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  1. Wow they are different I didn't realize they were so different in size. Thanks Harold I won't be using aries quickboost sets then.
  2. Hi I'm making 2 revell F4 phantom's and was wondering if the aries quickboost F4 intake FOD covers designed for the Tamiya kit fit the revell F4 intakes. I've asked this question on other aircraft websites and Facebook groups with no answer. Thought I'd try this modelling forum . Thanks Dave.
  3. Yes I have built many and it's a simple solution. Firstly you need to measure the gap by taping the nose ring to one side of the fuselage then place the intake trunking into the fuselage now measure the gap. Now cut a length of plasticard to that thickness making sure you have enough length to go round the trunking. Now trumpeter was good enough to mold a lip round the nose ring where it's supposed to meet the trunking, carefully glue you plastic strip round that lip. Once fitted the gap should be filled. One thing to remember, once the nose cone is in place you can't really see much down the intake. The trumpeter lightnings have had a slating over the years but a great model can be made. Please post your progress. Good luck my friend Dave Eccles
  4. Glad to hear you are back on the lightning correction set Iain, I'd love an F6 set please. Please keep us posted on your progress. Dave.
  5. I started this very topic many moons ago regarding a decal sheet of 57th FIS markings for my Revell F4E MIG killer kit, Thats when I got into contact with my good friend Tony T between us we managed to put together a sheet of markings, he did all the drawings with Corel draw I think , he sent me the file and I sent it to a decal company who printed me a sheet. I have to say it looks beautiful. I also received a printed sheet from draw decal from Tony that I've not yet used but I do have a kit ready to start soon. Tony if you do get a company to print you a set of decals let me know I would love a copy . PS have you tried fantasy printshop. ?
  6. Has anyone used Mr color gloss super clear UV cut? Not in the rattle can. Does it react with humbrol or xtracolour enamels ? I'm thinking of getting myself some with levelling thinners to gloss my jets ready for decals. Your experiences would be helpful. Cheers Dave.
  7. daveoh

    and here it is!

    Typical isn't it this lightning hasn't even started service yet and already we are blessed with a large scale plastic kit of it. same can't be said for our EE lightning eh was in service for nearly 30 years and didn't get a sniff, only after its retirement did we see anything from the manufacturers. I bet if it had been the American Electric lightning the shelves would have been full. Rant over.
  8. I love the lightning and the phantom but the lightning a little bit more. As a modeller the lightning flew in a lot of different squadrons so that means lots of different paint scheme's. I don't see the interest in a loads of grey planes. Also anything with a propeller on the front does nothing for me. As you say beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.
  9. Thierry are you looking for a echelon lightning?
  10. Mozart I've build quite a few trumpeter lightnings since it was released and yes it is bad in places and over priced. BUT it does build into a lovely model if you are willing to spend a bit of time on it. Aries have brought out a lovely cockpit and wheel Wells that add detail too it but forget the reheat cans they just don't fit. I say go for it it will bring out the modeller in you. Happy modelling Dave
  11. Steve the Aries afterburner cans actually fit the Echelon lightning almost perfectly Dave.
  12. I've only every once had replacement parts for a trumpeter kit and I didn't have much trouble at all Contact pocketbook the UK distributer of trumpeter and see what they have to say. Good luck my friend
  13. Ah a trumpeter lightning thread looking forward to how you build it and any changes you make.
  14. I hear on Facebook that the project has been shelved for now ! True or false?
  15. Jennings I for one won't be pissed off with a HKM british F4 phantom no matter what they put in the box. After all I love the trumpeter lightning kit as it's the only game in town. I for one is looking forward to it. Think they could be talked in to doing a decent BAC lightning kit? Lol.
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