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  1. Loved them all. I built most of those over the years, all but one have fallen to the trash monster. One of the first ones I ever built was the Monogram Mossie. I did her in the "intruder" scheme, brush painted with testers square bottle paints. No gloss coat, but I had progressed to the point of fixing seam lines. Used the Monogram markings for A O YP. I am happy to say she still survives and is gracing my living room wall, warts and all. Most of the stuff I built in the 70s-90s has long since become land fill, but I do still have my Tamiya Tiger 1, the Pzkw IIIM and one of my Dad's conve
  2. Just dug this out of the stash, and had a look. Looks pretty good but the cockpit truly sucks. I'm puzzling out how to scratch something that looks more representative. Markings, I'm not sure of, the kit comes with the markings for Big Hog. Looks pretty good but I may try something else. I've seen various builds over the years of this puppy, and may incorporate some of those extra details in as I go along.
  3. Started this about two weeks ago, and have already broken down and started to redo the cockpit. Currently putting the frames and longerons in place. The cockpit floor was also modified, as the foot rests for the rudder were molded in one piece to the floor. Sawed them off and thinned them out, so they show a small gap underneath. Colors. That is a head ache. The paints mentioned are out of production, and it looks like Mega hobby is going to get an order for some Lifecolor paints. No one here sells them that I am aware of. I'll have some pics next post.
  4. I love the Lancastrian, but can only afford 1 kit, so it's going to be the Dam Buster. Those people had big brass ones.
  5. Gonna build a 21st Century Macchi C202 for this. Gotta try to get my mojo back. Brand new, untouched. Gonna try to stay away from mods or extra detail but I can tell that's gonna be hard.
  6. That turned out sweet. I may give the MRP paints a try, the Vallejo paints seem to be way too dark. I'm going to try the Hartmann scheme but if I mess it up, this scheme will be the alternate.
  7. I'll second the use of Crystal Clear. I've done a few aircraft with that for windows, also various ship models.
  8. I ordered a set for the Trump A-10, just to see what they were like. Arrived yesterday and they are truly amazing. Took a while to get here but arrived well packed and in excellent condition. O7 to Quintas.
  9. If they are as good as the Soviet pilots and officer in their I-16 kit, they should be excellent.
  10. Damn, you guys are all light years ahead of me. My last pit was the Revell BF-109G10. Only took one photo of it and I'd be embarrassed to show it in this thread.
  11. I ordered an A-10 set to see how they look. Month and a half now, hopefully they didn't vanish into the Canada Post black hole.
  12. I bought the Trump kit when it first came out, and just picked up the Revell kit. When I finally get round to building something again, I think I'll do them as a side by side build.
  13. I had a great experience with Eduard over the summer. I ordered a complete set of PE for the Trumpeter USS Langley and it was shipped out within a day or two. It never showed up. (Still hasn't for that matter.) I emailed Eduard to see if they could find out what happened to it, and they traced it to the transfer point to Canada. IT made it to a plane heading for Canada and there it vanished into a black hole called Canada Post. I called Canada Post, where their reply basically amounted to "so sad, too bad, we can't track other nations post. Tough chit." Eduard immediately sent another set.
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