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CF-104 NMF


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OK so the real update


For this build I will be using the kit decals and making a CF-104 with red tip tanks, why red you ask, well because I'm foiling this plane and the tanks are a PITA to get right , plus the kit tanks are literally the worst part of the kit with bad seams and terrible fit and nothing show you defects like NMF!


In addition, I have the amazing Reskit exhaust and wheels and the Blackbox cockpit. Using @chuck540z3 amazing WIP thread as a reference I've got everything dry-fitted and ready to go in.


Cockpit work
I thinned down the bottom and the side and made some mods to the rear bulkhead. Have the base coat in and this is going to be the focus for the next couple weeks to finish up and squeezed into the fuselage 


Since i hate doing cockpits i took a detour and painted and decaled the tail and tip tanks 


this pic suck but bare with me




Following Chucks build I worked the intakes into submission, got some foil in the hard-to-get spots first. next upo is getting rid f the top panel line that should not be there!

Thanks Chuck! 




Made some progress on the tail , the clear parts for the light are a joke so I remade them using UV resin and then painted them from the rear



And we have foil ! Dont worry it will look better once I'm done. my foiling process is foil , burnish, sand, polish then grain



This is what it looks like after polishing 




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On 4/26/2024 at 12:31 AM, Azgaron said:

Very nice work so far Neo! :)






On 4/26/2024 at 1:49 AM, geedubelyer said:

Looking good Neo. 

It's hard to beat a NMF Zipper. :wub:


On 4/26/2024 at 11:28 AM, Lee White said:



On 4/27/2024 at 12:01 AM, Alain Gadbois said:



thanks guys!!! Progress is going slow i have allot of pre summer duties around the house ! 


More soon! 

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  • 1 month later...

Wow  its been more than a month since my last update! 


I do have to say mojo was affected a bit, i had the cockpit fitted before painting with allot of sanding and scaping, but once i got to final fitment the IP decided it was too wide. so i gently trimmed the excess on the side, manage to break off the right side panel, glued it back, and all the manipulation did some damage to the paint with my finger sweat.. i sear this is al laquer and enamel and i still run through it! I really don't enjoy doing cockpits yet i keep torturing myself with resin onefor some reason


BUT with all that being said here is the good news as of last night! SHE IS CLOSED UP! It should be smooth sailing from here






Note the top part of the IP is casted into the top cover









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2 hours ago, Azgaron said:

Very nice progress Neo! Nice looking cockpit! :)




Thank you


Finished the wheels and gear doors this week, next up is painting the wings and doing some foiling while the paint dries 

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  • 4 weeks later...

We have progress! Sorry for the long delays between post its been a busy summer! 


First up, fuselage progress, I have one side almost done foiling, and painted the fibreglass cover and the nose cone. I have to remodify and improve the fitment of the glare shield as it was preventing the windscreen from sitting just right. I sill need to fabricate the Hud glass as the kit one doesn't fit the black box correctly. 


I know a lot of comments on this kit having oversized panel gaps and rivets, but for me, since i knew i was going to foil this kit from day one its a blessing! 



I decided to try out something new also(my #1 rule of every build) ive colored some foil by boiling it with some egg shells and I'm replacing some panel one the tail. 

here is the first one done 


removed the pannel (also note the grey panel was painted over the foil)



And here is the new pannel 


vs before 


What do you think ? 


the biggest downside for me is that I cannot grain or sand the imperfections out of the coloured panel as it removes the colouring. 

I think I'm going todo a couple of simple panels like this but for the more complex ones i might just spray alclad over the foil


Till next time 




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