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  1. JamesHatch

    My opinion on the Lancaster from HK Models

    There is a form on your site for feedback. That is what I filled in before the FB post. I presume your software will send out an automatically generated email to you of any contact? HK is a very small company, and decisions about anything are up to Neil. He is the final arbiter of what is acceptable standard for HKM products. The kit has many flaws, non very critical, such as lack of chutes, dinghy panels on both wings, stabiliser confusion meaning two lower faces are shown as a matching pair, missing cockpit details, postwar/tropical intake filters, maintenance strut on undercarriage etc. In all cases, the first time we were aware of these was when (i) the kit had already been tooled, and (ii) customer feedback through both the HK Fans FB page and Lancaster Assembly Line FB page. Several of these are schoolboy errors. I'll PM you now.
  2. JamesHatch

    My opinion on the Lancaster from HK Models

    Only for external shapes, as I've repeatedly told you. AK were involved too, and as I told you, they had no input on how HK present their model outside of specifics. Decisions such as instructions etc. are HK's prerogative. I don't honestly give a flying one what weak points it has outside of my input. If LSM screwed uo, then yes, that would be on us. Do you not think this is something that they've been told endless times? Another assumption on my part, maybe. Did you email them after your review to tell them of your preference? I did, via your website before the Facebook post exploded. Your call.... Correct. I can agree with that. I was trying to make your review more correct, but I am 'a guy' who criticised you after repeatedly telling you were incorrect about your assumption.
  3. JamesHatch

    My opinion on the Lancaster from HK Models

    You post a review. You get mixed feedback. You come to LSP and complain about those that did it. What did you expect? Be critical in your reviews. Assume where you have to, but never a good idea to make critical assumptions.
  4. JamesHatch

    My opinion on the Lancaster from HK Models

  5. JamesHatch

    My opinion on the Lancaster from HK Models

    That was me. You seem to think that people who advise on shapes and stuff also have a say on the finished product in terms of instructions colour scheme sheets.. I corrected you. Sorry that offended you. Or simply don't post stuff for which your assumption is factually incorrect.. You didn't ask. I would have given an instant answer.
  6. I'm in regular contact and have had nothing telling me he's on a serious downer etc. My contact is as regular as it has been for the last years, plus he has just had a well-earned holiday.
  7. JamesHatch

    How would YOU do this camo?

    Just freehand it Brian. Your work is excellent and you're certainly more than capable of doing this scheme.
  8. JamesHatch

    1/32 B-29?

    Neil told me categorically that he has no interest in the B-29.
  9. JamesHatch

    Pink Spitfire

    No wraparound windscreen for this machine I built:
  10. Strangely enough, my bomb bay doors only have minimal pin marks at the end of the parts, and no sign ANYWHERE along the length, so perhaps this is an issue which isn't widespread?
  11. JamesHatch

    HK Lanc review

    I can only presume you are talking about he video link here, so why get personal? Nige is a member here. Did he give un-American pronunciations?
  12. JamesHatch

    HK Lanc review

    Thanks Graham, This is a thorough article and will be updated as the guys work through the kit.
  13. JamesHatch

    HK Lanc review

    My point is that you rarely hear anyone ever criticise Tamiya, for anything, irrespective of age. I wasn't complaining about an old kit, per se, but that it was used as a basis for a modern tooling. They are probably ejector pin marks. Mine had them, but as it was a test shot, I wasn't sure at the time whether this was a thing with an early moulding or not. Looks like it's common to production kits too, which is a shame.
  14. JamesHatch

    HK Lanc review

    If you're comparing the HK to the 1:48 Tamiya, good luck with that. The latter IS riddled with accuracy issues. [GASP]Did he say a Tamiya kit was inaccurate?[/GASP] Yes it is. There are numerous accuracy issues with the Tamiya 1:48 Lanc. Whilst HK's kit can't claim to be 100% accurate (can any?), it was constantly reworked using a set of drawings which are known amongst enthusiasts to be the most accurate in existence (Granger). The reason for HK's kit being so late was the reworking of it, ironically removing inaccuracies that initially crept in due to using key shape and dimension issues from Tamiya's 1:48 relic.