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Duo Discus sailplane completed


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I'm in with Revell's Duo Discus sailplane.  This will complete my hat trick of Revell sailplanes in 1/32 scale.

I will be depicting the plane in flight with two aboard.  The figures are from Immense Miniatures and adapted for this use.


I built an LS-8 previously and used an IM figure for it.  It worked well, so I'm repeating here with two figures this time.




I'll be making a Swiss livery to match my other two.


I'm having to re-pose the figures, altering every joint to make it fit.








More updates soon.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Maru - did that left leg  get in the way when you closed up the fuselage?


No, I ground the outside of the foot to provide enough clearance and the leg needed to be jutting out like that.  Test fitting is necessary!

I have just put on the glossy white coat of paint, so next is decaling.  I will make a Swiss livery, to match my other two Revel gliders.


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