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  1. Chuck, I continue to be in awe of your modeling skills with this build. Looks real nice. Salute!
  2. Nice! I ordered a few sets last week from SHM as they are the only shop that offers the correct scale diameter with the weld marks. No one else offers both of these features that I could find & the recs hear strongly pointed toward the SHM set. Thanks for your article. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  3. Very nice looking set. No doubt about it. However, one pays too much cash for a set where the exhaust diameter is not much larger than the incorrect kit part. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  4. YES. That's about the only place to order them from, unless you get them second hand. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  5. Well, gents...I decided to nab a few sets from Sierra Hotels long nozzles with corrected vents because of the exterior detail that's present & mention of correct diameter. They're a few bones less costly than the other brands, which are all good in their way. I like the effect the kit (or photo etch) burner rings will provide once assembled over the blades. SH doesn't show OOS as of this writing but I wouldn't wait too long if you're in the market for an accurate appearing set of cans. Y'all know it's hard to get stock from SH sometimes. Thanks for ALL the comments & suggestions. I really appreciate the help! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  6. Cool idea. I will have to keep that in mind if I can't more weld detailed cans on the exterior. Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  7. Roger that. I’ll check out the GT offerings then. I just want correct diameter & the correct detail on the feathers on the the outside of the van. Obviously most of you know that the long cans are not just flat. They have tiny (in the more popular scales) raised square details on them likes the Aires has for example. Thanks for all your responses! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  8. For the Tamiya 1/32 For F-4J. Aires, Eduard/Brassin, GT, Cutting Edge, CAM, maybe more?...What's your opinion as to the most accurate late J79's & correct diameter for the Tamiya kit? I'm thinking about gettting the Brassin sets becauses they have the best castings I've seen so far with their offerings. I know Aires make some nice resin too, but I think I heard they aren't much bigger than the undersized kit parts. The CAM & GT are rough castings from the pics I've seen & lack the external details on the feathers. But resin can usually be cleaned up but I don't want to buy sets that I have to clean up for what I paid. What do you think? I apprieciate any & all input. I don't have all the sets to do a side by side comparison. Is there a thread on this also? Thanks. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  9. I want to see more, Durangokid! You do some awesome work & i'm about to start my Tamiya F-4J. Thanks! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  10. In case you haven't learned the difference: The actual radome is the same dementional shape for short nose Phantoms with the exception of some of the preproduction & test birds. The only difference other wise is that the B has elongated pod under the nose. It's affenctionally known as the "Donkey D**k" due to it's quasi male anatomical shape. The J is a more streamlined radome with only a small trapezoidal antenna at the rear bottom of the radome. You can easily Google both models & get a ton of pics of the radomes. If you have already learned the difference then disregard this message as it will self disrestruct. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  11. I don't have this set & I don't know what every piece comes with it, but if that's the only side nlg door, then it's not correct for an RF-4. It would be correct correct for an F-4E/F & other foreign air force's nomenclature for their version of gun nose Phantom II. Is that the only side nlg door that comes with the set? I probably missed something so I would presume you know more about the set than I do, obviously. Ourfreakin'stading start for a build of such a beautiful legend of an aircraft! Keep chipping away at it. We can't wait to see it complete! Semper Fi, Masterguns
  12. Another outstanding ideas to bring markings to market of two of the long time contributors to Marine Air the war. There isn't quite another branch who is as unique as Marine Air with what they bring to the CAS role in support of our ground troops. As an aside, my dad flew with both of these squadrons (among others) at different times during the war! With a few changes to BuNo & certain other particulars I'll be able to build his assigned birds. in the big scale. I'd rather buy your decals than anyone else's anyway & are you able to go public for any plans to release these in 48? You, sir, are an asset to our community. Semper Fi, Masterguns
  13. Joel, AMS Resin sells the rounded aft end for the rear of these tanks. Harold includes a rew resin throttle with the set as well. Buy from Sprue Bros. if they have any in stock. Semper Fi, Masterguns
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