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  1. Grunticus, I'm curious about that jig stand in the last photo. Is that something you whipped up yourself or is it a commercial set up?
  2. Got a package in the mail yesterday. About $800 worth of Eduard bits including the Big Ed for the 162. I also picked up the CMK resin sets for interior and armament. I look forward to getting going on this one. I plan on retiring soon, and since I am making a good buck working and not spending anything because of this COVID mess, Kitlinx and Spruebrothers are making a lot of money off of me. My last credit card bill was over $1600 USD. All model related. I figure on sailing in the summer and building models all winter.
  3. I have a thumb drive in my truck, I listen to her fairly frequently. She will live on as long as people listen to her songs.
  4. Another of the good ones moves on. Sad but who knows what awaits him in the great beyond.
  5. I"m quite surprised by the cockpit detail in a kit this old. Gonna look right sharp when painted and weathered.
  6. thanks for the link. I too noticed they are all available to order. Might give it a try just to see what happens.
  7. Is it just me or has Squadron pretty much given up on canopies? Only one I find on their web site in 32nd is the P-51. Did a different search, came up with two pages worth, all 72nd and 48th.
  8. You could try a pepsi can and some sharp blades. Tedious but do able.
  9. I'll probably be burned at the stake for even thinking this but could you imagine a cheerleader car wash day on A-10s?
  10. Latest I heard was that she came down in a tree, her fellow pilot landed on a roof. Both got out but too low for the chutes to fully deploy.
  11. One person taken to hospital. I have photos of those birds in Sault ste Marie Ontario when I was in college in 75. They were already 10-12 years old.
  12. Skill with a capital S. That and humongous brass ones. People like that are hard to find these days.
  13. Jmarc over on Hyperscale used to sell a 1/48 conversion. You might still be able to get that and use it as a pattern, otherwise I think it's DYI. I am wanting to do a PA-48. Did one in 48th looked pretty good. I have an old Hasagawa P-51 to do the conversion, looking for other bits and pieces. need a pair of t-33 tip tanks and a Stanley Yankee extraction seat. Then stretch the fuselage, remove the lower cooling intake, extend the vertical and horizontal stabs. Also need a prop from a Skyraider, they cut one down for the PA-48
  14. I got checked out on one of the wheeled versions. Way back in 73 or 74. CF-SUX believe it or not. Took two of my buddies up for the full load test. Just got into the air and the instructor pulled the throttle to idle. Back down onto the last bit of the runway, across the overshoot, and about 50 feet into a corn field. Pretty much needed a new pair of shorts, but did ok as far as the instructor was concerned. We dragged her back out onto the taxi way and went down to the other end to do another take off and landing. As we rolled my two buddies wanted to know if we were gonna do it again. They thought it was awesome!.
  15. Really nice work, but I gotta know. How the heck do you put in all that detail in the LG bays and then paint it so intricately after the fact? I end up with the different colors all over each other.
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