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  1. " Batman is human too..." final version. Scale 1/25 AMT + a bit from scratch. Seatbelts are made by Eduard, gun barrels from Aber , ammo belts from Tamiya. Trees and grass are from Freon. Painting with Mig and Tamiya + Mr. A Hobby. Weathering with MIG only. Guns are removable (magnets). Uffff...That's second batvehicle out of four that I have...Hope you'll like it...Now onto Batwing
  2. So now I know that better find Hasegawa's LE 1/32 P-47M than convert P-47D into M.
  3. Many thanks. I know nothing about engines so these two looked the same for me before you pointed differencies. Now I know where to go with it :)
  4. Hello, I'm planning to build Lanowski's P-47M by converting Kinetic 1/24 P-47D. I know that M has flat cockpit floor, additional fin in front of vertical stabilizer and different engine. Kinetic P-47 has 4 props so I'll use one of them. I've searched through net and I found that engines from P-47D and M are near identical. What is the difference between them? There is more I have to do to make M out of D?
  5. Sooo...another Batmobile, this time legendary one Of course seatbelts: ...and new gun barrels: Let's begin First upgrades on seats with metal net: Kit guns were more like a dampers without springs but thanks to my friend I have Academy Brownings: With Aber barrel it looks like...err...gun And here is finished cockpit: Now I'm waiting only for Joker figure and ammo belts from Eduard.
  6. First but not last Batmobile in my little collection. It's a modification of toy. Batman is an addition to one of AMT models, The rest from scratch. Painting as usual, Tamiya, Gunze, Vallejo. Accessories is eduard and what else was lying around. Weathering is mainly Tamiya and Mig.
  7. As they say, better to ask a thousand times than buy unneeded stuff... I want to put aftermarket engine in my 1/24 Fokker Dr.1 and I have two possibilities. One is from ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-24-Oberursel-Resin-Engine-UPGRADE-for-Merit-International-Fokker-DR1-24001-/173810914910 Second, cheaper, from Cooper State Models is available in Poland right now, as they say it fits 1/24 but on box there is 1/28: https://www.martola.com.pl/en144/produkty75430/oberursel_ur_ii_110_hp_fit_to_1_24_scale_ In 1/1 Oberursel has 960 mm in diameter, so in 1/28 it is 34,28 mm and in 1/24 40,00 mm. I wonder how much it'll be visible. What to do? Go for Cooper State Models one? It's risky... The one from ebay can be just re-cast of Cooper State one...
  8. Hello, I'm back after short break. My wife is an archeress and she had a final of Poland Cup this weekend. I just had to be there with her, Veltro had to wait. I'm still working on gear. Since movable struts feature is long gone, I'm going mount them permanently into wing and make'em stiff. So I glued two small styrene cubes into gear wells and put 100mm wires into struts. And now I'd like to show you what I ordered Since all known models of these are much too expensive for me I placed an order for 3d printing Dropship is 1/48,Firefox is 1/32
  9. In '50 or' 60 there was a polish-russian movie "Fighter pilot". Spitfire was "starred" by repainted Yak 9. I don't know what wrong you see in polish Buchon
  10. Yesterday I've received resin wheels. They're significantly larger in diameter than kit ones. And definitely more accurate Which lead me to another task. I hoped that I can make them fit - no chance. So again...sandpaper, file, dremel...And there it is. Now I se how unnatural kit wheel looks... Many thanks, AlexM
  11. It was a long puttying and sanding session. It's close to an end of this exhausting part
  12. Thanks for hint After looking for some photos I see you're right - wheels are the same. What really cool is that I don't have to further modify gear struts. New wheels will fit for sure So..time for order
  13. I have to tell you that this kit surprises me. At one moment everything is fine and thet a horror appears. Like below... Somebody up there is watching over this build because I few days ago I bought a lot os styrene sheets
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