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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Hi all,


before I start, I must warn you guys ... the chances I do not complete this build within this decade are high :D


I really wanted to start building again so I thought I should pick up a smooth/cool/no brainer kit and give it a go... but I was not able to find any motivation for any of those kit despite I have MANY in the stash... :doh:


The only one I did feel like starting was that Do 335 Vac Kit I bought from Tigger a while back. I wanted to enter it in a GB but it was not fitting any of the latest themes. So here it is ;)


This will be my first ever vac kit and I expect to add a whole lot of details and apply some serious hacking work on it. Future will tell how far this will go.



I want to tell also that this is all because of LSP Kevin who, without knowing convinced me to try it again. Anything wrong with the build, he is the one you should blame :evil_laugh:


So, I started yesterday morning by shooting pics of the "kit":








And by screwing up... the only pic of the fuselage parts I shoot while playing with the photo editor trying to resize it... the fuselage being taken of the frames by then, you will never have that pic of the fuselage on its frame I feel so stupid :deadhorse:

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First impressions on that kit are:


- the details are extermely poor to say the less (you should expect that from most vac kits indeed)

- some parts of teh kit are just not existing (wheel wells, cockpit, landing gear, etc..) but available as options if I recal correctly (I did not want those parts anyway)

- the plastic it has been pulled off is thick which I think is good as it helps working the parts almost like with an injected kit.

- the plastic is also not too brittle nor to smooth, I find it great to work with

- the size is very good (good enough for me at least) compared to drawings

- this is a big aircraft: about 44cm long and 44cm wide


In general, I am very happy with what I got in the kit :speak_cool:




I decided to start with the fuselage so my first job was to cut it out the frame.

I was rather scarred about that operation but it went very well thanks to the thickness of the plastic.




The other good news is that the fitting is very good too ! Well, it is not Tamiya fit but it is better than the average 1960 Revell kit in our scale. That was the wonderfull surprise :thumbsup:


Here is a pic of the 2 halves of the fuselage taped together





Then, I started hacking :wicked: I want to dispay the bird with lots of pannels open (engines, etc...) so I figured that the best way to proceed was to "travel" through the aircraft alternativly cutting the kit and building the internal frame. I started by cutting out the front end engine cowling.



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I am back after a short dinner break.


@ Shawn: not at all, I was really aiming for a REAL no brainer but that's what I came back with... possibly one of the worst 2 kit in my stach as far as "easyness to build" is concerned... I that's the one I want to build :D


@ Kev: well, I have to blame someone... that can not be MY idea :mental:

Ok, the truth is that I had some time lately to brose the forum and all those nice stuff I saw made me want to start a new build again. As you are the boss here, I guess this is all your fault :D



So, on that last pic, you can see the nose cut out and the first fromer being installed.

Next was the canopy cut. I use some masking tape to "draw" the cutting line as it is easy to put/remove/adjust... then, when I am happy, I use it as a guide line to cut out


Here is teh tape in place just before cutting:




Then the result:



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there is no secret here, the technic is identical to the one I use to cut styren sheets:

- use a new/sharp blade

- slightly cut the plastic (1/4 of the thickness is well enough)

- gently bend over and over the parts until they get spareted

- gently clean up the edge



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This is going to be a must watch, Loic!


I have this, part cut out and, as you say, fit is generally good.


Where are you going to get 1/32 DB603 from...? Scratch? Looking forward to next progress.



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:popcorn: (...I'll really have to stop eating all of this popcorn!...)


Yet another very interesting Luftwaffe project (is this the start of the much vaunted and feared 'dark side' that I keep hearing about?:unsure: ).


Nice to see you back again in full flow Loic...Interesting build subject (don't worry, I blame Kev for everything anyway!:lol:; the way he's going on, it won't be long before he will be scratchbuilding himself pretty soon I guess?).





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