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  1. Hi Dave I bought the tamiya 1/20 seat belts and buckles and they are too small . I took me long enough just to get some proper coloured seat belt fabric now I need the buckles . I didn't think it was going to be this difficult to get hold of some here in the UK. Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy from Spain. Cheers.
  2. Hi LSP Modellers I'm in the process of building a hobbyboss harrier in 1/18th scale. I'm now wanting to detail the ejector seat with straps and buckles. I have the belt fabric now I need the buckles. Wow did I expect this to be difficult. Surely there is someone here in the UK that sell them especially for the car modellers. Does anyone have any information where I can get hold of a set without ordering overseas. I look forward to hearing from you soon Dave.
  3. Hi Harold I've bought them already from you . Brilliant they are too thanks
  4. Hi Tony I suppose I could see if I can grab a really cheap old tooled revell F4J, that would have the correct nose wheel doors Cheers Dave
  5. Does anyone know if you can get 1/32 resin ALQ 126 ECM antennas that are fitted to the intakes of navy F4 phantom's? I've got a F4 J nose cone so I'm thinking of converting a revell F4E into a F4S. Your thoughts Dave.
  6. Hi Can you tell me the item number for the archer rivets please. Cheers Dave
  7. Do you still have a set? I'm very interested in making a harrier GR3.
  8. I've started to apply my decals to my F4E but am I mistaken or are the national insignia's on the small size too? Especially the large wing insignia's. Also the badges seem small compared with photos of the real thing. And am I being picky. Your thoughts .
  9. Out of interest Patrick how do you secure the screwheads to the model?
  10. I've got a set Tony but will fantasy printshop send out the addendum sheet automatically? Or will I need to pay for it? Cheers. Dave.
  11. Wow they are different I didn't realize they were so different in size. Thanks Harold I won't be using aries quickboost sets then.
  12. Hi I'm making 2 revell F4 phantom's and was wondering if the aries quickboost F4 intake FOD covers designed for the Tamiya kit fit the revell F4 intakes. I've asked this question on other aircraft websites and Facebook groups with no answer. Thought I'd try this modelling forum . Thanks Dave.
  13. Yes I have built many and it's a simple solution. Firstly you need to measure the gap by taping the nose ring to one side of the fuselage then place the intake trunking into the fuselage now measure the gap. Now cut a length of plasticard to that thickness making sure you have enough length to go round the trunking. Now trumpeter was good enough to mold a lip round the nose ring where it's supposed to meet the trunking, carefully glue you plastic strip round that lip. Once fitted the gap should be filled. One thing to remember, once the nose cone is in place you can't really see much down the intake. The trumpeter lightnings have had a slating over the years but a great model can be made. Please post your progress. Good luck my friend Dave Eccles
  14. Glad to hear you are back on the lightning correction set Iain, I'd love an F6 set please. Please keep us posted on your progress. Dave.
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