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  1. There is a video on YouTube which shows you how to use the Vallejo Model Color in an airbrush with excellent results, the secret is to thin with Vallejo flow improver. Now I'm the worlds worst airbrusher but I tried what this video said and it was easy and looked flawless. The best bit about using the model color range is that you can always brush with it as well.
  2. Thanks Bob Years back I bought some smooth on resin, then read the bit tucked away on their website about not being able to paint it.
  3. Hi Iain (nice to see the Scottish spelling with an all important "i"). I used to cast parts a few years back but was never 100% sure if the resin type was similar to that used by model accessory manufacturers. Polycraft slow set 15min, paintable polyurethane resin in RTV Silicone moulds lined with a light dusting of baby powder in a pressure pot at 50psi.
  4. I've tried to find out what type of casting resin is used by the likes of Aires, CMK, True Details, Verlinden, Resicast etc. I think there is more chance on being invited to afternoon tea with the Queen. Does anybody know and will I have to perform some bizarre ritual where I swear a pact to have carnal knowledge with a goat?
  5. Superb as always, the perfect balance between detail and finish.
  6. "The more you look - the less you'll see." Movie quote from Now you see me I no longer trust decal manufacturers 100%. I have decal sheets with incorrect Bureau numbers, markings, omitted names, data and misleading information. My web browser is smokin from scouring images, cruise books, squadron histories and smaller scale decal/instruction sheets, not to mention actual books. I know full well that airframes can change squadron, markings come and go, often there are CAG schemes that appear when the air wing is feet dry and not schedule to cruise for a year or two. Upg
  7. Bloomin lovely! Another genius on here that I must remember to bow down to. At this rate I'm going to get a permanent stoop.
  8. Slimline Indian Tonic water, not because I like it but because the Quinine in it has a magical effect on high blood sugar.
  9. I've arranged for a big birthday cake to arrive with a gorgeous Bunny girl inside, she will jump out brandishing two large scale Stukas!
  10. I guess the award for brutal, humorous honesty must go to LSP Kev.
  11. A dog of a kit - I have to take several of my stash out for a walk twice a day. The biggest letdown for me was when the Tamiya F-14A Tomcat came out and I bought a copy of Scale Models which had one built on the cover showing slats and flaps deployed. When the parcel arrived from Hannants I was all ready to build a VF-143 CAG with slats and flaps deployed. The kit never had this option, I felt cheated Many years later I was sat with the late, great Ted Taylor at his workbench and I recalled this story and the Tomcat in Scale Models built by Joe Saki. Ted cracked a w
  12. Vive la France! Superbe, la plume du m'tant and menege et trois. That is the best 2000 I've ever seen.
  13. I'm guessing that many of the model makers on LSP have been around the block in terms of wisdom, experience and age. Anyone want to share their biggest modelling letdown; I'm talking about that sinking feeling you get when the kit doesn't quite live up to the box art, even including smaller scales. Then to counterbalance this the kit which surpassed your expectations.
  14. My stash is directly proportional to that of my wife's handbag collection, this means that she can never have a go at me.
  15. Personally, I enjoy the pummelling dished out by several kits at once, however in theory all modern kits should be a detailed doddle. I wouldn't mind but way back in the 1970's and 80's the kits were rough and crude, if you had a piece that resembled an armchair - this was an actual ejection seat! Everything was raised detail (Matchbox doesn't count) and if your kit had a canopy that could be shown open, wow! At present I am questioning whether the parents of the Trumpeter F-14A were married; the "B" word is being flung about quite a bit.
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