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  1. Just check, Yes, very nice build . Thanks Mike ! EdLSP
  2. This is great, I am new to this site but not to modeling.About 45 years ago I saw a scratch built Whirlwind, not only was it one of the first 1/32 scale "models" I saw , but was unaware of the Whirlwind's existance, which led me to more interest in the whole Genera of WW II and modeling. I have been waiting ever since for a kit of this a/c. Hopefully it will be soon along with the "extras" like the resin pieces and whatever else SH decides to do. !!! EdLSP
  3. Nice Work ! Have some ?'s, please contact me : edboll45@hotmail.com
  4. Any update news re: Release date, inclusions, pre-paintd photoetch, resin parts ?? EdLSP
  5. Pup7309 1/48 for Peggy for me t00. EdLSP
  6. Out2gtcha , Thank you ! Ed LSP
  7. It is part of a posting here, can't seem to find it now...
  8. 1/32 P2Y1 Ginga (Francis) , I'd settle for one in 1/48 !
  9. Thanks for posting, Racing Spitfire looks interesting
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