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  1. I had hoped the HE 112 by the next time Regards topper71
  2. And the Zip Modelist kit I forgot this picture of the wings in the first part of this post, sorry I hope I have been clear and that this will be help you, Regards Topper71 (Marcel)
  3. Hi at all I returned from my vacation, I made more comparatives pictures which the Legato kits Avia B35 (in grey )and the Zip Modelist (sand color), I find that there last was not so good molding that the Legato Kits, and is more basic (no photo ech, no decals) but I precise that the Zip modelist has officialy bought on ebay for a few years, also I built my avia B135, I molded this one from the Zip modelist Kit, here the pics and the thread from my AVIA B 135 built progress Avia B 135 THE AVIA B 35 FIRST THE LEGATO KITS IN GREY
  4. Hi, For me a Lagg family Lagg 3, La 5, or, I have lot of ideas Blackburn roc, skua, Fairey Barracuda, beaufigther, sbc biplane helldiver,Jf2 Duck, P 43 Lancer, fairey firefly, HAWKER TYPHOON, Fairey Fulmar , Fairey Battle.... Have a nice day, topper71
  5. I have a lot or Idea !!! Lagg 3, swedish FFVS J22, Curtiss Wright CW21, finnish Mirsky II, Grummann JF2 Duck, Helldiver sbc biplane, Vultee P66 Vangard. But I would be satisfate with the next plane on Silver Wings programm ..... the Heinkel HE 112 with romanian or spanish civil War
  6. Hi, the He-112 normally there is at the program from silver wings .... topper71
  7. Hi at all, I hope that the next silver Wings models is the Heinkel 112 with some decals romanian, hungarian, german, and spanish civil war, and the american subject a Jf2 Duck or a sbc-4 Helldiver biplane were nice , no ?? Regards topper71
  8. Hi at all, I Would said the training plane DH 82 Tiger Moth, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:DH_82A_Tiger_Moth_-_N81DH.jpg Regards topper71
  9. Tiger moth english and biplane!!!!! regards topper71
  10. Hi at all, I have been a great fan of the silver wings products hmmmm....biplane Curtiss sbc Helldiver ...and perhaps ... A biplane and seaplane !!! Grumman Jf2 Duck regards topper71
  11. I join me to Kagemusha, jpchagnon, I hope all good for you Regards topper71
  12. A have lot of ideas ! I hope a BP Defiant, a skua, Roc, or a fairey fulmar and more crazy a Barracuda !!!! I wait the next after the yak 9 the heinkel 112 nice plane ! And this is good !!!! regards topper71
  13. Hi at All, I have an another suggestions Grumman J-2F duck or SBC- Helldiver biplane regards topper71
  14. Hi, A Lagg 3 4 series with a lot of camo Russian, Finnish, Japanese.... More esoteric planes Swedish. FFVS j20 Finnish VL Myrsky Koolhoven FK 58 Regards topper71
  15. Thanks at all for your encouragements Regards topper71
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