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Academy F/A-18 legacy Honet "problem"

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Sorry for this but I'm going crazy...


I'm building my first Academy's F/A-18C kit and this evening I was looking at the shape of the big dorsal spine ... wait a minute... this dorsal spine looks really too "round" for me.

Following DACO's book pics are used only for discussion purpose.


H3 H5 H8 H9


This panel line looks in wrong position to me...



And take a look at these....


H6 H7 H10 H2_1

What do you think? 




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Yes, I'd say it's off somewhat, based on those photos. I just don't know how much, if any, that affects the finished machine though. There are quite a number of finished kits in the articles database, and some look OK while others look just fantastic. At no point however, did I ever see anything that looked too out of place or inaccurate. Fix it if you'd like, but I seriously doubt anyone would ever notice the difference.

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