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  1. 3 hours ago, Bob MDC said:

    Our rockets are designed for the Typhoon, but we also sell Mosquito mounting stubbs so with a bit of simple work remove the old stubs and replace,

    The mark 3 rail and mosquito stubs were done by Dave Brown so very happy with them.




    Given we have a beautiful Mossie in 32nd and Strike wing Mossies are a popular subject would you think a dedicated Mossie rocket set would be a good seller?

    Id be up for at least two sets...


  2. 23 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

    It’s possible.  We’re just tapped out right now with everything we’ve got in the pipeline.  We’ve talked about a sheet with lots of that kind of stuff on it.


    Personally almost anything you guys put out for this beast ill be buying.

    Your decals have always been of the highest order and be queuing up to get markings, stencils, whatever else you out out.

  3. On 7/12/2019 at 11:17 AM, Out2gtcha said:

    A lot of modelers I know aren't that particular when it comes to expressions honestly including myself. When I refer to oil canning I always have used it as a general expression/term for any distortion of metal due to airframe stress or manufacturing.



    Thats fine just trying to point out there is a difference.


  4. Ok Oil canning is the metal bending etc due to fatigue and tends to run at an angle to panels a great example is the B-52. Its skin flexes under load eventually stretching enough that it flexes in that wavey pattern..ie oil canning.

    Stressed skin is the flexing of the skin caused by riveting or other means and placing the skin under load ie P-51 flaps etc and the stress is visible along the panels ie spars and ribs etc where riveting took place.

    Trying to make a point that they are not the same one is fatigue shall we say generated one manufacture process.

    oil canningblog-b-52_mg_8777.jpg


    Stress skin page very well put together.








  5. Your “best” option to me is to use the nose from an E on the single seater C and apply whatever timeframe mods are needed.

    You will also end up with a conformal tank single seater you could throw 57th FS decals on who used them a bit out of Iceland.

    Obviously there are some other E things to remove but its how i did an F-15DJ Aggressor. 

  6. 7 hours ago, Paul2660 said:

    I believe the 12000 fit in the normal doors, as it was just (3) of the 4000 bolted together.  Seems in many pics from the era that the 12000 was being loaded into the normal doors.  


    Paul C 



    I thought that until i read this hence the question.



    it would appear from the link above the 12000 was larger in diameter but id be interested to hear if it was as i to thought it was three standard cookies end to end.


  7. What is missed in the tweaks list is the pointy nose syndrome well discussed but rarely identified.

    It comes from an overly rounded lower cowl which causes the nose to look Pinocchio like.

    in short the sides of the lower cowl are noticably more rounded ie not vertical with sharper corners.

    If someone would produce a resin lower cowl it would fix the kits glaring issue that makes any Trump 190 easily identifiable.

    You just cant miss the pointy nose.



  8. On 5/31/2019 at 11:47 AM, thunderbolt1988 said:



    Was the Fw 190A-5/U12 ever modified to have the protective Sturmbock armor in addition to its lovely gun packs?


    The German innovations made in response to their desperate war situation fascinate me. I mean' look at those guns. It's as if they really wanted to shoot bombers down or something. . .


    No the U12 was never added to a Ramjager.

    The Ramjager/Sturmbock was already incredibly heavy with the armour making it vulnerable to roving allied fighters.


  9. All the discussion about price is completely flawed.

    People completely ignore the single biggest issue with price is shipping.

    I can buy a Tamiya Spitfire in Tokyo or Osaka in numerous shops for a mere ¥2000 ie $20 more than a Revell kit.

    Now walk into a London shop and let me guess i could buy what 4 Revell Spitfires for the price of 1 Tamiya?

    You can buy Tamiya 48th F-14’s for 55USD in Japan...in main street USA they are well over double that.

    The actual only fair comparison of price is the comparison of the kit price in the point of manufacture as that IS the comparison.

    Saying Revell are great value is fine if you live in Germany how about if you live in Japan?

    Shipping and imports change everything for everyone making value very relative.

    On a quality level ignoring price life is short why waste time on a pretty average kit when one of the best models of all time is the other option?

    Trying to turn pigs ears into a silk purse?

    Why bother?

    A famous aviator once said “ It doesnt matter how long you stir $h/# for it aint ever gonna turn into strawberry jam”.


  10. On 4/27/2019 at 11:16 PM, Jennings Heilig said:


    No, that’s not what I said. But there is a difference between a brand new airplane and a decades old airplane that’s been restored.


    Bottom line:  show me a photo of any in service Me262 that has rivets visible the way the rivets on the Trumpeter kit look. You can’t because they didn’t.


    Well in 1945 DSLR’s that coukd capture the detail you require to be convinced where nit going to be around for another 70 years.

    Those with cameras when able where not shooting the angles you can get on museum aircraft to highlight the details.

    Never mind the dynamic range of film, the quality of processing, storage etc means you can tell most photos struggle to even get a nice image of the aircraft period.

    But if you believe captive Jews, Slovaks, Poles and Russians where so dedicated to the nazi cause that they would spend hours filling every rivet good luck.

    You might want to convince the guys in JG7 who flew and the black men who maintained them in combat though as every bit of first hand evidence is they where far from the condition you believe.

    But hey what would they know?



  11. Hope they supply marking for all the aircraft on the mission..

    Great move to get the kit out ASAP and make use of the time before the epic Wingnut kit arrives.

    At least this time the HK price will keep them in the race unlike the Dornier and Mossie where they where more expensive.


  12. For anyone contemplating “if” the replacement of the birner cans with cirrectly sized ones is worth the effort id say it totally is.

    The correct size cans changes the entire look of the back end making it much beefier and really adding to the character making a really big difference.

    A couple of mm doesnt sound much but it makes a massive visual difference.

    Well worth the effort..

  13. The JG7 history book is very clear discussing the poor condition of new build 262’s from the factory.

    This imaginative fiction of slave factory workers who where mistreated, underfed spending hours polishing out rivets is a figment of imagination.

    262’s where poorly manufactured, poorly delivered and took days to weeks of work to fix issues which workers mostly all captives had done.

    The aircraft originating in the test program was one thing...aircraft built by slave labour thats another..

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