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German twin : Vac Do-335 nightfighter


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Hello guys,


and thanks for the kind words, it is much appreciated.


The build does progress slowly, 10 min here, 15 min there... and here is a short update on the front wheel well.


I have added the front most part. It was a tricky job to fit properly this round part into the round fuselage.




Then, I did cut out the well doors and fitted the side walls.

The walls are not yet flush to the fuselage, I will work this out during the final assembly.








Thanks for following !

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Thanks a lot guys for the praise ;)


But this said, I have to say I screwed up the wheel well... I found a new pix while googling and the actual thing is quite different from what I built :BANGHEAD2:


I had to cut most of it out and redo the front bit by adding a so called third step inside the well.


That's over 2 hours wasted redoing this thing... remember the 5P rule?

Perfect Planning Prevent Pathetic Performance... I just gone Pathetic :doh:


Anyway, it is almost fixed by now. I will post pix tomorrow cause it is getting late in here.


Thanks for the support buddies !

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Hi there,


as promised yesterday, here is a quick update on the wheel well correction.


Looks better this way (or at least more like the actual thing).








Hope you guys like it ;)

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