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  1. hayaman

    1:24 P-47 Razorback

    simply to avoid wear and any kind of damage to the bombs and also to be able to roll for moving them
  2. hayaman

    1:24 P-47 Razorback

    just to avoid in your build..., in these pics the armament door panels are put on the wrong(opposite) way,the should be attached on the other-back-side of the well and looking forward 'don t know if it s due to wrong instructions or the builder s carelessnes
  3. hayaman

    HK 1/32 Ju.52 is a go!!

    With every 'no go' from the specialty companies though i will always notify that persistance of eveyone NOT to give us an Invader-cheers
  4. hayaman

    Interesting P51 product!

    490 and THESE WHEEL COVERS?!!-something inn the fus shape doesn t 'fit' me either...
  5. hayaman

    Tamiya P-51

    Thank you all-cheers
  6. hayaman

    Tamiya P-51

    Hello-i understand mr Wolf Budee has built a Tam P-51,is there any biuld article in the site or anywhere?-thanks
  7. hayaman

    1/32 Hasegawa P-47D30 Thunderbolt FINISHED....

    if i m not mistaken that Gunze colour is the IJN Green,i ve found that TAMIYA IJN Green is even closer(or identical) with ex White Ensign s Dull Dark Green for P-47,try it
  8. hayaman

    1/32 Hasegawa P-47D30 Thunderbolt FINISHED....

    ...In few words the correct engine has the part K5 ommited,the turtleback magnetos (K3-K4) and J2 as the front part
  9. hayaman

    Me 262

    ok,message received,thank you all
  10. hayaman

    Me 262

    Ok,your lights please,i m thinking of doing one of these,which one should i prefer,Has or Trump?- i ll use det.sets for cockpit-w.wells so i care about general appearance-shape and fit,also any problems-tricks to any of them?-thanks,cheers
  11. hayaman

    Hasegawa P-47

    THERE IS REPLACEMENT CANOPY AVAIL. in case you deside it,along with many other pars from Has and Trump P-47s by the way-cheers
  12. hayaman

    What are we actually missing in 1/32?

    i still don t understand why no one has made the Invader yet,every time some one s mention it starts a...revellation
  13. hayaman

    P-47 D "Balls Out"

    Hello-the right prop is the one underneath with the ASSYMETRICAL blades-you must have in mind the D-30 bunch had the R-2800/59 engine WITHOUT the middle box between the magnetos which were the TURTLEBACKS,the way you have built it is the 2800/21-39 good for Razorbacks only-cheers
  14. Hallo-interior of engine cowling is anodized NM-it comes very close if you sray with can an aluminium(matt or polished) m.cote and tyhen add matt laquer AGAIN from a spray can,the excesive pressure of it gives a 'sandy' finish,very matt as it was-interior colour at least from mid Razors to the end of prd is Dull Dark Green,the only ready made was White Ensign which is out of production as far as i know,having it repaetedly i found that Tamiya IJN Green is practicaly identical,only if yyou have them next to each other MIGHT show a difference-'hope i ve helped
  15. Relax my friend,it wasn t a coment about your...family,t s just a damn kit after all!,and sorry but for my standards and as a P-47 fan it s VERY basic(i will repeat i coment about the 'pit only,not all the kit),as Ray said you have to scratch off the cables and ad detail too here and there,for today s standards it s already to much to fix(by the way i have built p-47 s from Has and Trump and i have use the MDC set or parts from it in Trump s case(excludind wiring and plumbing in both cases!) to make it look 'busy' and real,so sorry but for my standards OOB this is nice(and not THAT special )for 1/72-cheers