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  1. WWII Soviet planes for me. Yak-1, and Yak-7, La-5 and La-7, and the Pe-2. I'd love to see a 32nd scale Po-2, the Night Witches have fascinated me for years.
  2. I ordered a panel for my Trump A-10 just to have a look at them. I'll post photos if it ever makes it past Canada Post's black hole.
  3. Love the photo of DT-516. Bright sunshine, and thunder clouds in the back ground. Your project is coming along nicely. Gonna book mark this one for when I get round to doing my T-33.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I figured it was much as you described. First things first, master FreeCad. In the mean time I'll keep my eye out for good references.
  5. I've seen some of the great items being produce, and I want to make some of my own. So, just how do you get the information you need to make up the model? For instance I'm looking at trying to make Mk-82 bombs to replace the miserable ones in my Trump A-10 Kit. I've looked round and so far, the only dims I can find are length, max diameter and fin span. I've done a fair bit of drafting and looked at various aircraft cross sectional drawings, most of which don't have measurements which leads to the question. How would you be able to plot the casing curve of a KMk 82 without any measurements?
  6. I do like the desert scheme, one of my 3 will end up that way, in tribute to one of the first models I ever built which was the Monogram P-40.
  7. I turn into a right proper BEAR when the winter comes. And here I am, thinking about moving to Elliot Lake Ontario which is even farther North than where I am now. Musta been dropped on my head as a kid.
  8. About a week or so ago, someone posted about a new grinding tool, from a small supplier, which turned at a much slower speed than the dremel. The post mentioned a small sander too. I'd like to buy the grinder but the problem is, I can't remember where I saw the post. Might have been here or on Hyperscale. I've tried going through the forums but can't find it. IF anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.
  9. Slowly but surely getting various dimensions from the Amodel kit. If I can find my sanding block, I'll start reducing the thickness of the foam wing core. The wing is cambered, so do I reduce the thickness and try to bend the wing round a small rod to get the camber or do I sand it into the bottom surface. The wing will end up being a foam core with balsa leading edge, and .010 or .020 sheet with rib detail embossed on top and bottom surfaces. Still working on whether it's possible to use the existing fuselage with a rework or start from scratch again. One thing, the bottom contour is very mu
  10. Coming along nicely. What scheme are you going to paint? I've been reading about a Soviet pilot name Boris Safonov, and am collecting aircraft he flew. I have the P-40B and E models, an I-16 type 29 is on the way. Still need to find a Hurricane B.
  11. Never been surprised to find a type I didn't remember but I am surprised when I find multiple copies of same. Trumpeter P-40, 3 of em. Trump F4U-1D, 2 of em. I knew I had one of each for sure. The 2nd F4U-1D is a complete surprise.
  12. Ordered some stuff from Kitlinx. It was shipped on the 28th of August. According to USPS, it is still in the USPS. I'm just outside of Toronto. And Canada Post ain't any great shakes either. I had some PE from Eduard shipped in May, tracking shows it handed off to Canada post. Never seen since.
  13. Be interesting to try and model that bent bird.
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