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  1. Planned but not true in this instance. Still in design.
  2. Yup, haven't we all, including the Sunderland, P-51B, Phantom etc. I have my purple paint and Milka Ju 52 images at the ready too!
  3. Not one post on both of these topics is even near the mark. Carry on dreaming!
  4. It's not a Ju 52. That's old news anyway.
  5. Thanks guys. I should've said...the fuselage is finished with Proper Plane's excellent plywood decals. It also has Proper Plane's wooden Axial prop, resin wheels and metal exhaust. There are also HGW's wood nail decals on the fuse. I opted to paint the stripes on the tail instead of using the kit decals.
  6. Hi all, I managed to get some work done these last weeks, and built this for Japan's World Scale Modeller magazine, as well as a yet-to-be-determined regular title. Not too many photos, but the usual reasons, clauses and NDAs!
  7. I get sick of the same old crap, so this rendition of the HK Lanc is one of my favourites. Ernie Ling built this, and I love it!
  8. I believe that all Buchons originally had them fitted, but they were prone to falling off in flight, so only some Buchons continued with them. As for the cowl, it looks like you cut back too far. I had a very slight overhang that a sanding stick removed. The cutback line is level with the panel line on the wing root.
  9. I built a test shot and had no issue with fit....even the plug-in wings.
  10. No. I knew about the 'issue' beforehand but opted to keep them in situ. Maybe the wartime birds had similar struts for maintenance etc?It does make sense. I also thought the extra rigidity they may offer was worth the trade off in keeping them.
  11. Yup, a matt surface is needed. I think they suggest that. Even my beloved Prismacolor pencil won't touch a gloss surface.
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