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  1. Thanks Jennings, explains why I have never located photo(s) of the pod being carried anywhere but those stations. Kirk
  2. Thanks Tony, I do have Jennings Wolfpack F-4C decal set which is excellent, and I assumed the outboard wing pylon was the only option for carrying the pod, or boat anchor as Olds referred to it. Kirk
  3. Looking over some photos of the early F-4C's in service during the war, was the fuselage center pylon ever setup to carry a ECM pod on the centerline, or was only the outboard wing pylons able to mount the pod? Have not located any actual in service photo(s) that would confirm if this was a possible combat loadout possibility. Thanks for info on the subject. Kirk
  4. Lately I have been using the AK Interactive Gauzy Intermediate clear coat. Very impressed with the product, thins down with acrylic thinner and self levels when applied. Provides a very tough and super clear finish which can be futher enhanced with a final sanding with 8000 or higher micro sanding sheets.
  5. Just received the sheet and downloaded the extensive instructions and history, wow!!! Extremely well done, so much so, I cleared off the workbench, dug my Tamiya 1/32 F-4C/D kit out of the stash along with the numerous detail and correction sets I have collected over the years and started work on it. Even had a set of the old Cutting edge 1/32 Mk5 seats and Blackbox resin cockpit for the F-4C hidden away in the stash. Discovered a lot of info on Olds F-4 that I never knew about from your research work, very pleased with the product! Kirk
  6. The pinnacle of craftsmanship. Well done John. Kirk
  7. I have the Revell M262A-1 on the bench currently, having worked on the Trumpeter kit several years ago, I op for the newer Revell kit. Does have it's fit and shape issues, but not as difficult to correct as the Trumpeter kit, particularly the Trumpeter mad riveter did not descend on it with obscene sunken rivets all over it. My opinion anyway.
  8. Some eye candy helps with the wait........
  9. Really nice build! Did you paint the nose checkers or use the decal as provided with the EagleCals sheet? Kirk
  10. I most certainly agree, the time I allow myself at the workbench is limited so I prefer to spend that time working on a subject that I am interested in having in my display case along with a kit that meets my standards. I am thankful that we do live in this golden age of abundance in model kit subjects along with the technology that allows such superior kits to be designed and manufactured. Just makes the hobby that much more interesting and appealing, but I would need that P-51B to call it perfect. LOL.
  11. If I was truly desperate to build a P-51B, I would convince myself to have a go at the Trumpeter kit. But after suffering through a couple of their offerings, I personally have sworn off any more of their kits, the frustration is just not worth it for me, it's a hobby after all. So now here comes some opinion, the new generation of Tamiya 1/32 kits are a pure modelers dream, same for Wingnut WIngs, HK and ZM, although the later two just don't hold the same level of engineering that the Big T and WnW do. At this point in my modeling building life, I am getting old, I have sold off the mass majority of kits and related stuff I have collected over the years and have only kept the kits that I want to build and will most likely build, which includes 6 Tamiya P-51D/K kits. If Tamiya were to release the B, I would be buying a few of those, along with a P-38 if that ever happens. The only other kit I have on my radar to buy at this point in time is the upcoming WnW 1/32 Lancaster "Dambuster". Although I may or may not ever build it, the fact that this could very well be the best plastic model ever produced to date is just all the convincing I need to own one, the same would hold true for me if Tamiya continues to pursue additional WWII aircraft in their 1/32 line. I would buy it just because I know what to expect, a damn near perfect model kit. Kirk
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