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Whats the best large scale MiG-21 out there?


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As per the title, What's the best 1/32 MiG-21 out there and same again for the best aftermarket cockpit for it too?

I am really fancying adding a Slovak or Romanian MiG-21 to my display collection, there just something about those two schemes!

Thanks in advance

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The only options are the really old Revell kit from the mid-70’s and the Trumpeter kit for the early 2000s.  The Revell kit was originally released as a PF, but in the mid 90s they added a couple of new sprues to convert it to a MF.  Although the new parts are a bit more detailed, a lot of the main parts in the kit are still from 70’s era tooling, which means simplified and undetailed.  The Trumpeter kit was released as a MF, UM, F-13, and Chinese J-7 versions.  A bit better detailed, and there’s more aftermarket available for those kits, since they are newer.  Red Fox Studio has 3D decals for the Trumpeter MF and Quinta has a set for the UM.

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Not much out there for Op Moked or Yom Kippur ca.1967-73 or anything Arab come to that (cf the horn of comparative plenty in 1/48th)


Please tell me I'm wrong and provide a link... I have several MiGs on the go, but the Finnish options I've created limit me. (No longer faffing with Corel Draw.)


We really could use a new tool MiG-21 series.



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2 hours ago, mydesign said:

Trumpeter has the best 1/32 MiG-21 kits.


Check out a few (corrected) Revell and Trumpeter MiG-21 models made on my website.....




Your MiG-15 and FT.6 kit bash to create a MiG-15UTI and -17 is particularly inspiring, so thanks for the guide!



Am planning on copying you this summer on the heels of finally completing a Trumpeter MiG-21F13, for a Finnish -15UTI trainer and probably a North Vietnamese -17 — the dearth of Egyptian markings for the Fresco, my first choice, being a problem. 


It's such a shame that Eduard have ruled out a 1/32 MiG-21 series. Its 1/48 Fishbeds are so good, with more on the way late this year or early next.



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