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  1. Hi Jennings When I looked at something similar the Detolf cabinet was recommended by the chaps on Britmodeller and there are several online tutorials showing how to add extra shelves, which might be of interest. There are a few people selling shelf kits/clips too. The Detlof is also considerably cheaper at $59.99. Can't give you any more than that as I didn't get round to making the purchase but hope this helps. Edge
  2. Oh no - I hope you're getting some treatment for the Osteoarthritis & feel better soon. Very best wishes Edge
  3. Hi Robin. How's the hand repair going?
  4. Best of luck with the physio Robin.
  5. I'd also be interested in a kit when they're available. I flew with 8 AEF from Shawbury (now moved to Cosford) but I'd like to build the kit as an example from Chivenor for a friend who flew in a Chippie (I have the serial somewhere) and a Hunter T.7 during the same summer camp. Lucky so and so!! Edge
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