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  1. Humbrol model filler. I found the decals after searching the whole of the bungalow, I even looked in the kitchen cupboards. It's still my plan A but here's Plan B:
  2. Thanks, I have a choice of 7 different squadrons/time periods/blocks and schemes. I opted for one as it is that time in the build when a decision has to be made and would you believe it... the one I chose is missing. I've gone through the decal box several times, all of the workroom drawers, boxes and every single model in the stash. I'm thinking of applying to the Magic Circle as I've made it disappear! I've mislaid parts before now but never a set of decals.
  3. Trumpeter tempt you, their models in big boxes promise so much and to a certain extent they provide a good kit, but...... Often in the areas which are designed to be detailed and on show they seem to let themselves down. Yet in other areas where you think that the design and mould process would be impossible - they nail it. There's only 2 1/32 Trumpeter kits sitting in my newly aquired stash - an A-7E Corsair and A-6E Intruder. 2 Tamiya - F-15E and F-4J, 2 Hasegawa - A-4E/F and F-104G. Revell - 2 x Tornado's and a super hornet.
  4. I always find it odd that no amazing decals came out when the single seat version was launched. There's a whole D&S book that covers some of these great markings yet all that appeared were boring SEA camo markings.
  5. I thought that the banks were cutting back on mortgage lending; the photo showing the kit and aftermarket bits is impressive in its own right.
  6. I've been busy and can now say that the two intakes are attached to the lower fuselage! The fit of the Trumpy parts is poor but with some pre-planed plastic strip supports and re-enforcing points you can obtain a fairly convincing aerodynamic line. Of course you will need copious amount of filler and lots of sandpaper. One area which was bothering me was the underside of each pylon; no AIM-7's meant that the connection point details would need to be created. Good old Trumpy just give you an open area which would be covered by an AIM-7 missile. I actually managed to airbrush without tears, tantrums or blood spillage! Vallejo white primer then model color white with thinner and airbrush flow improver. I adjusted the pressure so that when spraying it was about 20psi and it was an enjoyable experience. All the control surfaces have been filled and sanded, at least Trumpy had the sense to place the seam on the undersides.
  7. Thanks but the detail is a bit hit and miss and more for effect than accuracy. I'd show one of the engines removed as Trumpeter provide a fairly crude offering but the engine cowling before it fairs in to the body is not provided.
  8. Thank you although this project has changed more directions than a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs; open bays so no armament.
  9. I have been modelling, honest.
  10. Just found the answer and I was doing it all wrong for the past 40 years. No wonder it took over an hour to spray a 1/32 A-7E.
  11. I have a compressor with a tank and like many set-ups it the air passes through a water trap and pressure gauge/adjuster. If I set the pressure gauge to be 20psi when the airbrush is not doing anything, why does the gauge read 10psi when I do press the air feed on the airbrush? Which figure is the critical one?
  12. Photos of the mother-in-law placed in the windows, works with the postman and JW's.
  13. Outstanding, I now know that there are a group of select beings - modelling gods.
  14. Ah nostalgia, anyone remember these?
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