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  1. Howdy, y’all! AFVAC32004 Have Glass ll anti-reflective coating set: What is the general opinion as to the accuracy of the above listed after market canopy/windscreen set designed for the Trumpeter kit? Is it considered a correction set for the misshapen Trumpeter box stock parts as is (or was) the Squadron offering? I’m wanting to build an A-10C from the IN ANG based at Fort Wayne IAP. Thanks for your help. Have an outstanding day or night! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  2. Unless Quinta was mistaken they told me last week (before I saw this thread) that they will be working on their set for the 1/48 Tamiya F-4B. I don’t think it’s been released & perhaps not even on the table yet if I read their reply correctly. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  3. It’s been a long time since I purchased this kit. Does anyone still make the corrected windscreen for this kit and who is it? Thanks. Semper Fi, masterguns
  4. As always, thanks much, gents! Happy modeling! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  5. See title. Can’t find any pics of a Strike Eagle carrying one on the www opposite of the AIM-120? Thanks! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  6. Roger that & thanks. That is more interesting info to add to my archives. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  7. Other than the bottom front swept back antenna. GPS dome & shimmy dampner, are there any other obvious external mods that someone could pick up on? Any significant changes in the cockpit? Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  8. Artistic license with the red gear & inside gear doors? Gear is gloss white & only the edge of the inside of the gear doors is painted red. Also, Naval Phantoms did not use external ECM pods like the USAF. Just some friendly observations. Not bashing you. Respectfully. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  9. Those masked markings are absolutely outstanding. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  10. I remember static line jumping out of the hell hole from Broncos! We could fit three Recon Marines “nut to butt” (Marine vernacular for us in bodily positional close quarters) in the back cargo compartment (Marine A & D Models) & the pilot would pull up & out we went. Good times! Sorry for OT. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  11. Chuck, I continue to be in awe of your modeling skills with this build. Looks real nice. Salute!
  12. Nice! I ordered a few sets last week from SHM as they are the only shop that offers the correct scale diameter with the weld marks. No one else offers both of these features that I could find & the recs hear strongly pointed toward the SHM set. Thanks for your article. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  13. Very nice looking set. No doubt about it. However, one pays too much cash for a set where the exhaust diameter is not much larger than the incorrect kit part. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  14. YES. That's about the only place to order them from, unless you get them second hand. Semper Fi, Masterguns
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