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  1. Jeff8600

    Any aftermarket for the 1/32 Skymaster?

    I am suprised Eduard didn't do something.
  2. Besides decals are there any other aftermarket sets for the Roden kit?
  3. Jeff8600

    Trumpeter F-14 intakes...

    If you add FOD covers to the intakes will that cover the flaws or are there other issues?
  4. Jeff8600

    Trumpeter AV-8B Questions...

    Hi All I'm aware of the flaws in this kit and I still think for the most part this will build it to a nice kit. My questions are... -Can the gun pod be re-worked and made to look the part, or should it just be left off. -I know that the drop tanks are mis shaped, are the tanks off the 1/32 A-4 shaped better? If so I know where to get my tanks! -since the kit didn't have Sidewinder rails is there another kit that I could rob them from? Well that should be about it for now, Thanks Jeff
  5. Jeff8600

    1/32 AV-8B Question...

    Thanks Dave
  6. Jeff8600

    1/32 AV-8B Question...

    Hi every one, I saw Daves review of the Trumpeter kit and just wondered if the drop tanks are the same type as the A-4 had? If so would the Hasegawa tanks be a good replacement? Also is there ant after market decals or wheels out? Thanks Jeff
  7. Jeff8600

    Trumpeter F-105D

    Tim it is too tall but I'd just leave it that sure is a lot of nice work to rip out!
  8. Jeff8600

    Trumpeter F-105D

    That looks GREAT Tim! WOW!
  9. Jeff8600

    1/32 IAR 80

    Very Nice!
  10. Jeff8600

    2008 kit of the year??

    So when will voting start?
  11. Jeff8600

    Bad review Dragon Bf110

    I'd like to know what TC has been smoking! This quote was also in his review... "This model is going to look very cool sitting next to the just-arrived Revell Ju-88A-1 (a kit with its own share of problems, I hear)"
  12. I'd have to say the Trumpeter F-8E!
  13. Jeff8600

    Welcome to the Box Stock Derby!

    I know this is largescale"PLANES" .com but could you let a large scale Armor slide in? I have a 1/16 Kubelwagen that I've been working on for OOB and this might drive me to get er done! Most all of my 1/32 aircraft have so much after market in them I can't use them!
  14. I just picked up a RF-4C and it had the flaps cut I'm going to build mine flaps up so if any one has the RF-4C or F-4E that has been trashed I could use the lower part and the two upper parts (part#58,59,60) any help would be great Thanks Jeff
  15. Jeff8600

    Trumpeter's next 1/32 P-47 is due in March!

    or you could just hold off for the Hasegawa and get a better kit at a better price!