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Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2022 (and beyond)


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2 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:




lol - We've got a 102 here at our SAC museum that is restored in guard colors and very nicely done......but you guys are crazy! :lol:



I would be happy with either one, actually. As a kid, I remember them screaming overhead, flying out of Portland. Back when sonic booms were still allowed. I actually have a 102 vacuform. Haven't had the courage to start it. It's going to take some serious thought on how to support the wings...

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Guest DeanKB

I have a desire for a 1/32 Lockheed Hudson in Coastal Command white & grey camo, perhaps with rockets.


I have absolutely zero expectation of every seeing one. 

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After seeing DeanKb's new den i am after the ultimate LSP (Large Shed Production) too. I feel quite inadequate with my little old computer desk lol.


But in all seriousness i'd love to see a totally new Bf110 G4 kit rather than having to buy an upgrade. Also a nice new Ju88 G1/6/10 to go with it :) 

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I don't know if I'm late ... but I contribute my grain of sand



I would like TAMIYA to do it at 1:32 scale



-F-18 E Super Hornet 1:32 (with the same love as the F-16 at 1:32)


Manufacture from 0 (new mold) on


-F4J phantom II


-F4 C / D Phantom II


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I just want manufacturers to come through with their pledges:


Hong Kong Models ... ... ... FG.1/F-4K Phantom II and follow-on FGR.2/F-4M 

Kitty Hawk Models ... ... ...  F-84F,  RF-84F,  Jaguar series, Mirage 2000 series  

Fly ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... J.29 Tunnan,  Sukhoi Su-7 Fitter 

Revell ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Ju 88 C-6 

Tan Model ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Su-33 Sea Flanker,  F-111A/E,  RF/F-4E etc 

Trumpeter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... F-100F Hun 


so there! 



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One now out 25-11-19
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well I posted my list below Nov 2017 so how are we doing 2 years on?


P-51B - a couple firms have mentioned doing one but nothing yet to show

A-20 - thought we would have seen this one by now....

B-26 - nada

Kate - nada

Val - its at least on one firms planned list but we shall see

Halberstadt Cl2 - WNW DELIVERED!

Hanriot HD1 - nada though I feel very possible a 2020 kit might show

Nieuport 17 - CSM DELIVERED!



SPAD XIII (i have the old 1/32 kit but a new tool WNW or CSM would rock)

BV138 (heres an odd one but it would be cool in 1/32)

BP Defiant


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My favourite scale is 1\24th, that being said Airfix, having done two of the goodies (Hawker Typhoon, Grumman Hellcat) are obviously due to do a baddie....and it can only be... an Me 262, which would sell like a mad selling thing. Or a Spitfire Mk IX. Or a Griffon engined variant ( engineer it right and do both!!) Then a Corsair. Or a Sea Fury. Just do it! 1\24 keeps Airfix alive! ( most profitable kit EVER for Airfix? 1\24 Mosquito!  Oh, and when IS the bomber coming out?)


In 1\32, Tan Model needs to extract its didget and release the Buccaneer.

That is all. Carry on.


Captain Boogaloo

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