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  1. Sabre F-86

    Post-war JV44 Clean-up

    Excellent work. As for it happening, I just think about them bulldozing Nells into the drink off the end of a runway somewhere in Japan. Or Million Dollar point.
  2. Sabre F-86

    What are the chances???

    I would really love to see a Mitsubishi Nell in 32nd. Anyone out there even heard a whisper that we may end up with one?
  3. Sabre F-86

    Grumman F9F Panther Trumpeter 1/48.

    I've always wanted to build a Panther. I have decals in 48th for Blue Tailed Fly and have a couple of the Monogram kits in the stash. Having seen the Bridges at Toko Ri, I have a hankering to do one of Brubaker ditching like he did in the early part of the film. Gonna call it Swimming Lessons in the Sea of Japan if I ever get off my arse and do it.
  4. Sabre F-86

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    I'm taking my time with this, the real world keeps interfering with modeling. I'm going to reinforce the fan blades by running CA down along the root area, and then gently keep sanding til it fits. The over size intake, cut it down a bit at a time with a dremel til it fits. So far the only nasty is kipping over a bottle of Tenax and splashing it on parts of the engine housings. Gonna need a bit of creative reconstruction there.
  5. Sabre F-86

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    Just a heads up on the GT set. Something to watch for. Both of the intakes are larger in diameter than the front of the engine housings, so the panels won't close without some work. Also, one of the fan disks is larger than the intake, and even after thinning it almost translucent, the disk is still too big. Sanding it down to fit inside the intake is a very tricky operation as the blades are so thin. Whether this applies to all set or just mine, who knows. As I said, something to watch for.
  6. Sabre F-86

    Disaster strikes while absent.

    I had much the same thing happen at work. Built a 48th scale A-7, with full loadout, and had it up on the top of my desk cabinet at work. With a big sign that said DO NOT DUST. Came in to work after my days off and found it in a heap of broken parts where I'd left a finished model. Never did find half the pieces. Turns out one of the non English speaking cleaners wiped it out. Nonchalantly picked up the big pieces and put them back and carried on. I called their boss to complain and was told it was my fault for leaving it there in the first place.
  7. Sabre F-86

    Best NMF kits?

    I'd go with the F-104. I did the Hasegawa 1/72 kit for a client years ago and still think it was one of the best I'd ever done.
  8. I'll go with ships of the desert. I keep thinking of the P-40 that was found not too long ago. For a future GB may I suggest the Underdogs? Things like a B-26 or T-6 in Biafran markings? Or an F4f in Wake Island markings? Something where they were outnumbered, under equipped, short supplied but still fought on to the end.
  9. Sabre F-86

    Sillouette Cutter Capability

    Had a look at the web site, which one are you all using?
  10. Sabre F-86

    Dragon Kit Sale

    You nailed it. Shipping across the Pacific or anywhere for that matter is much cheaper if you can fill a container. I've seen one LD-5 aircraft can with as many as 250 seperate small items on one master manifest when I was in the airfreight business.
  11. Sabre F-86

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    The GT Set arrived today. All I can say is WOW!. Work progresses slowly, I'm working on the tail assembly now. I'll have to be really careful to fill the seams on the fuselage, but at worst I might lose 3 rivets on either side of the seam. The nose has been filled with epoxy and is in the process of being whittled down. I'm taking that very slow, reengraving the panel lines as I remove material so I don't totally lose them.
  12. Sabre F-86

    [Complete] 1/144 USS Chevalier (DD-451)

    That is absolutely beautiful. And I never knew they had put out the Fletcher in 1/144. I'll have to see about getting one.
  13. It's showing me as in stock for $109. Could the gods be telling me something? Like stop spending money and start building the 600 plus I'm sitting on now?
  14. Sabre F-86

    Re the A-10 fan disk set back...

    Perhaps picking up the GT set would save me a lot of aggravation. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. Does anyone out there have an actual measurement on how far back the fan disk needs to be from the front of the intake on the Trump A-10? I've looked at the photos but can't really see or determine just how far back it's supposed to be set. I had a brain spasm last week, and opened up the box. I looked at the tweaks list and gooped up the inside of the nose with epoxy. But the fan set back has me stumped. A dimension would be nice if anyone has it. It may take a while as I'm spending a lot of time on my boat right now but I think that will be my next project. I'd like to do Kim "KC" Campbell's A-10 although the green camo'd bird looks more interesting visually.