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  1. This sheet is going to be a true revelation after many years of people being knocked for discussing dorkless F-4’s in Bolo.

    Its great to see so much additional info coming out on what makes these aircraft now even more special.

    Still i will never understand why the USAF failed to officially photograph the aircraft etc after such an historic mission. Its been left to private photos and accounts to document what really should of been covered thoroughly.

    Superb work Jennings...


  2. Im more interested in the more historical aircraft ie Bolo or personality based.

    So if aircraft are not overly significant be happy to skip them.

    But it would be good having done all the work if you left the details for them in your instruction sheet just for the information.. 

  3. The interesting thing to me is why the second biggest conflict in human history is considered a “niche” topic.

    It may be niche to Americans but to other countries ie Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France etc etc its a huge part of their history.

    Its been the ability to design kits with smaller tolerances to allow for the more complex engineering that has allowed WW to really launch an ignored genre.

    Realistically its ignored because if you look at kit manufacturers other than Airfix not one manufacturer comes from a country which played a significant part in the first world war.

    Why Roden even when Jackson said he would not tread on their toes refused to retool any kits or launch new ones to higher standards is beyond me.

    They could of really surfed the wave with WW instead they did nothing leaving WW on their Own for a decade until CSM came in recently.

    Very interested to see what happens we have an entire Spad family still to go plus Fokker D7’s now in theory gone until either WW returns as a shell ie just repopping kits already released or Jackson may Sell, lease or just keep the tooling.

    Only time will tell..


  4. Jennings do you know what the purpose was of the red band around the nose aft if the radome?

    Almost if not every photo i have of aircraft with dorkless noses seems to have the red band.


  5. You only have to go back a year to see Tamiya used some very spurious P-38 images to get word out thats what they where working on.

    Funnily enough the internet lit up with people denying the possibility of them doing a new P-38.

    Door is wide open for a great 32nd 109G family, wide open.

    In fact we need a good 109G in 32 with every other kit having issues from small to nit so small.
    If they do it will complete the big trio in 32..


  6. On 8/23/2020 at 11:45 PM, Jennings Heilig said:


    That was an "oops" on my part.  Forgot to remove it.  Made the change, thanks!  Keith Ferris (the greatest aviation artist of all time) got it right all those years ago!



    He did at that!

    Like Robert Taylor he spent from what im told and read a lot of time with Gen Olds discussing the specifics of the mission and aircraft to prepare the painting.

    The guys saying he got it wrong really dont know the detail “some” artists go to get it right.

    Taylor, Shaw, Ferris to name three.

    Cant wait for the decals its about time these guys got some coverage of the quality Fundekals provide.

    Im sure they will be good sellers in every scale.




  7. What Dave says.

    The CWS stuff for the Mig-29 is incredibly detailed, very accurate but there is a lot of work in the cockpit and seat. They do look quite amazing when finished.

    All the Zacto stuff is outstanding For both kits if you can find one the most important mod to the Flanker is the windscreen/canopy. Its the single biggest issue the curved edge in side view which is visually very obvious.

    The SU-27UB and other two seaters have a far better looking front windscreen you can swap out. They never fixed the single seater.

    A radome/nose replacement is needed as well.



  8. 10 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

    Has anyone that's built the kit shown how the blisters fit on the canopy?  Seems like they'd create some weird optical distortion being on top of the flat canopy window that's already there.






    In such a great kit its truely an enormous letdown and really a review brushing this off as being “easy to leave off” is pretty average.

    Most Lancasters had the blisters and i cant see a way to put them on that will look even remotely close to reality.

    For such an expensive kit to not mould a second glasshouse with them in place is being truely cheap.

    Multiple nose pieces for the B-17F but the most numerous config for the Lanc is a cheap afterthought.

    And its only the most obvious thing you will see when you look at any finished kit as yiu cannot hide it anyway you try.

    Maybe someone will vacform a replacement..

  9. No matter that at least a few people like the Ju-52 it simply doesnt sell.

    When i was working in a large well stocked heavily frequented big selling shop when released we got in 6 Ju52’s.

    2 sold i bought one.

    4 sat in the shop for a year until we sold a third.

