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  1. Ohh those pilots are painted up nice. Reedoak gives you such a great base to work from. Looks like that one guy took a hit to his face shield lol one of those things you discover upon taking close ups i bet?
  2. Funny you mention that, when I looked at the folded fit I thought maybe I’d have to give up that idea. Then after trying to see what it looked like straight decided they both sucked and should just work to my original plan. Still it’s a nice kit and i love the detail in the wings so not complaining just putting all the info out for the next builders to read
  3. Well i started prepping all the flaps and slats, ailerons, wingtips, and tails for paint. While looking at the wingtips I realized I hadn’t taken the top cover plate off the sprue for the wing fold option I’m doing. No worries, a quik snip and then decided to do some fitting to decide if i shOuld glue it on 1st or paint it 1st. So glad i did. What a horrible option Trumpeter gave for the fold! heck i had to go find someone else’s build just to see how the piece fit as the instructions are wrong. They have you just place the cover plate on top of the wing. What a farce! We must fix that. So i spent the afternoon fitting and cutting so i can install the cover plate properly and not have an extra piece glued to the top of the wing tip. The offending wing joint. The fingers stick up so high that the cover play is at a 45° angle. so let’s cut about a third of it off on the backside that can’t be seen so that the plate fits then trim the cover plate so it fits around everything once the wing tip drops down far enough to align the fingers. and finally our objective is met :-) the 1st one took about an hour. The 2nd one maybe 20 minutes. I used the 1st one as a template and just worked my way to the final fit with a file. Now the cover plate, slat, and flap mounts can be glued in place before i lay down the digi pattern for painting.
  4. Nice work. Let me know if you still need any parts. I see you worked on fixing the gear. Looks oretty good from what i can see. Nice job
  5. ok I have what I think is the most complicated part of the build complete - The Belly Tank! My 1st shot at this was an epic fail. I printed a mask that would wrap around the tank. I thought aligning it and doing the wrap would be the tough part. That part worked great. What happened was I could no longer tell where the cut lines were, so I couldn't pull off the right section of mask as I needed to. I had wiped black acrylic paint over the mask ahead of time so I could see where all the cu lies were, however once the mask rolled they all but became invisible lol Time to go back to the old fashioned way. I printed each color separate and then pulled individual masks off the sheet and placed them. To help with this I created what will probably be my favorite part of the build, a digital camo popsicle! Wrapped a print of the camo pattern around a dowel rod so I could visualize where everything was to go. Worked a treat! And a closeup I'm traveling for work this week however I was able to download a copy of my Silhouette software so I can draw masks from the hotel room every night. Now, finally, some time to go browse the board and see what everyone else is up to!
  6. That’s some nice wave action you have going on there. I especially like the water draining from the bow.
  7. You know I think that looks pretty cool! Like it a lot. go with it, my opinion
  8. Managed to finish the 2nd stabilator. Sanded and gloss coated both. This pattern creates lots of opportunities to discover what you missed after you remove the masking! I had one square of black that was definitely not there after I pulled the masking off and discovered that I covered a spot that I was supposed to paint ha ha I swear this plane is gonna look even larger in the digital scheme. Next up is the belly tank. Got it all sanded, seems filled, and ready to go last night.
  9. Excellent! There’s nothing better than the paint schemes for aerobatic teams. Looks like some nice work you did there!
  10. Well I’m working through a couple approaches to this build over the weekend. Doing my trials on the stabilator so it’s easy to work with. scanning - tried a couple approaches, scan by color and a general scan, then tried a “lasso” to see if the computer could pick the points up better then me. No luck on the lasso or by color. Color works ok but I can’t get a straight line unfortunately. The computer just sees waves along the edges of any given color. so i decided on a mix of techniques, some old some new. I painted the whole stabilator light ghost gray then i used the masks for the LGG. Kept the picture in front of me and painted dark ghost gray DGG. now it was a decision point. Bright blue or black. I ended up making masks for the black as there are only a few spots of it but they are complicated patterns that were taking me awhile to create from the strips i cut on the cameo. Next time i will use the positive mask, paint the black, then cover it with the negative mask and go back to the blue. In this case i had to spray some gray primer over the black overspray because the blue is so translucent. I should have known that from experience So for you color guys here is a great comparison. The 1st two are on my desk with the overhead light pushed back a little to keep the reflection down. These aren’t sanded yet. Now for these i sanded down the ridges between colors then wet sanded the whole stabilator from 3600 to 8000 grit, then put a gloss coat on them. These are under the led in my paint booth. a few minor touch ups. These are so smooth. Too bad this is a 2d and not a 4d environment if the rest comes out like this i will be so excited. Tons of work tho. The next one should go much smoother. Large spaces of color i will do using masks from the cameo and the smaller stuff will be from the multi width strips i cut out ahead of time. I’ve probably got 5 hours in this 1 piece. Tho i had to sand and repair one section that got messed up. Guessing the right side will take about 3 hours. Flaps and rudders need cleaned up and the edges finished off next. Then i will paint those up. Trying to practice on parts that are easy to manipulate and to sand down and redo if things get goofed up before i get to the fuselage.
  11. Ohh Baby that’s a lot of work, fitting/aligning, and scratch building! Looking good so far. I hadn’t heard of Tirydium Models so will be anxious to see how their lights play out. MSM I’ve used a number of times so if you have used them would be interested in a comparison.
  12. Awesome, i love rare and unique aircraft! Will follow with great interest. Love the background story as well
  13. Superb! When the shots are up close so the horizon sits lower against the model i was hard pressed to tell it was a model. Nice work!
  14. Rick that’s just plain impressive for a kit part! Nice show there.
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