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  2. Tolga ULGUR

    New!! 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1a ( TuAF )

    Pete, thank you for critical warning. I will delete them.
  3. Tolga ULGUR

    New!! 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1a ( TuAF )

    Thank you Brian As a matter of the fact we are at the same side. I also do not like playing with scriber to modifiy panel lines. But in this kit's fuselage there few panel lines for modifying. So I can stand it.
  4. Tolga ULGUR

    New!! 1/32 Revell/Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.1a ( TuAF )

    Thanks William, Jennings....
  5. Dennis7423

    Lancaster decals.

    Those are some colorful birds. I dare you to do it! Personally, I am marking mine up as "Phantom of the Ruhr" using some KitsWorld Decals. I bought the decals over a year ago in anticipation for the kit release. That's how excited I was! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  6. Shoggz

    Buchon Scale Models 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 M1L Conversion

    Apologies if I've missed something obvious, but is there a specific kit that is intended as the 'host'?
  7. Robthepom

    Lancaster decals.

    wow really??? i never knew that
  8. Phartycr0c

    Lanc has landed

    so near and yet so far
  9. LSP_Kevin

    Iconicair Supermarine Attacker

    Good to see someone start this kit already. David Cooper just posted the following information on our Facebook page: Just FYI! Kev
  10. ScottsGT

    Lanc has landed

    Just got a weather delay from UPS. Stuck in Greensboro. They did get hit with about 12"-20" of snow across the region last weekend. I can only imagine how backed up that UPS hub is right now.
  11. Use promo code PLAYTIME15 to save on model kits today only until 11:59 PST. New HK Lancaster for $280 with free shipping to the lower 48 in not bad!
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  13. Out2gtcha

    Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat is out of scale!

    I tend to use thick CA or CA gel mixed with Microballoons (used in the remote control ships as a light filler) I've used Talcum powder as a backup.
  14. patricksparks

    Lanc has landed

    I felt like I was in WILLY WONKA, I received the GOLD TICKET...
  15. trioconbrio

    Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat is out of scale!

    OK...so responses continue - wonderful - so let me ask another question - Since a lot of you like me - put these aircraft in flight with wheels UP. I tend to build up the wheel wells with spare parts (even wood) but try and fill out with filler. Been using Tamiya Putty (basic type) . The horror is it deforms the plastic as it cures. SO - any ideas of a filler that will not deform plastic - I am All Ears.
  16. So I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment so another wont hurt right? I wanted this kit from the time it was announced a few years back. I decided to fund the purchase of the kit with the proceeds of my resin Boomerang panels, just to make the hobby cost neutral (yeah right!). I like obscure types and of course this fits the bill nicely. I also enjoy the uniqueness of building a resin kit and not having seen an Iconicair kit before, my curiosity kicked in so I got stuck into it whilst there was a bit of downtime in the Boomerang build. There have been a few in box previews of the kit here and on my Facebook page (Manscale Models), as well as others. The kit is quite exceptional right from the get go, being very nicely boxed and thoughtfully packed. Lots of zip lock bags, a stapled instruction sheet, photo etch seatbelts and nicely printed decals. I will try and keep this as out of the box as possible, with the exception of doing something about the lack of any internal structure, meaning there is no jetpipe, turbine face etc. On initial examination, it appears one may be able to see right through the model from intake to exhaust, a less than desirable feature of any jet model. A quick `on the workbench' pic. I got stuck into the cockpit parts. it is quite simple parts count wise, but very nicely detailed. All of the parts required minimal effort to cut from the casting block and glue in place. I have built up most of the small parts on the cockpit side walls. The throttle quadrant and side panels are very nicely detailed and will look great once painted. The instrument panel calls for a decal (provided in the kit) sandwiched between the main structure and the panel faces. I prefer to use Airscale instruments, so some additional work was going to be required. The faces of the panel are quite deep and would easily swallow up the instruments so I assemble the parts and then punched out some thin plastic card and inserted it into each hole to bring the instrument faces closer to the front of the panel. If you have the RP Tools punches, I used the 1.9, 2 and 2.4mm punches to achieve this. This part will look great painted and with Airscale decals. Parts fit is great. The wings come with some sturdy resin spars which almost snap into place. Alot of thought from Iconicair has gone into how this kit assembles, sometimes lacking in alot of resin manufactures. It is quite good. Glued into place with gel superglue, they make very strong structures.
  17. alaninaustria

    Lanc has landed

    That is such a nice build of such an iconic bird! Thanks for the canopy tips! Cheers Alan
  18. DannyVM

    1/20 Nichimo Cessna-172 Skyhawk

    Well John, for these sort of build's you get my attention, very well done, nice work.
  19. DannyVM

    Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat is out of scale!

    Rivet counter part.......????????
  20. ericg

    CAC Boomerang

    Some more work. I wasn't happy with how thin the the fin was. It was quite pinched towards the top and didn't look right. It was also slightly warped so needed to be fixed. Out with the razor saw and I made a cut right down the middle of the fin. I then inserted some plastic card to shim it out to the required thickness. The rudder fits much better, it is straighter and now thicker! I cut out the rear part of the vac formed canopy and attached the inner fairings with superglue, once they were painted Mr Paint tyre Rubber. Dry fit. Starting to come together.
  21. Phartycr0c

    Lanc has landed

    Hi Dennis, Yep the exhaust stub option saves a lot of time. I found out only after I had installed the 4x merlins. A very useful option for those not showing engines. The blisters are not too much of an issue with a little thought. They are done that way I believe, to increase the aircraft options available. Anyhow, I dipped the canopy and blisters with Johnsons Klear (or equivalent) When they were dry enough to handle, i held the blister in position and using a small brush or, as i did, a cocktail stick I ran some more Klear round the blister using its natural capillary / flattening properties. The new Klear re melts the dry klear on both the blister and canopy bonding them firmly when dry. Hopefully this shows what I am on about. Once they are fully dry only the hardest of knocks will remove them and if they do need moving or re attaching another dose of Klear will do the job.
  22. rafju

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Hi some "Tidal Wave " inspiration... http://fineartofdecals.com/goodies/
  23. Dennis7423

    Lanc has landed

    I've actually found something in the kit I don't like! The side blisters on the main canopy are separate parts that you glue on top of the flat outer pane. No leaning into those to see what's going on below the plane! Just a strange bubble on top of a solid piece of glass. Small nit-pick in what otherwise is a great kit. Bit of a head scratcher. I don't plan to display any of the cowlings open. Kit looks to have blanking plates to install inside the cowlings so you only have to install exhaust stubs, although they aren't mentioned in the instructions. Nice touch. - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  24. Fabulous!, Fozzy. Sincerely, Mark
  25. Fvdm

    Hasegawa Nakajima Ki 84 Hayate

    Nice build and great paintjob. The yellow on the tail worked out nice.
  26. Fvdm

    Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32

    @Thomas, thanks,I'll mark it in the instructions en will look into it. @Stefan, thank you @Dennis, thank you. The rigging should be real easy. Trumpeter supplied metal profiles wich you should use, so no rigging with wires. So, have fun building it
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