    That was 25 years ago the other 3 are probably still sitting there.
    Any manufacturer that thinks investing huge cash in tooling highly unpopular aircraft is smart is simply tearing up $100 notes in a cold shower.



  10. Yep the vertical sides of the cowl below the exhausts are far to rounded on the Trumpeter kit. It gives the nose a far to pointed look because the lower cowl lacks depth because they rounded its side off to much.

    if your building it to show the engine it wont be an issue.

    Closed cowl you cant miss this issue its visually very obvious.
    Personally Hasegawa is easily the best out of box not requiring any replacement parts due to errors.

    Revell G-6 needs new gun bulges.

    Trump needs a new lower cowling and rudder.



  11. 3 minutes ago, vince14 said:

    If you really want it, and you have the disposable income, why not?

    Exactly its supply and demand.

    Like all the little girls whining about WW kit prices because they didnt buy them when they where widely around.
    Now whining more than an engine test cell because they have to pay more than retail for an out of production high quality in demand brand.

    Welcome to capitalism!

  12. 7 hours ago, nmayhew said:

    are there any reviews which show where the Trumpy kits are inaccurate?


    can anyone show pics of kit vs real thing etc?


    I'm not saying the kit isn't inaccurate, just that I would like to know where and as far as my eyes can tell me, by how much.


    Many thanks


    look mate 5% of modellers make 97% of the noise about kit accuracy.
    Look at some photos if you cant see issues build the Trump kit.

    If you can save up some cash for a Hasegawa or ex Eduard N and build that. However if you saw issues with the Trump kit you will probably see the issues with the Hasegawa kit which are smaller but still visible, well unless your a Trumpeter hater.

    Then even an old poorly moulded over riveted frog kit is a vocal better choice. 

    Pay your money and take your choice but when your showing off your kits i can guarantee you 99.8% of people couldnt tell if it was an N, a E a P-39 or a Mustang.




  13. On 6/20/2020 at 12:19 PM, Dave Williams said:


    Wait.  A few pages ago, you said Well given its pretty widely known and acknowledged by the ex WW guys that Meng tooled the WW kits is this a surprise? and now you’re saying it was a tightly run ship and no one knew until last week when some guys outed it go FB?


    Either it’s widely known or its new news to everyone.  Which is it?

    Well your ignoring totally of timeframe and context is missing somewhat.
    Years of silence then three guys coming out highlighting that Meng was doing there tooling in multiple places is widespread compared to complete silence which WW has had since day one.
    The information about Meng being their tooling company has only come out over the last week but widely spread over multiple platforms starting on FB.

    I'm more than happy to stand by exactly what i said, exactly.

    WW was one of the tightest run air tight model companies on the planet, no leaks for years ever.

    Your saying i cant say they where tightly run but the words of their ex employees spread on the worlds biggest social media platforms doesnt make it wide spread?

    I say its widely known because its appearing all over facebook and then every modelling webpage on the net for over a week.

    Your saying widely known implies its been known for a long period of time.

    WW was one of the tightest companies in the modelling community.

    Yes you can say both, different timeframes different contexts..







  14. WNW was as tightly run if not more tightly run than Tamiya, no leaks, no back channels so its a bit if a surprise to see several guys no talking up about Meng being their tooling company over the last week on FB and its been more than one.

    What nobody is saying how the business relationship worked just Meng tooled the WW kits.

    iE WW do research send CADS to Meng who supply tooling etc and posses the tooling? Or maybe Its a co-operative venture and Meng have possession of tools and WW was simply the research/design house and shop front for a partnership deal.

    Nobody is saying, nobody knows and i said weeks ago saying WW tooling would be sold was a big stretch as nobody knows who is in possession or even owns them.

    Its just fantastic to see the DR-1 make it out as of all the WW kits other than the D7 this was the one i was most looking forward to.


  15. Well given its pretty widely known and acknowledged by the ex WW guys that Meng tooled the WW kits is this a surprise?

    Hopefully the instructions will be up to the standard and the same with the markings.

    Very glad it has snuck through the cracks to see the ex WW Triplane make it out.


  16. Eduard just released 165’s in 48 so they may upscale them.

    Also Mike West at Lonestar does a nice 32nd set.

    I dont know of any other 165’s with sway braces having been done...ever.

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