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  1. Nice Mirage 2000, well done! What colour did you used for the blue? Thanks
  2. Hey Dave, when does the 1/32 Harrier pylones coming?
  3. Cool, I am in for 1 set Best regards Stephan
  4. Thank you for the advice with the pre-order. I got my confirmation within 10 minutes by email :-) Can´t wait
  5. I got my new books yesterday and they are awesome as always!!! Can´t wait to see whats next. I hope for more russian stuff like Su-24, 25, 27/30/35 and helos like Mi-8, 17, 28 and Ka-52. I have made tons of Ka-52 detail shots in Kubinka last year if there is an Interest.
  6. Hello Dave, great stuff! Are you doing 1/32 AV-8 Harrier pylones as well? They totally off... When is the 1/32 ATARS nose available? Thanks
  7. You can use the wonderful Aires/Quickboost intake and exhaust cover set.
  8. But better to have an inaccurate MiG-25 in 1/32 than no MiG-25. We are modelers and can handle it. Thats our job
  9. I have a bad feeling as well but lets wait and hope...
  10. I found this on Cybermodeler. Never heard from this company... It would be a dream to have a Su-57 in 1/32!! Click
  11. Finally!!! You are the first person (aftermarket business) who do the nose right!! Thanks Stanislav, I need a few of those noses :-) Can´t wait PS: Any updates on the MiG-29 wheel bays and MiG-29UB cockpit?
  12. No thanks... Too big and too expensive. Why you don´t do an Yak-130? It is small and will sell good... Or a MiG-27 and MiG-23UB conversion in 1/32. Thats more important than a B-52...
  13. Chris, I have long waited for this update! Thanks for doing them Stephan
  14. Okay, thanks for the info. And what brand of paint did you use? Xtra Colors?
  15. Wow, nice model Can I ask you, how did you made the caps from the Pythons? How did you do this? How did you start and do you have a copy of it? Thank you
  16. Cutting Edge did the conversion as well, but for the old Hasegawa kit.
  17. The Foxbat parts at Shapeways are there for years now. There is no MiG-25 in 1/32 planned...
  18. If a MiG-23UB is planned in 1/32, I can offer a resin copy of perfect 3D printed MiG-23UB canopy in 1/32.
  19. Hey Mike, very nice build! Where are the 2 white seats from (behind the crew)! Thanks
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