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  1. Here is a clear blue flag : and here a black/blue one !
  2. I agree, there's a lot of variations : from light blue to almost dark blue. I checked in Wingmasters all french kits, but no model builder gives a precise reference or recipe ! they mix X14 and white or a drop of red... Bearcat or T8 will be great choices for a collection of french post-war aircraft. T-28 Fennec too ! but the most beautiful french post-war aircraft is... F4U7, with Operation Musketeer yellow and black stripes. But, unfortunately, there are no kit of this special version of the Corsair...
  3. bonjour Alain, comment fait-on pour coller une image dans le chat?
  4. Page 78 and after, you can found pictures of wheels well, cockpit, inner pats and many details. You can download the book for free by clicking on right side of the screen (that's official and free).
  5. Here is a french book about A-26/B-26, with a chapter for operations in Algeria, with color pictures. Page 52 for Algeria. Pégase : revue de l'association des amis du musée de l'air | 2007-05 | Gallica (bnf.fr) Available on line on french national library on line : Gallica.
  6. There are useful pictures from above of A-26 in Algeria in : L'Armée de l'Air en Afrique, 1940-1967, volume 2 - Maroc, Algérie, Tunisie. By Alain Crosnier, edited by Histoire & Collections, 2015.
  7. according to most sources (e.g. Les chasseurs à la française, by Jean-Jacques Ehrengardt), two D510 were sent to Japan : the Dora scheme has n°2 on tail.
  8. France had Oscar and Rufe (Zero floatplane) in Indochina.
  9. first series are flat black (YP-61), some A1 and A5, but visibly some were re-painted...
  10. On p-61A1 s/n 42-5516, the nose should be short with fiberglass, but it looks longer. https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/p-61/42-5516/p61-parked.html between P61-A5 and A10, the nose seems to be short, but on A10 there are no visible structure lines, the nose is smoothed. On this famous B2, the nose is long and smoothed : https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-61/p-61-nightfighter-nose-art-coopers-snooper/ compare with this one (P-61 A10) : https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b6/426th_Night_Fighter_Squadro
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