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  1. Enough with the walk-around, when are you gonna post pictures of the model?!
  2. Lovely OV-10. My favorite acft of all time. I grew up in a small town outside Pendleton and just couldn't get enough of them. Even as a kid I loved the CAS mission set above all others. Then in the USAF I spent a fair amount of time working conjunction with them which was a dream realised. I actually seriously considered buying one in real life an going the airshow route.
  3. Thanks for the review Kev! Water-based just isn't as good as whatever the other stuff is. Next question is how smelly is MR. Paint (MRP) to spray? Too smelly for the house I take it? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone tried the MRP Mr. Paint (the Checoslovakian m. Paint) aqua acrylic paint? I'm in search for the holy grail of acrylic paints. I've tried everything except these and the Hataka acrylics so far. My trials with Mission's paints haven't lived up to the hype which is a bummer based on the reviews.... My hope is that MRP acrylics are 'almost' as good as their lacquers. One must remain hopeful!
  5. I have started thinning down the MMP paint more and am having better results. I still get that pull trigger back and no paint no paint oops more paint than I wanted.... I do live in Adelaide Australia which has a climate exactly like inland North County San Diego. It's pretty dry here but it's not Antarctica dry.
  6. Hey Bruce, That Venturi thing, didn't some guy from the Bronx called Bernoulli or something come up with that? "Hey yo Bernoulli! Get ova hee wid dat Venturi will ya?" You are of course correct they don't call it an airbrush for nothing. My working pressure according to the gauge with the trigger down is 8-10psi. The needle of the airbrush is about9mm away from the work and I'm trying to get that wet vapour patch on the model that evaporates almost instantly. Or , at least that's what I'm trying to do. At 18psi doesn't your model blow across the room?
  7. I thought someone from KLP flew the dash8?
  8. Sad because I blew just short of $100 bucks to find out. The poly does seem to work okay with Vallejo though.
  9. I've been spraying the Mission Models paint for a week or two now. I've been mixing using their instructions and spraying through a new harder and Steinbeck with the .2 needle and 10-15 psi. I'm not impressed. I get tip dry at a rate compatible with Vallejo model Air used un-thinned. I've experimented with amounts of the poly and going as far as 50% thinner but it's no different than the other acrylics imho.
  10. Kev, are you the guy flying for an undisclosed Australian airline?
  11. Your review fits my experience with Mission Model Paints as well. Pretty nice for broad coverage. Poor for fine work. My findings so far regarding any acrylic (non-stinky) based paints is that they are acceptable down to an individual 1/32 panel but if you try to go much smaller you are fighting a losing battle. Thanks for the thread and good words!
  12. Yeah, nope so that leaves out the stuff in the glass bottle. Bummer Has anyone seriously used the aqueous in the Vallejo looking bottles yet?
  13. Okay, I'm starting to get the picture. Does the paint in the glass Mr.Paint bottles stink when sprayed? In other words if you do you model building at the kitchen table would your wife approve?
  14. Oh I see they sell the big glass bottles which are lacquer? And the little Vallejo ones that are water based?
  15. Hang on a sec. I keep getting Mr. paint and mission models paint confused because O the MRP and MMP designation I see a lot. So a couple of questions: Is Mr. Paint (MRP) acrylic or oil/ lacquer? Thanks
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