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  1. Ouch! The one I saw was an F-4E with the radome resting on the flightline. Not as much of a kneel as in your photo. Thanks for that most interesting illustration. Gene K.
  2. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier (I'm spending too much time flying RC). Here's some pertinent info from the Flight Manual: "Accidental retraction of the landing gear when the aircraft is on the ground is prevented by safety switches on the main gear. Ground safety locks may also be installed to further prevent inadvertent retraction". Main Gear: "When the gear handle is UP and weight is off the gear, the gear will retract ... The gear is locked down by an internal finger type latch in each side brace actuator". Nose Gear: "The gear is locked in the down position by an internal finger latch within the gear actuating cylinder". I have seen a flight line "kneeling" mishap where the nose gear was retracted on the ground ... only once, but have never seen a picture. As an aside and along those lines, I never saw the wings folded when airborne as shown here: Rare. Gene K
  3. Any updates as to the status of the Pheon website? Gene K
  4. Hello Michael. I had intended to post back in December, but life ... . So I just posted the studio3 file for use with Silhouette cutters here. I also posted the scale SVG for use with other cutters. My next post at that site will be the outer wing reinforcement plates ... after Anthony fits and OKs them. Gene K
  5. The reason for "multiple revisions" was that as I was preparing the Silhouette cutter files, my references, including "scale" drawings from multiple sources like this, didn't quite match available after-market sets in various scales (Nautilus, Hypersonic, GTR, Flying Leatherneck, and ScalePhantomPhixer), nor photos like those in the excellent DACO book Rick highlighted above, nor with Mr. Google. I also scaled up scans from the 1/72 Airfix Brit Phantom as well as the 1/48 Zukei Mura F-4S for comparison. The most useful drawings were those posted from Navy F-4 Phantom Tech Manuals as shown here. There are some good discussions on LSP concerning the straps here and here, as well as in Chuck's outstanding build from 2013. Thanks, Anthony, for sharing your modeling perfection in such great detail. Just amazing!! Gene K
  6. The plates you mention are on the F-4N in the Pensacola Naval Museum, but the belly straps are not. Not concluding anything as regards USN versus USAF mods ... just an observation. Gene K
  7. The straps I'm posting are tailored to the Tamiya 1/32 kit and may not necessarily fit other 1/32 models. ... or other kits if scaled down. For which kits are you " needing" straps? Gene K
  8. Will do, MIchael. However, I was just requested to attend a funeral tomorrow, so I'll be out of town -- maybe up to 10 days. I'll take my files with me in the hopes of adding the finishing touches to the file and posting it. I'm reinventing the wheel, of course, but my challenge has been in resolving the shape of the "ears" and the center reinforcement of the strap. I have at least 10 different interpretations in drawings and aftermarket sets, and am settling down to scaling up and adjusting the Zukei Mura F-4S patterns. That raises the question as to whether or not all Phantom model reinforcements are the same (I was told they are, but?). Just for grins, here's one of the drawings I used for reference: Lines up well with the detail photos from Coreman's Uncovering book that Mathieu alerted me to. Gene K
  9. After a lot of Googling and page turning, here's the "near-final" trial fit using Cardstock. I'm being judicious with rivets, but folks with a Silhouette cutter, if they choose, will be able skip cutting them since I drew them in a different color. I'll post the Silhouette file here, and also include an SVG for those who have other cutting machines ... or who want to print and cut by hand. I think .010 plastic will fit the bill -- the Silhouette can engrave the details like rivets, and then cut the pieces out. Gene K Edit: Note that the outer curved tabs are there for reference placement - they will be cut off in the final file.
  10. Thanks, Mathieu, looking forward to it. ... but I did dig out one of my ancient Tamiya 1/32 F-4E kits and scanned the belly. Then scaled up the strap set I made for Fujimi and overlaid it on the scan in Silhouette Studio: Won't take too much to realign/refine along the dashed green lines using your and Chuck's photos. Gene K
  11. I could easily do that, but the straps I worked were tailored to specific kits. For example, here are the straps for the Fujimi kit. Note that the inside edges of the straps were straight except for the rounded cut-out for the wheel well, so that measurement is critical. Since I don't have a Tamiya kit, the scaled up Fujimi straps may be off. But I could work with someone who has the Tamiya kit to refine a fit ... all I'd need is a good scale scan/drawing of the Tamiya underside. Gene K
  12. Thanks. I had come across some drawings that didn't match (not unusual, I knowl), most notably the length and angle of the "ears" going toward the front. Also, the shape of the plate on the center portion of the reinforcement differed. Looks like Chuck's modifications are spot on, so will pattern my 1/72 straps after his. Gene K
  13. Dave, Were the belly straps on the S model the same as on the G model ... as on the E model ... as on the British Phantoms? Chek - thanks for the Chuck check -- that is one amazing build!!! Tony T - Appreciate the link to Chuck's strap work. Gene K
  14. To which Mathieu replied: [quote] If by original drawings, you mean the vector files used to create this. I fear there is none. I draw directly on silhouette. using a paper scan as reference. [/quote] Starfighter, If your friend's CNC mill can process SVG files, you can convert Mathieu's Studio file to SVG by using this outstanding on-line conversion site. The resulting SVG file can also be used by other cutter programs l that handle SVGs ... like Cricut. Gene K
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