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  1. So...thanks to your opinions...Veltro was painted today Real Colors from AK Interactive are THE BEST paints I've ever used
  2. Thanks for all your opinions That is really helpful. Maybe is a horrible light from my desk lamp or they're really slightly transparent. I'll take a look on them and try to do it right Thanks! Thank you. Here is decal sheet.
  3. Hello! Because now I know my airbrush quite well I'd like to ask you sth... Please be brutally honest...How it looks? Does it looks ok or I have to try again? I really want to do it right.
  4. So...let's start...Cockpit floor...I tried to paint plywood with oils.
  5. Hello! Due to fiasco of 1/28 Revell Dr1 (sink marks on every part including M-G's and unavailable AM sets) and because my wife just loves red Fokker I'm going through terra incognita (building more-than-one-wing airplanes) again. This time with new Fokker. Now I'm trying to paint plywood with oils on piece of styrene. I'll begin with Fokker ASAP.
  6. Hello! I had no idea that this one is older than Lysander which was from 1978. Revell's Fokker is from 1957 and it's still available Nothing changed, parts are exactly the same - for 63 years Revell changed only instruction layout and style. So...let's see what can be done with kit 28yrs older than me Only AM sets suitable for this kit are unavailable in Poland, Copper State Models had a resin engine but it's a pain to buy it here. So...seatbelts from scratch, maybe new seat from wire mesh...we will se what can be done with kit's engine, mg-s and so-called instru
  7. I know , well , I had to try
  8. Thank you Glad you like it Now I'll go for 1/28 Fokker Dr I or 1/32 Revell Mosquito. Judging by sprues photos, these are going to be...unusual projects Thank you Indeed, it's design is quite...unusual. Very high, wingspan totally unproportional to lenght - looks like grandfather of U-2...But there is something cool in this airplane. I don't know, maybe simmilarity to dragonfly... I really like it Thank you
  9. Thank you Indeed, it would be thrilling...but think about view through all this glass Like magic carpet ride Thanks Weathering is very minimal, I'm still learning to use all these fluids...This particular Lysander in real life was chipped everywhere. Thank you Thanks Well, it's probably my oldest kit Glad you like it It builds up pretty well. Fuel tank mount is quite wobbly - it needs to be strenghtened. All inside frame needs to be modified to fit in fuselage without seams. Take your time - Lysande
  10. I searched through my stash and I found nothing suitable. I have only 1/32 XF5U-1 Flying Pancake which was used only for trial runs. Can "taxi trial" become "taxi training"?
  11. Woah...Yesterday was a day of crash. I tried to finish Lysander but each time I tried to do sth with it I was breaking sth. When spats disintegrated at one moment I had enough. Today is much better. I've finished this oldie, figures and base can wait. Let's sum it up...I've worked with Matchbox 1/32 Westland Lysander - in original Matchbox box, which is exactly the same as Revell. I bought Eduard seatbelst, Master's barrels and Montex masks. I've rebuild pilot's and observer seats. Elecrical panel was build from scratch as well as map box. I've rebuild MG-s, barrels were removed and chan
  12. I love what-iffs. Great job and impressive model!
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