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  1. Many thanks. Painting leather was a terra incognita for me. Glad you're like it.
  2. It's finished! 1/18 scale FW-190 A-8 has left the bench. The model produced by HobbyBoss lacking a lot of details, it has them less than models in 1/72 but I wanted to make it because the larger the model, the easier it is to stuff the electrics. I remade the interior of cockpit, added aluminum foil seatbelts, added gunsight and detailed a bit landing gear wells. The armament is made of brass tubes. Apart from that, I added diodes, optical fibers and a motor. As German equipment other than prototypes and what-ifs will never appear on my shelves, I painted my FW in the colors it wore when the Yankees tested it at the Toul-Rosières airport in France in 1945. To paint this one I've used AK Real Color, Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints, and weathered it with Ammo Mig pigments and liquids also from this manufacturer. It is driven by a 12V motor and the optical fibers are powered by 12V LED diodes. The resin lady on the wing (to distract from the lack of details of the model :)) is also on a 1/18 scale, from Coree. My wife helped me plant the grass on the base, many thanks Link to WIP is HERE And final movie:
  3. Kiowa Warrior or Lynx Mk8 with FLIR qualifies for this GB? Its normal for Kiowas to participate in night operations but I have double about Lynx.
  4. And finished at last...Now movie, gallery tommorow
  5. So...No chance to built S.S. D.III without lozenge Then, no S.S. D.III for me. Thanks
  6. As it's in topic...Was there any Siemens Shuckert D.III without lozenge? Every scheme I've seen was with this d**n pattern.
  7. To be fair...no progress...I'm so tired with real ones after Lukgraph DH90 that I'm into only SF right now...
  8. Thanks for all your kind comments To be fair. I had to sand a lot from topside of model (because of my own mistake) so I had to cheat with painting, I mean to make it look more 3D. Then I had to unify overall look so, yes, It looks worn and dirty And yes, I'd overdone it :)
  9. And here it is...Result of few weeks of hard work... Resin 1/32 DH.90 Dragonfly from Lukgraph. Great set, has some minor problems but everything is quite easy to correct. PM me if you'll ever need help with it
  10. Hello! Because of sudden comission work there is no chance to finish this Apache on time. Sorry. Can it be transfered to non-GB section?
  11. Well, let's make it clear I'm not gonna make fuselage longer and wings bigger Also, I have no chance to buy conversion set. This one will be OOB, with resin seat and custom NASA decals As you can see, there is a pile of innacurate plastic and I hope there will be an innacurate model in the end Here are my only AM things At first, I wanted to make a space fighter out of it but this GB convinced me to make it OOB. So I have to bing it back to normal state. I had trouble finding part where parachute is but surprise, surprise it was in scrapbox
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