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  1. Sabre F-86

    Best NMF kits?

    I'd go with the F-104. I did the Hasegawa 1/72 kit for a client years ago and still think it was one of the best I'd ever done.
  2. I'll go with ships of the desert. I keep thinking of the P-40 that was found not too long ago. For a future GB may I suggest the Underdogs? Things like a B-26 or T-6 in Biafran markings? Or an F4f in Wake Island markings? Something where they were outnumbered, under equipped, short supplied but still fought on to the end.
  3. Sabre F-86

    Sillouette Cutter Capability

    Had a look at the web site, which one are you all using?
  4. Sabre F-86

    Dragon Kit Sale

    You nailed it. Shipping across the Pacific or anywhere for that matter is much cheaper if you can fill a container. I've seen one LD-5 aircraft can with as many as 250 seperate small items on one master manifest when I was in the airfreight business.
  5. Sabre F-86

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    The GT Set arrived today. All I can say is WOW!. Work progresses slowly, I'm working on the tail assembly now. I'll have to be really careful to fill the seams on the fuselage, but at worst I might lose 3 rivets on either side of the seam. The nose has been filled with epoxy and is in the process of being whittled down. I'm taking that very slow, reengraving the panel lines as I remove material so I don't totally lose them.
  6. Sabre F-86

    [Complete] 1/144 USS Chevalier (DD-451)

    That is absolutely beautiful. And I never knew they had put out the Fletcher in 1/144. I'll have to see about getting one.
  7. It's showing me as in stock for $109. Could the gods be telling me something? Like stop spending money and start building the 600 plus I'm sitting on now?
  8. Sabre F-86

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    Perhaps picking up the GT set would save me a lot of aggravation. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Does anyone out there have an actual measurement on how far back the fan disk needs to be from the front of the intake on the Trump A-10? I've looked at the photos but can't really see or determine just how far back it's supposed to be set. I had a brain spasm last week, and opened up the box. I looked at the tweaks list and gooped up the inside of the nose with epoxy. But the fan set back has me stumped. A dimension would be nice if anyone has it. It may take a while as I'm spending a lot of time on my boat right now but I think that will be my next project. I'd like to do Kim "KC" Campbell's A-10 although the green camo'd bird looks more interesting visually.
  10. Sabre F-86

    "Hurricane" film

    I read the book by Jan Zumbach. A very interesting career as a pilot. He fought during the 2nd World war and then went on to fly a B-26 for the fledgling Biafran air force. If you can find a copy of the book, it's well worth the time. Everyone thought Biafra would be history in a few months, they held out and fought to the bitter end 2 and a half years later against massive odds.
  11. Sabre F-86

    Yak-3 Special Hobby

    Very impressive. Your painting skills are light years ahead of mine. One question, how did you get those tiny hose clamps on the landing gear? No matter what I do, mine always look like something you'd see on a tank or ship, way too big. Just one thing that jars the image when I look at it. To me, the wiring for the radio seems to be too large in diameter and the curves of it too sweeping. Otherwise its marvelous.
  12. Sabre F-86

    Matchbox SBD from the Shelf of Doom.

    Ok, the mission is scrubbed. Since returning to work, things there have been total chaos, and my shift schedule has become a nightmare. We lost two people on disability, one retired and they cancelled all overtime so until we get more bodies, I'm working 2 days, 3 afternoons and any other funky combination they need. As for the SBD, I doubt I've put in more than an hour on it since my last post. I also notice my eyesight is getting bad again, and working the PE is giving me fits. I've just ordered a bottle of liquid flux so I can try to solder the bits, as they keep coming apart if you don't use the utmost care in handling them. I'm not ready to bin the monster yet so it will go on the shelf again til I get things under control. I'd like to see it finished but the "honk me off" quotient is pretty high with this one. It may yet end up binned.
  13. Sabre F-86

    Matchbox SBD from the Shelf of Doom.

    Ok, the panic session with boat launch is over. It went splash last weekend, and didn't sink. I took the week off to let the body recover from the abuse I put it through and I'm about to get going again. Fingers crossed I make it by the end of the build. Got to say I'll be happy when it's done. I should have built the Trump one and handed this one off to a kid somewhere.
  14. Sabre F-86

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Way back when I was working air cargo on the midnight shift, I had a chance to get onboard a DC-3 that had been built in 1937. Can't remember who it was flying for but they were under contract to deliver auto parts to Toronto for the Ford plant in Oakville. They came in half a dozen times over the summer. Anyway enough reminiscing. I really like the way they do the wing panel joints. That has always been one of the features of the DC-3 that comes to mind every time I see one.
  15. Sabre F-86

    Matchbox SBD from the Shelf of Doom.

    Project is temporarily at a stand still. Boat launch is on the 28th, and we lost four days working on her due to the ice rain storm we had. Been putting between 5 and 9 hours a day on this. Had the survey done today, so that hurdle is past. But there are still a bunch of thing that need doing. I have done some work in the odd moments, and the cockpit spacing is sorted out. I've shot a coat of interior green over it, and am trying to get the various panels painted up. However, several of them have disappeared from my work desk and I have no idea where they got off to so the cockpit may be a bit sparse. With the canopy given, I doubt that will be much of an issue.