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1/32 IAF Avia S-199 Sakeen


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That looks excellent! As concerns the tube below the fuel cut-off: this housed a pull handle for the external stores emergency release. In Mtt Regensburg and Erla Leipzig-built machines, this tube and the pull handle were only fitted on the right side of the cockpit, where it was welded to the fuselage former. However, in WNF/Diana, and later Avia built aircraft, the tube was fitted to both left and right side fuselage formers. While these machines did have the tube on both sides of the cockpit, judging from photographs, it seems the pull handle was not always fitted to the left side, in that case leaving the left tube empty.

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Been doing a little of this and a little of that.



From WWP Avia pub.



Same here.



From Detail Scale Aircraft.



My interpretation.  I see I could use a couple of arming switches and other gizmos.



What a fit!



What the book says.



My interpretation.  I see I need to straighten the clasp.



Windscreen handles with fasteners.  Emergency Canopy Release pull-handle.



Blurry Flare Chute with fasteners on base.



Quick mold of IP for various details.  Where did all of that krud come from?



Quick mold for latches and hatch.



Quick mold for cowling Air Intake base.  Use Play Doh as barrier wall.



Air Intake base.  I see a little more work is required.



Opened up the wheel well.  The wheel well wall configuration is for the G-10 and K-4, not the G-6.  The G-6 is round.  The G-10 and K-4 are 'peculiar', for lack of any better descriptive term.  I opened up the tire accommodation area then ran a black marker around it so I could see its depth.



Then I beveled the edge to within .010.



Then cut out the cover and sanded it to fit.  I scaled up the measurement from the Detail Scale Aircraft book.  Inside edge is 12mm from the wing root (left).


Until next time.

Thank you.



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6 hours ago, Kais said:

What gunsight was mounted on the S199?
Looks to be a Revi 16 but it's got a round wheel on the pilot's left side?
Possibly a Revi 16 with the ability to depress the sightline?


That gun sight is the Revi 16 D. The dial on the side changed the angle of the refector glass. It was used for level fighter work when the dial was set to zero or for ground attack or climbing attacks with the dial adjusted to the desired dive/climb angle. This was useful for weapons firing heavier rounds, such as MK 108, MK 101 or Mk 103, whose ballistic trajectories could be affected by the angle at which they were fired. It coud also be used for bombing. 



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