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  1. Hi at all, I Would said the training plane DH 82 Tiger Moth, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DH_82A_Tiger_Moth_-_N81DH.jpg Regards topper71
  2. Tiger moth english and biplane!!!!! regards topper71
  3. Hi at all, I have been a great fan of the silver wings products hmmmm....biplane Curtiss sbc Helldiver ...and perhaps ... A biplane and seaplane !!! Grumman Jf2 Duck regards topper71
  4. I join me to Kagemusha, jpchagnon, I hope all good for you Regards topper71
  5. A have lot of ideas ! I hope a BP Defiant, a skua, Roc, or a fairey fulmar and more crazy a Barracuda !!!! I wait the next after the yak 9 the heinkel 112 nice plane ! And this is good !!!! regards topper71
  6. Hi at All, I have an another suggestions Grumman J-2F duck or SBC- Helldiver biplane regards topper71
  7. Hi, A Lagg 3 4 series with a lot of camo Russian, Finnish, Japanese.... More esoteric planes Swedish. FFVS j20 Finnish VL Myrsky Koolhoven FK 58 Regards topper71
  8. Thanks at all for your encouragements Regards topper71
  9. Hi at All, Here the Mavag HEJA II conversion is now finished , here the pics here the build link https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=73392&hl= Regards topper71
  10. Here the painting is finished, the decals are posed, and the first step of the wheatering
  11. Hi the new prop, I made it on the basis of WB P35 with more thinks !
  12. Hi the Mavag Heja fresh camo painting !!!
  13. Hi at all, here the first pics of the Mavag Heja 2 painting
  14. Hi at all, Here the Mavag Heja 2 have his wings, by the next step, I would like to begin the paint regards topper71
  15. Hi at all, here the next step just before the wings are glued, I finish the gunsight and I engrave more wings panels
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