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Westland Lysander Mk. III SD Matchbox-Revell 1/32


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hi all, thank you! really a lot of work, I begin to wonder if it is worth it, also because I continue to correct things that have already been done ...:BANGHEAD2:


well, lets start with an half success. the idea was to save the shape of the kit's part, and sand that one until reach a decent shape, transparency and correct frames. so after some sanding and putty and sanding again I arrived here.



then tried to thermoform. while shopping, I had an enlightenment and I bought a package of transparent lids for food-grade trays for a few euros. without bothering and going searching for my self made box to connect to the vacuum cleaner, wich is buried somewhere in the garage, I produced this. it looks like anyone?



the idea was to save the shape and work the original piece, but it costs nothing to try, right?



and it also reacts well to glue... in short, after a bit of cutting and sewing, here we are.



it can certainly done better, but I'm so laaaaazy!

at least it's transparent, and about almost correct in shape. I damaged the frames with the glue in several places, now the choice will be between putty or an aluminum coating.



and this was half success... the fail is that I found that in making the rudder's ribs I followed the lines of the kit. could they be right?



obviously NO. so do it all again. :blush:



I'm starting to get tired of this building where one day I do one thing and the next I have to dismantle and redo it. also my mojo is considering leaving me and this kit at home and going for mushrooms.

cheers, Paolo



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hi all, actually despite it's december, I found some mushrooom, after my last post!

I start to worry about that... now I'll do a little test: I'll try to wish I could find miss january at my door.:rolleyes:


well, just some little advancing on this project. this is the external fuel tank by the kit. not wrong, but somewhat basic.



well, in small side sessions, looking and finding reference photos, I finished it. almost: to be true it's still miss the two caps, of which I could not find a clear image.



here under test below the fuselage. I preferred to install now all six arms that will support it. although everything is more fragile, it should be easier to paint it and then install it in place.



to be noted the size ... it is a close relative of the jumo 004!



and so far...

now the painful notes: I ran out of Archer resin rivets. I placed an order but it will arrive who knows when, as well as being insufficient, I fear, while the HGW ones I was counting on are not in relief, I discovered.

then the problem arises of how to create the reinforcement lines on the canvas of the ribs, as already done for the rudders. I'm studying it, but I don't see any light yet.

here the least worst thing that came to my mind: highlight the points with the roller riveter, and then deposit a drop of black CA in each point. once dry, cover with a strip of adhesive aluminum.



Beyond the madness of doing these one by one achieving a decent quality, there is the question of quantity: as you can see, the Lysander has the beautiful wingspan of about 48cm, and here there are no ailerons and flaps, also to be coated!



and no trace of the replacement engine... in short, I'm a bit in the shallows, risking to have an halt at this project.

ideas, suggestions, fantasies ... everything goes, you're welcome!


cheers, paolo

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thank you all!

Joachim, thank you too, I went to see excellent Max's work on his Tiger Moth. I know that Archer product, but I think that rivets are more suitable for the surfaces of the Lysander, on page two of this WIP there are tests done on the elevators, and I'm quite satisfied with the results I obtained.

the trouble is that I ran out of rivets! there is an order on the way, but these will not be enough, I did it just to replace my stock, I didn't intend to use these for the wing. now the decision is from do another order (and wait more or less a couple o months) or find another way to achieve that effect.


meanwhile, on the mc-workbench...

I assembled the landing lights on the spats. I think I may call these subparts done and ready to be installed on the fuselage.

some time after I glued on the transparent covers , I observed that the glue has ruined a parable, the one in the foreground.

too fu§§ng late to remedy. next life.



cheers, Paolo

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17 hours ago, MARU5137 said:

I thought it looked great.


Can you not rectify that issue?




:D I mean... to rectify that issue I should have to disassemble and destroy what I have done so far, and being unique parts I would have to redo them from scratch, also risking damaging the site in the spat. I'll simply live with this shame, moreover in such a perfect model...:whistle:


to be 100% honest, I should already have done those lights again... look at the real thing: you can see that the bulb is bigger, the bulb holder is round base, not square, and the circular inspection door is flushed with the spat. ah, and the parable is much more bright and shiny than the mine.

better forget this chapter and carry on with other horrors...



e.g. the cockpit's greenhouse. the kit's parts are as thick as a glass block wall, so I have put them aside (in the bin) and I'm trying to redo them with lids of food trays and plasticard. obviously they have a shape of their own, and they are also different from right to left. 

did I already mention that modeling is suffering?



ok, let's say that roughly we are. mating with the rear slide also seems to be fine.



but, but... what isn't good *italian terrible blasphemies* is the trend of the longitudinal frames of the sliding canopy! here you can see how they converge towards the tail, while those of the kit are parallel. *again, loudly*





okay, I'll try to redo that canopy as well. form this time in plaster, which last night I didn't want to play with Fimo.



from here on, fingers crossed, please.

modeling is suffering, but also patience and perseverance. I can do it, uh-uh.


cheers, Paolo

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hi oh!


small advancement: I thermoformed (without resorting to vacuum, simply by brute force pushing the form into the heated sheet with the heat gun) four examples of rear canopy. I chose the best one, and I installed the correct frame inside and outside, taken from photos and drawings, therefore very approximate, but I still think better than the one proposed by matchbox.



while I was there I stretched the lower edge, in order to have a match for the track on which to slide, a detail obviously omitted in the kit.



obviously there is still a lot of work to do, but the bulk is done.

cheers, Paolo

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godo good good... today double session!

I would say that tonight I also closed the transparent chapter, except for the navigation lights, but they do not worry me at all, in light of what has been done so far. I completed the rear sliding canopy, adding the inner tubes as far as they will be seen once installed. I could not put these all the way back due to the tight tolerances with the fuselage, although my copy is slightly oversized compared to the original. modeling's mysteries.



with a scrap copy I made the front slide, a simple affair, if it weren't for the tracks on which it slides. however, even this one is finished. here you can see how easy it is to damage the 0.13mm plasticard... I hope to fix it with some mr. surfacer and if that doesn't work, aluminum foil here too.



a general rehearsal to verify that nothing is missing, after having also installed the rear sliding rails...



...ok, I'd say we're there. here you can see the difference between right and left flank, both of the clear parts and of the fuselage.



and go on. a wash with alcohol and a dip in the future. soon we will laugh at painting the internal frames!



cheers, Paolo

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