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  1. Well...Ron...maybe I am crazy...it's possible. But there are some at least coherent points being made here...not just by me....that maybe the "Iran story" doesn't make a ton of sense. Rather than provide a civil counter argument or state your opinion in some genuine way, your response is nothing more than a flippant comment calculated to make us look foolish and paranoid. That is precisely how threads go downhill.....and not wanting that to happen I will say no more.
  2. This is exactly what I was pondering....since I too was trying to express...not very effectively....that the "Iranian Story" made no sense. Since I didn't feel it passed the "smell test"...it leaves one to wonder the true explanation. In the '91 gulf war, the F-111 performed so well that many concluded it was the most effective ground attack aircraft the coalition deployed. The USAF did not want to hear this....as it was an older model that they were eager to retire and procure newer hardware (at that time, I believe they wanted more F-15Es). As soon as the war ended...the F-111 was almost instantly retired, with as little fanfare as possible, and they too were promptly scrapped. Try to find an AMARC photo from 1991 to the present with more than one or two F-111s in the inventory....you won't succeed. I'm not looking for a conspiracy under every bush, and perhaps justifications like the "Iranian story" may well best serve the needs of the USN's procurement process...who knows? But BS is still BS.
  3. I see what you are saying, and it makes sense. But if that logic is correct, why store any aircraft at Davis-Monthan at all? Then they should all be immediately scrapped, right? But most of them are not....they sit out in the desert....often for decades....before being scrapped. There are still at least 100 F-4s out there ...along with hundreds of early model/timed out F-16s and F-15s. But with the F-14s there are almost none... it was like they couldn't wait to melt them down. I just wonder why it was different...
  4. I still don't understand why the government is so eager to smelter all the retired F-14s. It seems to me that it is a sufficiently capable aircraft that it would be worth keeping in storage for a while. The stated reason "so that Iran cannot get spare parts off of them" makes absolutely no sense at all. If the USA is unable to store aircraft without Iran finding a way to steal parts off of them, we as a country have very big problems indeed....
  5. I just want to say, if the US Navy wants to have a popular YouTube channel, they really need to up the quality of their videos....LOL.
  6. I hate to publicly out my stupidity...but I have to confess...I don't get it.
  7. That A400 sure is a cool airplane. It looks like the offspring of a C-17 and C-130...."mating".
  8. This seems to be the case with all forum search engines, at least all of them that I have used. I belong to a couple of sites that use Vbulletin, and the search engine is utterly useless. The only time I have managed to find anything with it is if I know the post I am looking for has a longish, very unusual word in it.....which is almost never the case.
  9. Totally agree! The P-47 is the real deal. I think a warplane needs a degree of brutish, purposeful, ugliness. I find the P-51 a bit boring in its perfect lines. Sort of like a "perfect" supermodel...in that flawless beauty is boring. My favorite aircraft: P-47, Typhoon, Tempest....in no particular order. That first image in this thread from 2004 makes me want to build a P-47 and duplicate it.
  10. It is not only incredible having followed this all along, but the results are spectacular... What I mean is, in modelling often hours/days/weeks/months can be expended on work that does not really "pay off". I know we have all experienced it....going to great lengths to detail or paint or finish something only to find the result was not worth the effort. In this case, the result is a masterpiece and the effort was unquestionably worth it. I honestly don't think it would be possible to make a better, more spectacular scale replica. I don't necessarily mean in the sense of precision scaled down replica of the actual aircraft (which he has also achieved BTW), but more in the sense of a model that captures the exact "essence" of the real thing. Success like this involves a lot of intangibles beyond simply making a smaller replica of the actual aircraft. I imagine that is what we all strive for, within the huge limits of our respective levels of skill and determination....but in this thread we have actually seen it accomplished.
  11. Fantastic result! I really like the silver scheme....accentuates the lines of the Tempest. Very clean flawless build.
  12. I didn't understand that either. That is about the size class of the biggest of the non-nuclear US "supercarriers"...like the Independence, JFK, America, etc....they were all able to handle large CTOL jets including the F-14....which was a huge aircraft. There is no way the VTOL F-35 will have capabilities equal to the conventional variants....surprising the UK traded that away.
  13. It's not just the Bradley. Most new weapons systems receive biased critical analysis from the media. I remember the M1 Abrams, the F-15, the Ticonderoga class cruiser (and Aegis weapons system), and the Apache helicopter all receiving harsh criticism....and all have evolved into effective weapons. The F-15 in particular was lambasted as being too big, too expensive, and too complex. And I think everyone will agree it has proven to be an effective warplane. We will just have to wait and see....it appears there is no going back now....as far as the F-35 is concerned. It will take many years to get some idea of the true quality of the F-35.....since the military always overstates the effectiveness of new weapons, and unfairly denigrates older ones (like the F-111, A-10, etc).
  14. I don't know if I would say that picture is "beautiful"....but it sure is interesting....and useful from a painting/weathering perspective.
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