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Zoukei Mura Fw-190 A-4, reservations starting April 29th


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On 3/9/2023 at 5:36 PM, MikeMaben said:


My guess is around   $160.00 


ZM's schedule :
Fw190A-3 Basic
Fw190A-4 SWS
Fw190A-5/6/7 Basic
Fw190A-8 SWS
Fw190D-9 SWS


Still waiting for the basic kits  :shrug:


The D-9 will be my 'must have' 

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more info about the release posted on ZM website



price for preorder 12k JPN before tax via Volks Japan, which turns into 13 200 JPN with tax, so roughly 90-95€

delivery summer-fall 2023


  • Decal No.1
    Fw 190 A-4, 9./JG2, “Yellow4”, W.Nr.140746, flown by Hptm. Siegfried Schnell, France, Jan. 1943
  • Decal No.2
    Fw 190 A-4, Stab.I /JG54, “Chevron - Double Bar”, Russia, Feb.1943









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Looks good.


Interesting that it’s only pre-order directly from them and then (supposedly) that’s it?


a lot of people (in Europe, esp UK) will not order direct because of import taxes etc so they are doing themselves out of a fair few sales I reckon


i’ll see whether Mike Jolly / Model Kits For Less Facebook group are doing a group purchase…


thanks for posting the link and the pics 


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11 minutes ago, RBrown said:

If we could shrink a real Fw 190 down to 1/32 would the rivets really be that noticeable?







No, they would not , won't really see much till you get a foot away. Like most aircraft with a paint job on it [ if the rivets were driven right] From a "scale" viewing distance of 25-30 feet away they would be very hard to see[ that's my opinion only ,YMMV]. For me and I'm Only speaking for myself here , I would just as soon have them left off and IF I wanted to add anything , I could do it on my own. The kit looks good and the price ~$90 USD is about what the -109 Gs are going for . Not a bad price really! 

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11 hours ago, quang said:

Great presentation pics! Crisp and neat like every other Z-M press releases.
But in my eyes, they’re lacking the presence of the Border 1/35 offering.

Ah well, it’s only me. :rolleyes:

Can you explain to this dense person what you mean by that? Help me Obiewan Kenobe

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58 minutes ago, CRAZY IVAN5 said:

Can you explain to this dense person what you mean by that? Help me Obiewan Kenobe

In plain english: the ZM -at least on the above photos- looks less appealing and rather bland compared to the Border kit.
Got it tovarich? ;)

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Here is a Flugwerke 190 under construction...  and not yet painted.  Looks pretty clean...    rivets don't jump out at ya.



But then you see pics like this:



The problem is that service life changes the surface of an aircraft.  Smooth surfaces become dimpled, wrinkled, dented, or oil-canned...and sometimes they don't.  New facets develop. reflecting light differently from the rest of the same panel.  Sometimes visual artifacts collect around the rivet head.  Whether it be dirt, oil, smoke stains, or something else.  Or, you can see the scuffs made by a buffing wheel...


So, there is a case for rivets.  And a case for no-rivets.  And even a case for some rivets in selected areas.  What do you want your plane to look like?




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