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  2. Do you know what amazes me most about builders who work at this level? It’s not that they do it as routinely and easily as breathing, it’s that the number of people who will ever see and/or appreciate their skills is so infinitesimally small as to be nearly nonexistent on the world stage but they do it anyway. Maybe a bit deep for a Saturday morning, but true nonetheless.
  3. Fantastic ! Great result and stunning photography. Your build were always fun to watch and very motivational. Cheers Martin .....Funny I recently picked up few 1/24 kits myself. Your fault Sparz
  4. I never get tired of Phantoms, especially on the last picture
  5. I think the second one is a Hun as well. Note the nose.
  6. Thank you Juraj & Mark, I'm really looking forward to having the rigging done on this one...
  7. Today
  8. After all, you can rebuild a Spitfire around a dataplate Richard
  9. Top one definitely F-100, as you can tell by the wing fence. Second photo Dh Beaver? Third, I would say a total mess! Alain
  10. First one looks like a Hun, bottom one looks like an F-4. Not sure about the one in the middle - another F-4 maybe?
  11. Wonderful photo! Is that the New Jersey in the background?
  12. Hi Simon, ALL the RAF kits, and please up-scale the Woodcock to 1/32.
  13. Always very special, and envious, work going on here. Simply fantastic, Oliver. Sincerely, Mark
  14. Needless to say, your scratch building is beyond reproach - the cleanest I've ever seen. Having dabbled in it in my younger years, I have a question - how did you bend the rod stock as seen on the seat?
  15. Great show, Dave. Love this conversion. The only thing I can suggest is to copy them, cut them out, put them in place, and compare to photographs. Sincerely, Mark
  16. You got all that right! Great show. Sincerely, Mark
  17. I just love what you do. It all turns out so wonderful. Sincerely, Mark
  18. Looks great Alex, 748's were a regular sight at Manchester Airport, and though I don't remember that particular scheme I probably saw all the Dan Air 748's in the later colours, incidentally they were built at Woodford, South Manchester, where the Lancaster, amongst others, were built. Really nice model, hope your wife makes a speedy and full recovery.
  19. If you put Guttorm in the search bar, both threads are easily found, what's that saying about old dogs and new tricks..?
  20. must....resist....oh the temptation. To start in on WW1 subjects. Wow Wolf. What a total effort. And the rework was done such that I cannot tell it ever happened. Bravo.
  21. That was quick. Hypersonic Models makes a slatted wing set for exactly this kit. It’s on its way from Japan now… Thanks for pointing this out, too - I am very much a WW2 warbird guy for the most part, so my knowledge of anything jet-era is so far pretty limited. I now have two AM things coming from Japan (also ordered a set of flexible plastic seatbelts from Fine Molds). Depending on how long it takes for this stuff to arrive, I may have to start something else in parallel…
  22. Gotcha - that’s definitely not part of this kit. I will have a look around and see if there are options to AM these or possibly switch to a different Z-M kit. They have done a number of Phantoms already.
  23. Hi You really did a great job on the cockpit. Congrats ! Vincent
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