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  1. Thanks, I've missed that topic. Unfortunately now I have only links, not pictures.
  2. Hello, It's time for another oldie I've searched for Lysander for few months because it's not available in shops, only from second hand. I bought it from friend two weeks ago and it landed on the bench ASAP. There is something cool in this dragonfly-like airplane I bought it in original box I had to modify seat and rudder pedals Map box wasn't there so it was needed to scratchbuild it Observer's electric panel was a fantasy so this is new one, based on 4+ Lysander book Rear side of instrument pan
  3. Finish at last... Great model, there were some problems with engines fit but this had no effect on overall assembling experience. The model is painted with Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints as usual. I've tried a bit of color building by putting shades of blue and grey as a base, which then were covered with Rubber Black paint. The model has no decals,subtle weathering was done with Tamiya and Vallejo pigments, as well as AMMO oilbrushers. Wash is neautral gray.
  4. Thanks! It's very nice kit although keep in mind two things: it's not Tamiya and it's an old one. I'll point below what is important: -panel lines are raised, It's good to rescribe them. -cockpit is quite detailed but you have to add some wires to rear side of instrument panel -main gear doors actuators are wrong placed. You have to use photos, not instruction. -no mater what they say...Mr Hobby H14 is good color for X-1 -because model is molded in grey, you need to use white primer. -you get nice rocket engine but it'll be invisible -both Pitot's tub
  5. I'm building for fun and fun only I have a goal for this year which is 1/20 VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross so I'm building what I have in stash Maybe it will be funniest, most innacurate F-117 model ever. If so, It's also some kind of achievement
  6. Hello, I couldn't find any Cold War jet in my stash beside this one and a Mirage (but Mirage has a lot more raised panel lines to rescribe:) )...and I suppose I can't count 1/28 X-wing as a Cold War jet (although I think it fits well ) I know shortcomings of this kit. I'm going to correct some errors but not all of them. I'll see which Testors mistakes will be correctable without loosing lifetime for them I'm going to use AM Microscale decals. I planned to make a AF-117X out of this but amount of workscared me. So it'll be just normal, inna
  7. I've never liked this design as much as 1989 version but just like pokemons...I want to collect them all so I bought one and it's good Cockpit is quite detailed but seat is like old Revell. You know, same seat in different models After some search I found that is quite similar to A-7 Corsair seat so I used it as a basis for detailing (but not going mad with it). Instrument panel wasn't shown in movie. I found visualization but without colors so I used them freely There was no stick, just another panel so I did one
  8. Judging from photos of Merit die cast (Sharkmouth one) I thing that old 1/24 Revell OOB is better https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-merit-international-me-60029-1:18-bell-uh-1b-huey-501st-aviation-battalion-firebirds
  9. Thank you :) Well, it's not a bad kit, despite it's age. Prepare yourself for lot of sanding and go on :)
  10. " You can either surf, or you can fight! " Thank you!:) "I mean, I'm not afraid to surf this place, I'll surf this whole ******* place! " Thanks Indeed it's huge, pity that there are no other 1/24 helicopters...Well, there is Bond Autogyro but I tried to find it in reasonable price...no chance "The whole hill. Smelled like... victory." It'll be an honour Thank you! Thanks a lot Thank you very much
  11. 1/24 UH-1B Huey from Revell (Monogram) was finished today. Model is really old-first Monogram edition was released in 1969. It's age is perceptible while building. Wrapped parts, weak details, transparent elements needed to be polished. Building was a little longer than I planned because I've decided to make little corrections. Instrument board is modified, along with seats. Rear troop bench is scratchbuild. Upholstery is made with baking paper. Also cooling vents are new, with wire mesh cover. Instead of sharkmouth decal I used self-mad
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