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  1. What is the magazine in the background? Looks interesting.
  2. This is always something that’s bothered me, and I was wondering how you deal with the seams when radial engine halves are cemented together. Do you take the time to clean up the joint and all the fins, or is it just not worth the effort considering the engine, in most cases, is behind a cowl? For those of you that do clean them up, how do you do it, and what tools do you use? Thanks, Kurt
  3. Thanks all! I'll report back once I have something figured out. Kurt
  4. All, I’m looking for a little advice here. Is there a slow setting type of CA glue? Getting a little frustrated trying to get an instrument panel put together for a Ki-43. Some of the smaller instrument sub assemblies and bezels seem difficult to align properly using CA. I didn’t know if there might be something out there that allows a little adjustment before it sets. Currently using Gorilla Glue gel. Thanks for any advice and tips you can offer this fumble fingered wanna be modeler. Kurt
  5. Seriously, you need a Youtube channel to show us all your techniques!
  6. Yes, my neighbor was. The Franklin was hit I think by two kamikaze attacks. My father was injured as a result of his crash at Pensacola and was given a medical discharge by the USN. He re-upped and waived his medical discharge in order to participate in the war. My father's flight instructor down in Pensacola was George Gay.
  7. Growing up, my next door neighbor was an F6F pilot on the Franklin. He had also been at Pearl Harbor. Was officer of the deck on the Detroit. Later became Commander of the carrier Roosevelt. My father was quartermaster on that carrier during WW2, after his plane crash in Pensacola. My neighbor's recollection of Pearl Harbor: http://www.elivermore.com/photos/diablo_beacon04.htm
  8. Yes, that is correct. I had thought of building either Walsh’s or the really weathered one that has Tojo in its name.
  9. Would anyone know if/when the F4U birdcage decal set is going to be re-released? I've been holding off on making the purchase of the Tamiya kit until I know if the set is available. Thanks, Kurt
  10. Just saw this thread. I haven’t been on the site in a while. I met Mr. Lopez years ago. He worked with my father at NASM. Nice man. Pretty incredible job you’re doing here.
  11. Thanks for the info. I ordered the book.
  12. All, I am slowly making my way back into modeling after many years. Some time ago I had posted about the Trumpeter Dauntless kit, but have taken a slight detour. It seems my grandson is very interested in Japanese aircraft from WW2, and I told him I'd build him some. Now there are several kits here. A Ki-43, Ki-61, and a Ki-84. Nothing like jumping in with both feet...The first one I thought I'd get started on is the Ki-43. I had purchased the Maru Mechanic book, saddened it's all in Japanese, but am impressed with it nonetheless. There is one slide showing one side only of the coc
  13. The ones with the clear fuselage I've seen are running in the low $50's shipped from Asia. On the auction site. The non-transparent ones are running more. The Corsair is on my build list. In the '80's I had super detailed an entire Revell Corsair interior, based on photos I had taken while at the Smithsonian restoration facility in Silver Hill. My father was an assistant director at the Air and Space museum in DC. Saw a lot of stuff at the restoration facility. Basket case Albatros in a box was one I remember distinctly. That Revell kit was frustrating. Looking forward building a kit w
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