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  1. Thank's at all my friends !!! Marcel topper71
  2. With à little delay, but if I can helps, here 2 interresting book on the subject regards (Marcel )topper71
  3. Thanks for your response John
  4. Hi Maru137, I'm fine, thank you I will resume the construction thread around September, I work at the hospital and at the moment little time for construction I have not abandoned the project, I plan to resume my project in September when everything will be quieter professionally, I haven't forgotten you, especially this magnificent community of modelers!!!! regards Marcel
  5. Nice work, master class paint job Regards topper71
  6. given the many similarities with the French F1C, will there be decals planned for a French decoration in your kit? Hi John, An another question, given the many similarities with the french F1C, will there be decals planned for a french version decoration in your kit ? Regards Marcel
  7. Hi John !! Great work, have you planned armements for the F1 perhaps magic 530 missiles or more ? Regards Marcel
  8. Hi at all here the progress of the cockpit I painted it, I paint the dashboard realistic so I can with the specific metal effect here some pics regards Marcel
  9. Hi at all, Here more picture of my progress of the cockpit, the seatbel and the flaps covering regards Marcel
  10. Hi at all, Here new pictures from the cockpit, there was difficult to adjust them !!Regards Marcel
  11. Very Nice painting, very realistic Cheers topper71
  12. Hi at all, More pictures after sanding!!!! Regard's Marcel
  13. Thanks Kevin, for your contribution .... yes I find the problem for pictures !!! Yes Dennis the Renard R36 look a bit in a Yak 3, It was also powered by a similar engine, the french Hispano Suiza Y12, the Klimov was a copy from them.The latest variant the Renard R38 was powered by a Rolls Royce Merlin engine the same as the Hurricane or the Spitfire. So see you soon my Friends Regards Marcel
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