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  1. I'd say use a liquid mask on them.
  2. Great, Thanks. That makes life a lot easier. I should be able to start rescribing the panel lines in a day or so, still working with wet n dry paper to fill in all the divots in the reformed wing tips and those holes where the screws were put in. I've started to mask the canopy as well but it's taking time. Difficult to do with the trembling in my hands, but bit by bit its getting done. God love bare metal foil. I have the next two days off, its snowing like crazy so I'll put in a of work, and get started on the wheel covers and what not.
  3. Laid on some filler, and let it set. Finally got warm enough that I could use a rattle can of tamiya white primer on it. Still a lot of little things to fill, but its looking good. I think Im going to shoot a coat of aluminum on it, and then try the sprinkled salt chipping routine when I do the color coats. The markings will be generic, unless I come up with some better photos. One question, does anyone know what color the interior framing of the canopy would be? I have the green cockpit, and the blue primer coating aft of the cockpit bulkhead. I suspect it would be the interior green but would appreciate some confirmation.
  4. My Fokker E-111 just arrived and I'm going around trying to find the brass tubing for turnbuckles. So far I haven't found a source in North American that will ship to Canada. Anyone know of one?
  5. I'm in the same boat. Both with models and with writing. I am working on a novel, 36 chapters, stalled on the 2nd last one. I also write fan fiction for the anime Highschool of the Dead and for Stargate Atlantis. My muse decided to go walkabout about 6 months ago and I ain't seen her since.
  6. I remember those markings on 707s at Pearson Intl in Toronto. Back when i was a pup. Simple but elegant.
  7. When they first started posting those annoying notes in the forums instead of the photos, they said go to the web site. There they told you the free was toast and their service was now to be $399 per year. I guess you must have either not been killed of as you were paying or joined them after reality set in.
  8. A lot of work to fix something which MAY be inaccurate. I'll leave it alone. i also found a paint scheme that is matt black all over. I will most likely go with that as the ones shown are meh.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to find them moving on past WWI into the 20s and 30s. Can you imagine the quality of a WNW Boeing P-26? There's a pretty good list of USN aircraft from that period which might draw significant interest.
  10. Been watching this from the beginning. While it takes time, it is coming along nicely. Looking forward to the next installment of photos.
  11. Finally got the wing thing figured out, once the wing is in place, I need to shim the stbd wing by about 3/64ths. That gets it square enough for government work. I'm currently closing off the cockpit and wheel wells before putting another coat of primer on it. Pretty miserable weather up here, and I paint on the balcony so it may be a while. I did some more rescribing, but the original panel lines are a lot wider than what I normal get, so I'm going to try using a busted dental tool and make a wider one. The gusset plates at the ends of the wings, where the strap ties into the wingtip is pretty rough, can't get them to match, so more filler and perhaps some sort of template from thin sheet metal. I messed up one of the oval patches on the stbd side cowling, still trying to redo that as well.
  12. I've been thinking about hitting the reply button and cluing them in.
  13. I got this email yesterday, and they are wondering why I haven't posted any pics since sometime in 2006. Anyone else seen something from them? I gave them the heave ho and pulled most of my photos when they decided their service was worth $399 a year but I find it amusing to see that they don't seem to know that.
  14. Looking at all the ejector pin divots, I have to wonder if they paid the die designer by the ejector pin? I have this one in the stash somewhere. Watching this and keeping notes for when I get round to it after I retire.
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