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Who here is looking forward to the SH Whirlwind?


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15 hours ago, Smokeyforgothispassword said:

I’m looking forward to buying one, and committing all kinds of whiffery to it. Maybe some RAAF markings, or a PR pink paint job, the sky’s the limit!



   A pink PR is not to far away from possibility 

    Some of the first whirlwinds were built as PR machines but never made it out of Westlands before converting back to fighter config 







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Got an email from SH a coupla days ago saying it will be delayed 'til April.



   Unfortunately, the situation in the Czech Republic has not been good for a couple of months. The Covid pandemics affects every aspect of the life here, including the production of the plastic model kits. Even though the Special Hobby employees, just for a few expections, had not contracted the disease, the quarantines, isolations and the need to work from home do complicate the situation even further. So, the models previously scheduled for March release, ie. the 1/32 Whirlwind, 1/48 Tempest and the 1/72 Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB, will most likely have to wait until April.

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