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  1. Wow awesome.. do those rear threat radar things like being cooked on the titanium shrouds all day?
  2. Roy is at a modeling Expo of some sort in Germany..Moson? hes a busy man..I hope he can fit our project in. It’s not exactly the sort of work he normally does!?
  3. Pic was in the Science Museum in LA over the road from the USC campus. They also have a 2 seat SR-71 trainer and the Space Shuttle (Discovery?)...just don’t turn the wrong way and end up in South Central LA
  4. Since you’re now in possession of an HpH Merlin, why don’t you model a cowl open?
  5. Oh hell! I thought you lived in Blenheim Anthony?
  6. Apparently he told his family that he had an appointment with a spacecraft and was leaving to live with aliens and was never seen again. In reality his truck was found on the side of a mountain and had human remains inside..it had been blown up in a remote location. It appears that whoever was in it had committed suicide. His P40 was purchased from his estate (off of his parents) and had parts of a Blenheim fuselage and an epenage from a Harvard (t-6 Texan)..but was properly restored to flying condition as N7205A..”old exterminator”
  7. Scuse my ignorance but what’s the difference? Aside from the color, fuel tanks and refueling probe is there much else?
  8. It had lots of horrible reputations..like one cannon shell through the spar between the fues and either engine 2 or 3 and it was bye-bye wing
  9. Wingnut will bring out a mirage 2000 kit just before the Kitty Hawk one is released
  10. I'm waiting and searching everywhere for these pics..?
  11. Probably loading ammo into the drum, then feeding it into the gun and loading it ready for a sortie I’m not sure if it’s the same as the A-10 but you can see the gun turning as the ammo is fed into the drum. Traditionally if the gun rotates the pin fires..I’m not sure how you make that safe other than making sure no live rounds are in the gun while it’s turning??
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