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  1. Every one of them from the 1903 Wright Flyer to today's Fat Amy are all magnificent works of art. Things like the little step on the strut of a Cessna 152 or 172, the cargo floor of a UH-1, the nose on view of a Rafael, the weird amalgam of shapes on a Mig-21, C-141s, Spads (ww1 and the A-1), a Maule... All of them get my soul singing. Now it's time to go flying in the RV. See you later!
  2. You will not belive this. I lived next to Dick Rossi when I was a kid in Fallbrook,California. He was a great great person! He'd just retired from Flying Tigers Airlines and was growing avocados.
  3. 1Hey Pete, What are the economics of owning & flying the L-39? I gave slightly serious consideration to one of the Shorts Tucanos floating around, but the numbers looked rough. Given that the slow old T-34 prices are through the roof the Albatros may be an alternative idea although I don't have any turbojet time worth mentioning. How do you keep cool in an airplane without the fan on the front anyway? Oh yeah, how is it for back country flying, you know like skipping onto a sandbar in a river and stuff like that? BN523
  4. I am sad to say that none of the acrlyics, Vallejo, MMP, Ammo, Ak are going to be usable without a lot of trial and error. MMP is not too bad and might be closer to MRP than some of the others although it sprays pretty thick, but settles down well. Tamiya and Mr Paint are probably the also good. Another consideration with these is that you've got to use their thinners, additives etc. In the final analysis nothing but MRP gives the consistent spraying and versatility of MRP. It's a case of Vegimite vs Marmite mate. Don't come the raw prawn with me mate. The Sheila's are going to a hens party. I couldn't organize a p!ss up in a brewery. Oops, 7 years in Oz just doesn't wear off mate!
  5. The rotary wing - fixed wing rivalry goes back to when Igor developed the first powered, heavier than air, controlled airplane and Orville and Wilbur invented the helicopter... or do I have that backwards? Oh yeah, Orville invented popcorn. Anyhow, the vehicles have entirely different purposes not to mention that they fly differently. Helicopters beat the air into submission. Airplanes use hydraulics. Neither can fly at night though, because as everyone knows, there`s no lift at night. Another interesting difference is that fixed wing aircraft must keep up their airspeed lest they smite the ground. Helicopters just enter vortex ring state and worm hole into another dimension. Given all of the differences between them who wouldn't be confused. I hope I've helped to clear up a few of common misconceptions between the branches of the air traveling family. My work here is done.
  6. also, wiki, the source of all knowledge has some good pics.
  7. Wow de Havilland built beautiful acft and yours is looking wonderful!
  8. Looks really good! Maybe the RAAF ought to think about using that camo pattern? Of course after a carton of p!ss you wouldn't be able to find the airplane.
  9. I wish someone would re release their kits! I wasn't familiar with this one it looks a bit like a Navion.
  10. I'm with you 100%. Civilians just don't have the slightest idea how dangerous most military jobs are and just how much responsibility is heaped on an 18 year old`s shoulders. Thank you for your service? Oh you have no idea my friend!
  11. As first glance I thought the title was `Just got back from rehab`. Congratulations either way! She's a beautiful acft!
  12. It looks like engine failure. The pull was to trade some airspeed for options. As the airspeed bled below the stall it spun. They stayed with it to aim it away from people and structures. They jettisoned the acft when they knew it would not hurt anyone else. It is the embodiment of "That others may live". No seat modern or otherwise could have magiced them to safety given the parameters. Fantastic people to be sure!
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