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  1. If you can find iridescent gift wrap, that works great and it's usually super cheap. A whole roll will last you a lifetime. Here in the US most craft stores sell it. Hobby Lobby Iridescent Wrap I use it for HUDs and such. It can be attached into place using Future. Here is a picture showing the slight dihedral -Brent
  2. If I remember my Grandpa's stories correctly, they were painted red for safety reasons. I know that's why Witchcraft has them. Apparently if you step or crawl over them they will pop open. Hard to tell in this photo of my grandpa's B-24, but it appears they could be red.
  3. Just out of curiosity, why not use Ultracast's Boyington figure? https://www.ultracast.ca/product-p/ult54010.htm http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ult54010.htm
  4. Ultracast has one http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ult54005.htm They also have one modeled after Pappy Boyington.
  5. Cell Phone vibration motors work great, they are usually small and easy to use. Sometimes they come with the weight on them though. If you don't want to motorize it, try propblur.com they look pretty convincing.
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words, here is a update I got the pilot put in. He is put together from the Academy F-18 pilot. I tried to remove most of his survival gear and such to make him look more civilian. Also got the black panels painted along the sides. Not happy with them. I wish Kitty Hawk would have supplied decals or a mask for them. Still have a bunch of touchup to do. Also got the landing gear installed. It appears I didn't add enough weight
  7. Not much of an update, but it's been painted Yellow
  8. For those who have built this kit, how did you paint the black exhaust "panels" on the sides? Is there a template for masking etc?
  9. Got some work done on my Trojan Fit is okay, some probably my own doing. I did add more weight to the nose, hopefully it's enough
  10. A few updates, progress is slow. As for the scheme, I'm thinking the all yellow one. Then engine looks good once it's painted and assembled. Finished up the accessory section. Added some wiring and hoses to make it look "busier" thanks for looking Go Cubs!
  11. Small update today. Been working on the engine and accessory section, still need to add some hoses to the accessory section I have discovered Tamiya's panel line Accent, stuff works great.
  12. Thanks Oliver, your MH-60 is unbelievable, I wish I could paint like that, especially the pilots. Unfortunately it's not just size and volume, the main concern is ventilation and being in close proximity to the wife.
  13. thanks Man, slow build but I'll keep posting as I go.
  14. Thanks man, I wish they had better decals for it, including the ones your talking about. I think it adds a sense of real life to the kit, plus keeps me from having to do belts LOL Thanks Ernie, I have read through your build threads and I hope mine turns out half as good as yours. I appreciate you posting them and I have taken copious notes
  15. Gents- After my wife decided I needed to get back in to building (or dorking as she likes to call it), we went to Hobby Town. After picking up the Kitty Hawk T-28C, she insisted I buy it. I have been out of the hobby for more than a year. We downsized apartments and I got rid of most of my supplies. Our apartment does have computer nook, which she has allowed me to set up a new "workshop". However, I can't airbrush, so most things will be hand painted. I decided to do this as a restored Warbird T-28, so I'm not striving for 100% authenticity, this works cause the decals are for Warbirds. Just a few pics to get started. Here is the cockpit mostly assembled. I did use the decals for the instrument panels. They look great, but I wish they would have left them with a clear background, allowing us to match the grey a lot closer. The seat belts are the kit parts but I used bandage tape for the fabric. It works pretty well. Sorry for the quality of the pics, they are taken with my phone. You'll notice that the front seat has no belts, I am planning on placing a pilot in there.
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