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  1. Here is the link to the Thomas Lund's build, And here are the pictures https://imodeler.com/2013/11/132-tamiya-a6m3-type-22-converted-from-a6m5-type-52/
  2. Yes, those are the small details
  3. I think you can.. The best way (in my opinion) is to use A6M5 kit and to purchase separate sprues with A6M2 wings (wing tips removed). You need to do some research for details, but in general the conversion is quite easy.
  4. Dear colleagues, I am looking for Pitts Samson 3view. Also some interior photos would be nice, but having a drawing is fundamental. Something was published many years ago in Model Airplane News (?) but I do not know even the year. Thank you very much Jan
  5. Hello all, do you have an idea what happened to xs-models? https://www.largescaleplanes.com/kitdb/list.php?act=search&kitMaker=XS-Models They do not respond emails any more. Thank you
  6. F Italeri plans F-35A http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234995926-132-lockheed-martin-f-35a-lightning-ii-by-italeri-test-shot-release-march-2017/
  7. Jan_K

    HPH news

    I am sorry, but I do not understand your point. Do you mean that everyday making of new threads would make clearer arrangement of the entire forum?
  8. Jan_K

    HPH news

    NEWS IN HPH thread is already here here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=28641&page=95 Admins, what you think, is merge possible?
  9. Milan Mikulecky is quite controversial person, was involved in strange business activities around real estates at airfield Prague Letnany. Marcel Sezemský is different league, he is the very person that built Avia BH-5 and Zlin XIII replicas for Mikulecky, then their ways separated. Marcel also owns Avia BH-1 replica and Praga Baby.
  10. True...Czech Duchy/Kingdom was integral part of Holy Roman Empire since 11th century, 1620 - 1918 part of Austrian Empire, more or less independent since then. Fact we were occupied by Russians for some decades does not make us "East". Nice picture!
  11. Yo HPH makes Blanik also in 1/24, as glasfibre/epoxy custom kit.
  12. Nice engine, I recommend to check the interior colour once again. I think Pfalz fuselages were made of veneer strips glued together and reinforced with fabric layers, also covered by fabric from inside and outside.
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