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  1. I have found that war time radials have a dark (engine gray) crank case and the rest is along the lines of neutral gray or even light ghost gray.
  2. Maybe someone like that Master Caster guy can help us long range Mustangs. hint,hint,nudge,nudge,wink,wink
  3. I say that Radu/MDC market items ie cockpit, landing gear, ect also the decals allow different options. There's always a bright side.
  4. ScottS.


    And another. Well that's it for now, the cockpit is next.
  5. ScottS.


    Now to check for the alignment problems with the fire wall and engine mount. They were there but the fix was pretty simple I just bent the plastic a little at a time until it all lined up. The mount isn't quit in there holes up at the top but you can't see it.
  6. ScottS.


    The wheel well was done the same way with wire and plastic.
  7. ScottS.


    I used some eduard items for the pratt & whitney logo and data plate, the rest is wire and plastic.
  8. ScottS.


    Then built, detailed, and painted it
  9. ScottS.


    Well here is my start. I started with the engine by removing the very front part.
  10. Yes! I do want a 9th AF bird, this is good news. Thanks Charles for the heads up.
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