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  1. Thanks my friend I'll get myself some.
  2. Chris fear no more I too have the 1/18 harrier and there is a lovely resin cockpit produced for it together with excellent detail. If you are on Facebook type 1/18 AV8B harrier plus II builds , I'm a member also. Check it out.
  3. I've emailed a model shop who sell ANYZ produce and they say it wouldn't be a problem using 1/32 cockpit knobs and switches in a 1/24 harrier build. What do you think ?
  4. Hi fellow modellers I have a query. I've got the Airfix 1/24 Sea harrier & GR3 kits and was wondering if the ANYZ 1/32, 1/35 scale resin cockpit knobs and switches would be big enough for detailing the harrier pits. Has anyone fitted ANYZ resin switches and knobs to there cockpits. Cheers in advance Dave.
  5. Hi Patrick has this build stalled I've not seen any updated recently. I'm in the process of converting mine to a British GR9. your build report has helped me with mine enormously. Thank you. Dave.
  6. Hi I've made so many trumpeter lightning's over the years I've lost count. The remedy for your little problem is simple. If you look at the intake ring you'll see a groove that runs round the entire inside edge (apart from top and bottom where it fits round the radar bullet pillars). I believe the gap is approximately 5mm just get some thin plasticard (about the same thickness as the groove you are glueing in) cut to length of 5mm width. Simply glue into the groove trumpeter so nicely made for us. Fill the entire circumference , once dry remove the area the fits into the bullet pillars top and
  7. Hello fellow large scale modellers, I'm building a hobbyboss 1/18 harrier. And I'm after putting a map in the windscreen. I've looked on the internet for a model map but I'm struggling to find any. Also my printer isn't playing ball while I try to print one. I'm thinking surely some model company does maps in various scales for diorama's. As I'm in the UK I'm not really wanting to buy abroad. Any help much appreciated.
  8. Patrick I'm interested to know can you print the knobs and sway braces as you have the file for 3d printing? I'm in the process of building a hobbyboss harrier into a GR9.
  9. Hi Dave I bought the tamiya 1/20 seat belts and buckles and they are too small . I took me long enough just to get some proper coloured seat belt fabric now I need the buckles . I didn't think it was going to be this difficult to get hold of some here in the UK. Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy from Spain. Cheers.
  10. Hi LSP Modellers I'm in the process of building a hobbyboss harrier in 1/18th scale. I'm now wanting to detail the ejector seat with straps and buckles. I have the belt fabric now I need the buckles. Wow did I expect this to be difficult. Surely there is someone here in the UK that sell them especially for the car modellers. Does anyone have any information where I can get hold of a set without ordering overseas. I look forward to hearing from you soon Dave.
  11. Hi Harold I've bought them already from you . Brilliant they are too thanks
  12. Hi Tony I suppose I could see if I can grab a really cheap old tooled revell F4J, that would have the correct nose wheel doors Cheers Dave
  13. Does anyone know if you can get 1/32 resin ALQ 126 ECM antennas that are fitted to the intakes of navy F4 phantom's? I've got a F4 J nose cone so I'm thinking of converting a revell F4E into a F4S. Your thoughts Dave.
  14. Hi Can you tell me the item number for the archer rivets please. Cheers Dave
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