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  1. I concur although I believe the August 2015 edition of Penthouse has some very realistic photos of models.
  2. This jet guy is STUNNED! It's like looking at modelling porn.
  3. Beautiful! Your attention to detail is inspiring.
  4. If there was a Mount Olympus for the modelling gods - you would be Zeus.
  5. Thanks Jake, I've been using your later book, the DACO book, Verlinden's book and web sourced photos. I don't mean the two rectangular vent boxes on the trunking behind the seat, rather the inner part of the left and right consoles which you do not see when the seat is in the cockpit. After much research I found out that the block 5 and 10 versions had these: Then the block 15 switched to holes:
  6. For some odd reason I thought that working in a bigger scale would make things easier, I was wrong. Trying to find good block 10 cockpit photos is difficult. As the cockpit will be seatless the ventilation for the consoles will need to be added; I know that block 5's had rounded, horizontal vents. I also know that block 15 aircraft had lots of small holes, but what did block 10's have?
  7. The rudder pedals are not flat but double curved.
  8. The cockpit tub and separate centre console are not 100% accurate and even though I can't make them so I can at least point them in the right direction by adding some extra details. The same is true of the instrument combing and HUD parts.
  9. There's a few bank robbers and international art thieves looking for a man with your expertise.
  10. I see that you have the early cockpit set, what squadron will you be doing? I built this kit a few years back so it must be easy:
  11. The Teknics cockpit set can be made to fit.
  12. Does anybody know what oxygen hose connector would be used (CRU) in a 1980's block 10 F-16A? I've started making the hose but would a CRU-60/p be used?
  13. Having started building the seat I am both impressed and disappointed with some of the details; some features should be there and some either require moving or rectifying. The fit of the seat sides and seat pan is not brilliant and the whole thing looked skew-whiff.
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