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1/32 IAF Avia S-199 Sakeen


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''Hey, Mark. With the pictures of the interior that are on the site that I have looked at, it appears the fuel line in the cockpit is not mounted as in the 109. Is this true?'

True.  The fuel line is behind the Instrument Panel.


Thank you, Maru.


I've been doing a little of this and a little of that.  It's been mostly fitfull.  I sanded, polished, painted everything over and over, and over! until I finally got something I could finish.



Painted and weathered with Unbleached Titanium White as Sinai sand.



Same here.  I'm waiting on some color stripe decals to locate white on the wheel.  It's not something I want to paint.  That left rod is just a pain.  Every time I look at it it's bent.



Same here.  Here is the fuel line, Steve.  If you look closely you'll see it's behind the IP location, which I have masked.



I made the seat from .010 styrene.  Added the triangle, harness attachment points, and those two lozenges above the seat.



Airscale dials with 1/48 F-4E Phantom white Data from Microscale.  For the most part the dials don't reflect what should go there.



I have been having fits with this also  Airholes.


DSCN6915    DSCN6916

So I made these.  Took me twice.


DSCN6917    DSCN6918   



And cast these as replacements.  Took me twice.


That's it.  It may not seem like much, but I did an awful lot of stuff over and over to get this far.


Thank you.







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I did the same conversion on a Hasegawa 1/48 Bf109G-14 and went similar route to you. Very nice work so far.


For the centreline ETC50 and bombs, Eduard has you covered



Even though it says for the 109E, it still fits and is applicable to the 109G/S.199 (ETC50 is on the lower left of the sprue)


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A big thank you, Maru.  I don't usually do well with IP's.  But I found some very old, as in - I bought in 1972 for Community College art class, old - pointed sable watercolor brushes that I hadn't used since.  They have been very handy for micro-painting.  Much better than all of the 10- and 20-0 brushes I've bought over the years to try to do the same thing.  Their point is gold.


Talon, Got it.  Thank you.


Brad, Got it.  Thank you.


''Mark, I’m on the downhill side of my build, and your build photos and info have been extremely helpful. Thank you.'

Glad to be of help.  There was an A6M5 build that had a lot of photos in its' thread that were, as you say, extremely helpful.  It occurred to me that by having reference photos in the thread they would be a big help to everyone either on this thread or in future threads on the subject.  It's just that now everyone knows when I do something wrong!


''Also the information supplied by others in the stream of your build.'

Indeed.  Alot of people are graciously sharing their knowledge.




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Thank you, Zac.  I've driven to Eilat a few times.  Well, I've actually flown to Israel then driven to Eilat and did some scuba diving.  I've also trekked around that neighborhood of Jordan. The sand is fine and sticks on everything.


Martin, I just noticed the photos you posted on Nov. 9.  Weird to me that I had not noticed them before now.  My apologies for not recognizing them and you earlier.  Thank you.


Product image

A funny thing happened while looking for seat belts and harnesses.  I found this!  Now I get to make another!




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Happy Nude Year, everyone.


Back from Holiday I rushed down to the Lair to do some painting..  Not much to show, but at least I can button up the cockpit and move on.



Added seat belts and flat coat.  I don't know what that red is at the circuit breaker, but I'll go check.  I see it needs some dusting off.



Painted the wheels instead of using decals.  Paint cracked at throttle.  I'm going with it anyway.



Flat coat then some gloss over the instrument faces, pull handle, and knobs.


Thank you for looking in.






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