from here up to the front until I reached those angled boards. I had to find a way to get both the correct angle and the correct end point as this will be very important when I put the dash board on later... I then worked back from the engine firewall building the ammo boxes and then linked the 2 ends with the angled board.

Everything is flush with the internal structure of the fuselage.


I then added some structural bits and pieces on the right side but the left one is not yet done. Then, I moved to the bulkhead behind the pilot.



Rear offcie now:


In here, I mainly added the stringers on both floor and walls but much yet remains to be done. I also openned up the canopy area. The only detailling stuff here is the ejection seat piston behing the pilot bulkhead.



Here are some shots to illustrate:













A slightly closer look now...







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and finaly a few shots of the assembled bits.

Even the rear pit will be rather visible (despite what the pics suggest) so that is cool I guess.













Hope you guys like it ;) at least, I had a really good time working on this area even if it is not according to my "standard" build sequence (man, I am breaking my own laws... :doh: ).


I have to switch to social duties starting right now by preparing stuffs for tonight and I will be "stuck" with family, etc... until end of next week. I will pass by the forums between 2 tasks but I wont be able to model before new year I guess.


I wish you all a merry Christmas and hope you will all have ggod time with your family and friends !


See you later guys!

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