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1/32 IAF Avia S-199 Sakeen


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Hmm.  Don't know what that double is about.  Anyway, onward thru the fog.



Cut down and blanked off the MK 108 cannon housing and made a handle and knob.  I didn't bother with the shady side detail as I figured it wouldn't be seen.



Chiseled off the seat belts.  Not so perfect.  Oh well.  Rudder cable and electrical line cut-out toward bottom.



Sanded down the rudder pedals, cleaned the heel as best I could.  I suppose I can go over that are with liquid cement to smooth things out.  Tape straps.  The pedals have .010 x .040 returns glued to the back, with the extension folded forward.  Anyone who has tried to fold thin styrene will know that the styrene has memory and tends to return and not stay at a 90degree angle.  If you put a spot of CA on the inside of the return you can get the styrene to stay at 90degrees.  The CA will harden and allow the piece to keep the angle.



Rudder pedal cable,  Left side: old electrical box chiseled off and new electrical box located to accommodate right side oxygen regulator panel.  Right side new configuration for I know not what.



Right side panel.  A lot of chiseling done, here.  2 new fuel lines to the left.  Next, a cover, below that a handle.  Needed to chisel off the oxygen gauges from behind the panel.  Didn't do such a good job and had to scrounge oxygen gauges from the spare parts box.  Also chiseled off some oxygen tubing and stuff from behind the panel.  Chiseled off the lower left diagonal rib from the circuit breaker.  I see there is more work to do.  Built the flare cartridge base.  Made the oxygen on/off handle with tubing.



A lot of fiddling to get everything to fit.  The flare cartridge box as you will note when comparing its' location to the reference drawing is elsewhere.  I couldn't manage to fit it as per the photo.  Knob on vent door, and enhanced vent door triangular guides.



Other side.  The outside wheel should be smaller.  I failed miserably in my attempt so went with the kit wheel.  Albion Allow tubing to the left of the wheels for the chain, which is twisted wire.  At the top, canopy release and canopy emergency release are G-10 details as the canopy is an Erla.  To the right, the wiring and cover are enhancement of what was chiseled off from the kit.  Balls on throttle and emergency canopy release I think is Purigen, a salt water tank filter media.


Still have the bucket seat and Instrument Panel to do.

Thank you for looking in.







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The past two weeks I've been scratching another project, so I haven't done any painting on this.  I'm still scratching the cockpit.  I'm making some corrections.  Also, there are some differences between the G IP and the Avia IP, so I'm going to cast the IP and use parts of the casting to make some changes.  I hope I can do it, 'cause I thought I had botched it when I was modifying it.




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I received constructive comments from Peter VanRoy (pvanroy) via PM.  Any errors or omissions are strictly my own.





A couple of things going on here.  I removed the lever running along the top.  That was the canopy release for the 3 part canopy.  The Erla canopy is two parts.  The emergency release is locate on the right inner windshield.  I had forgotten this in spite of building two G-14s with this detail.  What remains along the top is the tail wheel lock which I erroneously identified in my earlier post.  I removed the automatic prop control on/off switch over the box and located it forward in front of the mixture control linkage.  Did a pretty poor job cleaning up its' removal but this location ends up being hidden.  Moved the throttle linkage from the side to the bottom of the throttle box.   The angle may supposed to be more acute, but what's done is done.  The fuel cut-off lever is the contraption on the former.  I don't know what the tube is but it is in photos.  To its' right is a pully.  The cable runs into the floor.  To the right of the fuel cut-off lever cable is a lever, with a rod attached to it.  This is the drop tank open-close  fuel flow lever.  The lights should end up inside the windscreen, but I don't know that as of yet because I haven't mocked anything up but the cockpit.








Radio control boxes toward the front bottom.  Apologies for their blurriness.  The thick strip is adhered to the foot rest area to give the impression that it is part of the foot rest floor.  When the seat is located it will appear as such.  The radio control boxes reflect a drawing from the Detail Scale Aircraft book and not the photograph.  Redid the personal stowage box front.  The lines are guides for impression made as structural indentations.  I see I forgot the latch.  I'll get to that.






Reworked the oxygen regulator area, remove the built-in Revell handle base and replaced it with strip.  Moved the oxygen regulators bezels up, rebuilt the oxygen regulator from the kit part.  The kit part was designed so the hose came out of the bottom, so I needed to rotate that 180 degrees.  I left the regulator output condition and removed the mounting locations because that was easiest, put in new mounting locations and a disc to represent the oxygen hose connection point.  The oxygen hose is a guitar string.  I bent it to shape then thought to anneal it, but this stainless seems to be pretty indestructible and the annealing process didn't amount to much.  The flare cartridge box behind the oxygen hose is square strip with punched cartridge bases glue on.  I don't remember the dimensions.  Maybe .100 x .100.  The two fuel lines to the left should be one.  I'll see about that.




Left side cockpit wall with floor.



Right side cockpit wall with floor.  Maybe you can see that I tied in the first few millimeters of the floor radio control switch side panel with the foot rest.

You can see the flare bases in the flare box.


Well, that's all he wrote.

Thanks for looking in.  Any errors or omissions are solely on me.





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