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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Thanks for the kind words guys, much appreciated ;)



we will see... once again, I am doing this for pleasure only and do not get nor expect anything in return so that is an easy call for me... but for GMF, it is a busyness for their living (I mean this in the good way) so I can understand why they might not be quite thrilled by releasing a kit that very few (if any) people would buy... depending on the injection moulding offering...


But once again, if some people are thinking they would/could buy some parts, please let Tim know, that may well make a difference ;)

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Just catching up on this now Loic.....We need an emcon that drops it's jaw !!  :bow: .... Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant !!! ZM is going to have to go some to beat this ! it'll be interesting to compare your parts to theirs.. and GM might have to rush some replacement parts into production !!


As always, your work is an inspiration !





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Loic! Just spotted this thread and must say you have done some outstanding work! I have this very same kit in my stash since the 80's or early 90's. Lack of info and various other reasons kept me from building anything until about 3 years ago. Then I chose something to start with that was almost as much challenge as this kit. (didn't realize it when I chose)


With your release of the DB603 engine I had begun to consider a build attempt on this kit. Of course we all know that once someone starts to build one of these type kits some manufacturer will release an injection molded version. Speaking of which ZM has announced the next kit after the Ho229 they are finishing up will be a Do335 (both in 1/32). So I guess I will wait a little longer to see what that will look like.


In any case, please don't get discouraged by that. After looking at your build so far, I believe it will put anything ZM is going to do to shame! I am not going to get rid of my vac kit, but am thinking now that it will give me some wonderful options if the ZM kit is a little clunky!


I hope you will continue on with the build. It not only is looking good, with the built parts looking almost real, but it is inspiring and shows that build ing a vac kit like this isn't really hard, it just takes time and patience. The reward is aquiring better skills and a huge sense of accomplishment.


Keep up the great work! I'm watching and learning!

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Thanks a lot for all the kind words Paul  ;)

I have only put this kit on standby untill I can get ZM or HKM kit on hand and see if I can update my kit on these ;)

I think I will finish the build someday anyway .... but not now :)

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