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  1. Indeed,. Real Airacutie had Gear covers dismounted.
  2. Hello, I've finally finished this one.... As in title - this is P-400 Airacobra "Airacutie" by Special Hobby , reboxed by Revell. Model isn't good, I'm sure that Kittyhawk one is much better but it was on sale so I bought it Basically it's OOB but there are seatbelts from Eduard and guns from brass pipes. Lady on wing is from Masterbox Pinup set. Whole model is painted with Mr.Hobby range and weathered with MIG,Tamiya and AMMO products. It has very shallow panel lines so wash didn't go well. I found a topic about Airacutie on this forum so I know that this particular P-400 had it's gear covers dismounted. After finishing I found that left cockpit door on real P-400 was permanently blocked. Another mistake is supposedly wrong cockpit color but I have no chance to correct it now. Anyway , hope you'll like it
  3. Man, I can't describe with my english how much I thank you for this info. Thank you once again!
  4. Hello, Last week I bought Mirage 5BA Blue Thunder version by Revell. I Wonder if someone Here knows about colors to paint this one? Revell gives instructions for mixing Revell enamels which is...well...kind of difficult to me.
  5. Hello, I wasn't able to do any progress photos but I hope I'll restart my Widow build next week. I'm waiting for masks for "Blyskawica" - I hope I'll get them this week. I'm finishing P-400 and then I'll get back to P-61.
  6. So...today is a day when this one finds his place on a display shelf More photos in Inspection Section Ready for Inspection
  7. As I wrote in WIP... I bought very old Revell F-104 and after buying I started to think what I've done and what to do with it In grim and cold night I hit upon an idea - not black but white eagle, nod yellow but red plane - polish whiff I've ordered masks for eagle, seat from Aires, Pitot's tube from Master. Side panels in cockpit were scratchbuild ,exhaust had to de detailed and here it is. Polish F-104 in occasional scheme Painted with Mr.Hobby range. Many thanks to my friend Bogdan Zolnierowicz for masks !
  8. I can't promise frequent and fast updates 'cause I have few different models underway but as I said - I'm in This will be almost real-world build - or as you wish - very close to what-if There are two photos (that I know about) of P-61B with polish pilot. P-61B-10-NO, c/n:1173, 42-39654 Since 31.12.1946 in 425th NFS, but from 25.08.1947 r. in 317th NFS. From 07.01.1948 renamed for F-61B-10-NO. At the end of it's service was used by Tobin Aerial Mapping Company to creating aerial maps in San Antonio, Texas. Plane was emover from service on 14.07.1949 r. Data from Northrop's Night Hunter P-61 Black Widow, Jeff Kolln, Specialty Press 2009. So why almost what-if? Because I can't force myself to remove this beautiful turret with Brownings from Master But to be honest, are there any proofs that this plane with this markings never had turret? Never ever? Maybe "Blyskawica II" had it's turret a day before these photos were made ? I'll stick with this doubt and turret will be there , period
  9. What-if?! Count me in Watching with interest:)
  10. I know it is an ancient kit and I don't making it as it has to be but when I'm looking at it now my smile is wider than horizon
  11. Three gifts from myself This is for customizing ...and this is for birthday
  12. I want it but in fighter mode I'll keep watching
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