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  1. Buying one - you are a brave man indeed . I'll have some more photos uploaded shortly although they are hardly exciting.
  2. I've built several F-14A's over the years and the Tamiya fit is awful and then there is all that rescribing. Revell is okay but still needs a huge amount of work. So between the three I can see more potential with Trumpeter's offering whilst the minus points provide a challenge. Lakenheath F-15's were practising night flying for the past couple of nights so I had a few hours unable to sleep - perfect for hacking away at the plastic.
  3. I keep on hearing the voice of donkey from Shrek singing, "Back on the road again..."
  4. Are you doing the CAG bird with the coloured stripes at the top of each fin?
  5. I'm sure that most of us research a kit on-line before deciding to buy it, often the photos of each sprue/parts provides more insight in to plus/negative points, versions, details, accuracy and options including decals. Why don't kit manufacturers do what Eduard do with their etch sets - put each set off instructions on their website in pdf format?
  6. What on earth has happened to the filler from Squadron Products? In years gone by I used both green and white offerings, but my stock had become too hard and unusable so I ordered a new tube. It's now like a liquid plastic and cannot be smoothed or worked with masking tape and acetone. Can anybody suggest another filler which is workable and sands down nicely?
  7. Back modelling after a few years off and one house move later - I am still in shock over the whole conveyancing process. It should be a straightforward and simple process and then solicitors get involved and cause you to hit the Valium pills and he was our solicitor! Mrs Jackson (Management) said, "Don't worry, where here now and this is the bungalow that you will probably die in." I'm still trying to figure out what she meant by this. The models, tools, paints and everything else survived the relocation and first to be back on the workbench is the Academy F/A-18c Hornet. The first bit of work was to start afresh on the engine nozzles as they looked poor. DSCF0002-LSP by Marc Jackson, on Flickr
  8. "Eagle one this is alert one, what have you got?" "Two Japanese Zero's Sir." "Say WHAT!" What a beautiful model, class model skills right here.
  9. I'm within earshot of every take off and landing Thanks for the paint numbers Stokey Pete.
  10. RAF WWII = Martin Baltimore with the .5 Brownings in the mid upper turret; my dad was an air gunner in these flying out of Egypt. USN modern = Grumman EA-6B Prowler in gull grey over white scheme.
  11. Do Vallejo produce the grey and green and if so what numbers.
  12. I bow down to thee you are a modelling God!
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