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Who here is looking forward to the SH Whirlwind?


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I didn't think much about a 1/32 Whirlwind when I first learned of it. I built the old Airfix model when a wee lad. It was very nice. (The kit. Not my build).


However, now I find myself chomping at the bit. And looking forward to this kit.


I think of it ALL the time!!! :blink:


"IT'S ROBBING ME OF MY LIFE. WHIRLWIND!!!!....... NOoooooooooo......." :frantic:


Terribly sorry. I don't know what overcame me.


How about you, dear reader, are you as composed as I?

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6 hours ago, dennismcc said:

I've been waiting years for a 1/32 Whirlwind, to fill in the gap I even built a teeny weeny 1/48 scale Classic Airframe kit but it didn't hit the spot so roll on.






I just recently ran into the old 1:48 Cooper Details kit. Considered grabbing it, but decided to save my pennies for this SH kit instead. I've heard that the CD kit is pretty wonderful though, so I may live to regret not grabbing it.

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