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  1. Of course I had to make life harder by not mask enough and now I have to paint bottom side of upper wing again...I have to blame my laziness. I leave upper wing for tommorow. With watercolor pencils I've painted propeller. Now I'll overspray it with clear orange and I hope it do the trick.
  2. Because wings are almost flat , then I couldn't make a wash. I had to cheat with painting - make 3d out of 2D. So first RLM78, then 2h of masking and quick run with RLM78 mixed with a drop of XF-52. I liked what I saw after removing of masking I bought Gaspatch Spandau MG's - they're beautiful!
  3. AK Interactive Real Color line has exact colors for C.202. You're going for smoke rings camo? Brown sand/ dark green top and grey underside? Let me know-I have Sqn.Signal Walkaround of C. 205 with all colors in FS used by Italians.
  4. Last version , dark yellow as a base. This is how it will be
  5. Thanks a lot guys! I'll stick with oils - easier to remove in case of any fail. This is my lats attempt... I'll have to use different base color but it's IMHO better than kit decals:
  6. Oil paints and cut brush. Tamiya XF-71 as base.
  7. Few hours over german f....g streaky camo...I simply don't get it. Any solutions? Maybe there is a trick that could help me with it? This is best result...
  8. Time for closing fuselage. In WIP of 1/16 DR.1 here: https://mbiqmodels.com I found a lot of info about this Fokker and I'm using it like a guide
  9. Thanks Now I know that I can't glue it. This is part from D.VII, not DR.1. In Dr.1 there was only flat surface of ammo box. Luckily piece of styrene will correct this error
  10. Thanks Engine is almost ready: TBH , I have no idea what it is, but it's a part under MG's Cockpit floor with steering column/stick is prepared for mounting in fuselage internal structure:
  11. Time to get back to work... In kit there is Clerget engine. I know that some DR.1's used Clergets with Camel props. But again, in kit there is DR.1 prop. Because making new propeller is totally impossible for me now I'll leave as it is. Only thing I did for engine was making wires to sparkplugs. Seat was painted aluminium after some research. I tried to make an imitation of wrinkled leather. Last thing - six pieces of wood to upgrade inside surfaces of fuselage sidewalls.
  12. Time to raid stash for 1/32 Flying Pancake
  13. Thanks Thank you Now I can say that model is fully finished. Today I've made a base.
  14. Thanks a lot Many thanks Well, I don't know if this "kit" can be called a kit Thank you On photo, puppy was a lot brighter but I was afraid to use that much yellow and tan on him Thank you So now I know that using colors of Veltro on puppy was wrong Thanks for your comment And here is said puppy, photo from Sqn Signal Veltro Walkaround:
  15. YAY! After one and a half year it's finally finished! Thanks for all positive motivation Photos are HERE
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