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  1. I think everyone grew up building kits with far larger problems than the Trumpeter F-100.

    Times change peoples tolerance for issues change.

    I used to obsess over errors buying tons if resin which made kits overly complex to build for very limited gain except my obsessed desire for accuracy.

    Guess what the number of kits finished plummeted and enjoyment degraded sweating issues only i worried about.

    These days a resin seat and some burners are generally enough...kits finished escalated, enjoyment returned.

    So bring on the F-100F and some stuff to do a Wild Weasel 1...and a gloriously shiny F-100C.



  2. On 11/30/2019 at 8:43 AM, CATCplSlade said:

    It's probably a rebadge of the 21st release as the nightfighter had the bombs.


    Why on earth would Hobbyboss/Trumpeter rehash the 21st Century kit when they have the CADS of a very nice 262 in their library already released in 48th and 32nd?

    If its simply the 32nd kit blown up it will be a great start point for a collection center piece.

  3. If your getting serious about F-4’s id highly recommend these drawings as a great place to start.

    Particularly the poorly represented front end.



    PS that was an awesome find on FB of 680 taxiing in after Bolo.

    Only photo of the aircraft showing the front other than those i was told where taken by Olds crew chief with his camera on the pre flight.

    Seems Robin Olds memory is to be trusted unlike what a thousand voices saying it wasnt.

    I guess having photos of the aircraft you flew standing by its nose helped his memory..lol.


  4. On 11/12/2019 at 11:37 AM, Barry said:


    Hi Darren,


    There has been untold amount of debate over this. Do you have a photo of this? I agree that Mr Ferris's story (I have the print) of the General's memory of configuration and there were many F-4C's fitted with the early D model chinless radome but I not seen a picture of 680 with the chinless radome.



    8th TFW, Ubon Thailand


    Hi Barry

    PM me your email and ill forward you the image with info.




    PS just notced somene posted them.

    They where sent to me via Gen Olds daughter and an artist andcwhere taken by his crew chief with his ever present camera you see in many videos.

    The images where of the Bolo pre flight around his aircraft.


  5. And dont forget to leave off the IR sensor..it was a dorkless F-4C...as where several of the Bolo aircraft a great topic in its own right.

    The image shot by his crew chief with Gen Olds camera post walkaround prior to the mission shows exactly what he had told Keith Ferris prior to him painting his great artwork.

    680 was quite heavily paint chipped being a early camo bird many air raft had poor paint application.

    The images from before and post mission show quite a bit of paint scuffing on the splitters etc.






  6. 2 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

    SWS 15 is a re-boxing of the A-1H, including their Navy weapons set, same price as SWS 3, SWS 16 is a re-boxing of the A-1J, with the Air Force weapons set, again same price as SWS 7.


    The Hs 129 is molded in tan plastic. Looks yummy, just need some chocolate sauce. 


    The Spad reboxes are already out in Japan.

    Hs129 on the 23rd Nov..

    Did they actually sell any 129’sat Telford?


  7. Perfectly happy to see WNW stay with WW1.

    Beautiful kits of great subjects on an era that was effectively dead to 98% of the modelling community brought to life.

    If Roden had half a brain then a retool of the Spads to a higher quality would see the expanded WW1 market generate sales they have never seen.

    They just have to be good ie like the CSM Nieuport, and if they did they could of sold a boat load.


  8. Hard to believe that Revell can release two such contrasting kits in the 262 and the F-18E.

    One very well engineered and researched that fits beautifully in the 262.

    The other probably the most horrendous fitting kit ever inflicted on the modelling public.

    Hard to believe they are from the same manufacturer but glad a great team was looking after the 262.


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