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  1. MOJO


    So what's the latest word when this will be out in the U.S. ?
  2. Got this response from Revell for a new tool 1/32 P-51b. I'm not sure if it's a no go or maybe just much later. "Dear Joseph, many thanks for your mail and the interesting suggestion for a P-51 B version. But before we are talking about other versions let's do the basic product first, this is much more important for us actually. Everything else later. All the best regards Revell GmbH Germany"
  3. Would like to see the P-51B & Brewster Buffalo. I don't think they did a P-40B but would like to see it from them.
  4. MOJO

    Mossy guns from Eduard

    The Eduard wheels are smaller in size compared to the kit wheels and they are narrower also. Don't know who's is correct but I built the kit wheels up and they came out great and I will use them as I know they will fit. Also the Eduard hubs ( inner and outer wheels?) don't fit snug into the main wheel body.
  5. MOJO

    What Kit Would Be On Your Wish List?

    Republic P-43 N.A. AT-6 and a good P-51B/C
  6. MOJO

    HK B-25....who's building?

    Got mine on the table. Slowly working on it as I am kind of waiting to see what else might come out for it , but plan to do it mostly OOB. Have G-Factor gear (most excellent) and the AMS engine update( also very nice). But I'am really waiting to see if we get any more decal options.
  7. Just got my G-factor gear and wanted to know if they need to be cleaned with anything before primer and paint? Or do I need to do something else with them first? Thanks Joe
  8. For sure better wheels. Also ground equipment like a bomb trolley and more CBI decals Joe
  9. Not much in Daytona or Orlando. In Daytona is a small shop, High Fly Hobbies,mostly RC and almost no plastic. In Orlando is Colonial Photo and Hobby. They have a little of every thing. Not great, but the best we have. HAVE FUN!
  10. IMPS USA has more/new spure shots posted. http://www.ipmsusa.org/
  11. MOJO

    Aires F-16 wheel wells!!

    I used the Aires wheel wells on the Trump P-51b and the fit was almost perfect unlike the Corsair.
  12. MOJO

    P-40F/L Conversion Update

    Obscureco has a set of treaded tires w/plated wheels for the P-40s. Only place I still see them is Roll Models. Part #OBS32005. I have two sets and think they are very nice.
  13. MOJO

    Treaded tires for Hasegawa's P40M & E

    Obscureco made a beautiful set of treaded tires with plated wheels. Only place I know who still has some is Roll Models. I've got two sets from them. Still shows in stock but you may want to double check whith them. #OBS32005
  14. MOJO

    Trumpeter F4U-1D Replacement Cowling

    better put me in for 2 also. thanks, Joe