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  1. Great work so far on IDF tank. 105mm gun looks awesome.
  2. Dear Martin, Great Work. Now we know why you are very resource full, when comes to scratch build. Love to watch you work you magic on this scratch build. Chris
  3. I learn something new every time I visit your scratch builds.
  4. Dear Boris, Ford F15 was a widely used truck by the allied and axis forces. Both sides did modification to this fine truck. You are right, the above picture, is of a 20 mm German cannon. Above are images of ‘gun trucks' using the Italian 20mm Breda Below are Australian Troops using a British anti-tank gun, I think. The Ford F15 is like the Toyota Hilux which you often see on the news with an ex-soviet anti-aircraft gun mounted on the tray. Thanks for read, Christian
  5. 1/35 Italian Armoured Crew I have now finished the Italian medium tanks and armour car personnel. I am only just starting to learn how to paint figures. I am not very good. However, I think when the diorama is completed; there will be many things too look at, that will distract the eye from my poorly painted figures. Below is a photo of the kits used to build the crew. The tank personnel- I used the Tamiya figure body for tank crew. The original Tamiya figure is awful. Below is an image of the Tamiya and the replacement head from the Allarmi resin figures. You get 2 head with each figure from the Allarmi set. This figure set will be used for the second M13/40 build. The armoured car personnel- I used the MiniArt figure set. The figures are OK; however I used replacements heads from Hornet. The heads are great value for money. Below are the figures before painting. Below are photos of the completed figures. This vehicles are now done. Happy modelling, Christian PS next update will be on Palm Build.
  6. Hi Vaughn, I use vallejo air paints. I fine them easy to use as they are pre-mixed for the air brush. The paint is more expensive, but less work for us beginner. The wash is artist oil paints and odourless Turps. I buy the cheap oil paint that cost $3.00 at Kmart. And off course Future. Regards, Chris
  7. Cool build. Can't believe you scratch the plane. Awesome work.
  8. Thanks heaps, for the comments. It keeps me going. Currently painting the figures for the tank and armour. Hope to show update soon. Regards, Christian
  9. Hi Rammstein, Fantastic scratch building and close attention to detail. I love it. Keep up the great job, Christian
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