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  1. according to most sources (e.g. Les chasseurs à la française, by Jean-Jacques Ehrengardt), two D510 were sent to Japan : the Dora scheme has n°2 on tail.
  2. France had Oscar and Rufe (Zero floatplane) in Indochina.
  3. first series are flat black (YP-61), some A1 and A5, but visibly some were re-painted...
  4. On p-61A1 s/n 42-5516, the nose should be short with fiberglass, but it looks longer. https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/p-61/42-5516/p61-parked.html between P61-A5 and A10, the nose seems to be short, but on A10 there are no visible structure lines, the nose is smoothed. On this famous B2, the nose is long and smoothed : https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-61/p-61-nightfighter-nose-art-coopers-snooper/ compare with this one (P-61 A10) : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b6/426th_Night_Fighter_Squadro
  5. thx, but most profile are false… check pictures and profiles, there are maybe 3 or types of noses, and profiles draw only fiberglass or solid nose.
  6. I remember some armor kits sold in the 70's as 1/32, then reboxed in the 80's or 90's as 1/35 !
  7. 1/35 for helicopters if they belong to Army units, 1/32 for those who are in Air Forces !!! e.g. in France, helicopters are in ALAT (Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre) because they operate with ground troops, so 1/35 ! The difference between 1/32 and 1/35 is negligeable and invisible. Most armor kits builders use 54mm figurines with their tanks, and those figurines are closer to 1/32 than 1/35. Many kits have inaccurate length (1mm to 5mm sometimes, so 1/32 or 1/35..., maybe they are 1/30 or 1/34...
  8. Hi, I come here 6 years too late… but to reactivate a question : the real length of the P61B nose. I'm not talking about the extra 8 inches of the fuselage (front extension that everybody noticed and present on the kit), but the longer radome of the B. Does someone knows the real length of the nose? how long is the relish resin kit?
  9. Thx for your answer. I continue my researches. I found diverses types of nose and their paint. I just started a complete inventory of all P61 built. I have pictures for 10% of them for the moment... Some YP61 had a complete transparent radome monted on a frame. You see clearly the radar in it ! Many P61A had a translucent paint coated "Inside" the radome (source : Squadron Signal In action). You see the silhouette of the radar Inside. The radome looks grey or cream, his lower part is generaly painted in a more dense paint (white, grey) and the frame tha
  10. Hi from France, thanks for accepting me on LSP. I have few questions about P-61 nose. I should say, the mystery of the nose. Most online infos, books, make the difference between P61A nose and P61B nose, with only one difference noted : the addition of a fuselage section (8 inches) aft the radome. That's OK. But, I'm not blind, that's not the only difference, the radome is much longer too ! Maybe 20 inches. Relish Models produces a resin nose, but on most kits, modellers put a lot of aftermarket (wheels, inner, outer details, seat belts, turrets…) but they f
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