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Kitty Hawk 1/32 HAF Mirage 2000 EGM

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21 hours ago, MARU5137 said:

Exceptional workmanship. 


Your Mirage is taking shape nicely.

What an elegant and aesthetically  pleasing aircraft to the eye.




15 hours ago, themongoose said:

Oh that looks so pretty! I think cleaning up the lines and making it look like it’s doing mach2 is perfect for the Mirage - Nice show!


Thank you guys!

The French certainly know how to make sexy looking jets!

I'm not a huge fan of depicting aircraft in flight usually preferring to have them wheels down with RBF tags. :rolleyes:

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Hello everyone!

Next big update on the Mirage 2000 with basic camo and initial weathering done.

I used reference photos of the #217 as my main inspiration although I'll be adding a bit more weathering based on other reference photos.






The main camouflage was done with MRP paints (MRP-356 and MRP-357) while the nose cone and smaller details with Vallejo acrylics.

I used the black basing technique, with the overall model being initially primed in black, followed with patches of the main colours using splatter patterns and then light layers of the main colours again. I also used lighter versions of each colour to spray a few random panels. As a final touch, I tried to recreate various areas of paint retouching with darker versions of the main colours by adding just a drop of black.











I also applied the black basing technique on the central fuel tank, using white and dark aluminum from Alclad.





While the exhaust is a nice piece of moulding, unfortunately it came with a crack... :(

I will see if I can hide that under the tail protrusion of try to get a replacement...






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10 hours ago, zaxos345 said:

Bravo Spyros :clap2:




Thank you John! ^_^


9 hours ago, geedubelyer said:

Looking fab :thumbsup:

Love these dirty jets :wub:


Many thanks! 

The Greek Air Force does have a talent in creating dirty jets! :lol:


4 hours ago, Brett M said:

Love the paintwork, excellent!


Thank you so much Brett! :D


3 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Indeed, great shadow work!


Thank you Brian! :D

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