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  1. They said he would come, the modelling messiah.
  2. Has anyone got any photos showing one of the small electrical power hatches open on a CVN class flight deck. I wouldn't mind but I've been on a few carriers and taken shots of such things but moving house has meant my actual photos are in a box somewhere.
  3. I think Thierry is right, all of the 1/32 Tomcats require differing levels of work so I guess its a choice of what kind of pain/work you enjoy the most. At this point in time I am getting to know sanding sticks/files very well but I think that I'm enjoying it (somebody tell me that I'm enjoying it ). I'll load up some photos showing how the various open bays are progressing, but I'm still trying to find a scheme/decal option which I like and the Bureau Number is correct. Seriously considering painting markings and using decal paper for the black numbers etc.
  4. Hi Mike, been a diabetic since 2008 which came as a bit of a surprise. Loved the bit about the cab.
  5. Blood mmol/l went down to 3 this morning, I was shaking so much that any modelling paint job would have been like a Jackson Pollock.
  6. Sorry, mmol/l and I'm on insulin injections.
  7. Last week my blood sugar measured 27 (normal range 6-7) and so I cut out milk and white bread - it then hit 2.9!!! Now back to low teens but my eyes cannot focus on anything close up, the modelling is damn difficult when everything is blurred.
  8. Well Option 2 was the front runner but this is starting to become like the Democratic nominee race.
  9. Been plugging away at the mundane stuff: The Trumpeter parts provide a fair amount of detail, more will be added after they have been painted. I've reached the point where some decisions need to be made in terms of markings and production block. As soon as I choose a squadron and decal option I keep on changing my mind, so here is the shortlist: Option 1. Option 2. Option 3. Option 4. Option 5. Your suggestions/choices are gratefully received.
  10. If anyone making models has never attempted to open up an access panel then this part of the build is for you. Some modellers have a different technique opting to use a scalpel to score along the inner edges of the panel, which works if the plastic is fairly thin. However the Trumpeter plastic is thick and the quickest and most controlled way of shifting the panel is to use either a Dremel type drill or good old pin-vice drill. A good set of modeller's files and sanding sticks are also required. Good reference photos are a must. Take your time to reach the edge where the panel ends.
  11. Buying one - you are a brave man indeed . I'll have some more photos uploaded shortly although they are hardly exciting.
  12. I've built several F-14A's over the years and the Tamiya fit is awful and then there is all that rescribing. Revell is okay but still needs a huge amount of work. So between the three I can see more potential with Trumpeter's offering whilst the minus points provide a challenge. Lakenheath F-15's were practising night flying for the past couple of nights so I had a few hours unable to sleep - perfect for hacking away at the plastic.
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