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  1. Hehe no problem Jan, add it to the list of projects to do one day. The new stuff is awesome!
  2. Speaking of our friends from Japan, any chance of making the AAM (1-5) and ASM (1-3) series of missiles in 1/32? As far as I know, none exist on the market with the exception of the impossible to find Wolfpack AAM-3. Here's what I mean, just in 1/72 by Fine Molds.
  3. Thank you very much! I have both variants of the KH kit and this will be greatly helpful!
  4. Excellent news Dave! Some more items to add to the list for my 1994 Udbina Delta build.
  5. And will get heavier with all of your goodies I plan on using
  6. Yes, then you can switch over to the J/DJ variants
  7. Thanks again for the smooth transaction! Awesome news, that set will definitely be in my shopping cart in the future. Will you be able to do the new wheels as well? They're in use since approx 2015 and no company makes them in 1/32. Here's a pic from 2018. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1916/43415221150_d77912835e_o.jpg
  8. Thanks Dave, you're absolutely right. I just got home and checked my materials on the I. Jan, you know what to do
  9. Wonderful, another thing to add to the shopping list. One question, does the 32021 1/32 F-15E Centerline pylon match the one that is used by the Israelis on their F-15I?
  10. Thank you, just ordered both of them from Japan.
  11. Awesome, what is your impression of the books? Worth the money?
  12. Did anyone use this on the Tamiya kit, does it fit ok?
  13. Funny, I was just looking at a decal sheet in my stash this exact jet is one of the options.I hope the decals will be a good Block 32 match.
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