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Scribing failures. Need help... Please.

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I admit it.  I suck at scribing.  But in most occasions I can fix, refix, and re-fix until I get an almost passable line.   However near the wing root, I find very little room for my clumsy fingers.




All of these lines were scribed with a straight edge.  I have no idea where I might find and interested teen with deft and nimble figures. 


Other things I've considered is filling in the detail, and then using aluminum foil or even aluminum sheet.


Anyone else have any stratagems to conquer this area?


It's this kind of thing that turns a good build into a ten-footer.





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16 hours ago, Bob MDC said:

I use Mr Hobby scribers and the Holly fine tools (Hobby Link Japan)

But ! for filling ****-ups Krylex KB1641 it sands the same as plastic "great"




Hi Bob


Do you know of an outlet in the US for Krylex products?





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On 2/3/2021 at 2:26 AM, nmayhew said:

scribing is most def not my thing, but i understand those who do it well often use sprue goo instead of CA


I endorse this firsthand: using a blend of Tamiya extra thin cement mixed with sprue bits taken from the same kit (or same manufacturer’s kit), I apply it like any putty, using as little as possible, and after drying and sanding it scribes like the original plastic (because it is). Cyanoacrylate has a window of efficacy, after which it has a different hardness than the surrounding plastic.


I use at least three different scribing tools:

—a sewing needle in a pin vise

—a razor saw

—an Olfa scriber


I use Dymo labelling tape or scribing templates.


Hope this helps!


Cheers,  Tom

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3 hours ago, Bob MDC said:


Hi Damian,

They have a US contact, I think it is of Chinese origin but it's way the best stuff I have used I first used cyno in the 70's for rock thin sections due the the refractive index to be nearly the same as glass !




Thank you, Bob!  I've sent them a email and we'll see what develops.




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On 2/3/2021 at 2:48 PM, BiggTim said:

What sort of scribe are you using Gaz? I have a very hard time with it, too, so you're not alone. I fill them with CA, sand, and do it again.


I have a few.  Pinvise.  Umm Scriber.  Razor saw blade.

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I use a mix of talcum powder (any brand) and CA glue mixed to fill and correct my scribing errors - it dries within minutes, and because of the powder mix, is non-shrinking and very easy to sand (unlike straight CA - I have used this method for over 40 years without a problem).





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